Search for suspected vandal shuts down East L.A. freeway; performance art along the L.A. River

Boyle Heights | verooomac/Instagram

Boyle Heights | verooomac/Instagram

MOrning Report

  • The 710 Freeway was shut down in East L.A. and several schools were locked down on Thursday during the search for a vandalism suspect. ABC7
  • Performance art is being used to attract attention and support for an undeveloped piece of L.A. River parkland in Glassell Park. L.A. Weekly

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  1. Not culturally welcoming……

  2. Pretty funny eastsider. In the picture, an anti-gentrification message (which let’s face it is anti-white people message) and just bellow that you are asking for subscribers. I don’t think you understand your demographics very well.

    go ahead and delete this truth… at least you’ll see it.

  3. It’s photos like this that lets me know The Eastsider covers all the bases. I wouldn’t want to subscribe to a blog that blocks out images I don’t care for. I want to be informed and an intelligent reader, thus we need to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Do I like this image? Not really, as I find it racist at the core, but I wouldn’t want the Eastsider to edit out images that offend me. I’ll continue to subscribe and I applaud the Eastsider for NOT catering to only ONE type of clientele.

    • I see what you are trying to infer and I would agree if that were true. But it simply isn’t. They know it, I know it, you’ll have to clean your rose colored glasses…

      • LOL, it’s pretty clear at this point that the eastsider’s only interest in the gentrification “debate” is to fan the flames and encourage as much nastiness as possible.

        • Thank you, atomZ. I used to come to the eastsider for “news” but realized it is about as informative as the “enquirer”.

          I’m sure Jesus could care less about why he gets a click just as long as he gets one… even if it means fanning racial flames… But don’t try to convince me you are something you are not. That’s just ingenuous.

  4. Why are those chickens attacking the house?

    • Juan our photo

      Those are gigantes mexicanis (giant Mexican Chickens), they were told white people live in that house.

  5. I like the backwards N’s, that helps community college kids in social studies classes feel like they are important revolutionaries.

  6. Why do they shut down the freeway?? They don’t shut it down when people are tagging and vandalizing seems to me that they only go to these measures when the less cultured population is targeted. A clear hypocrisy in the making but never the less free speech is to always to be expressed even if consequences are to come for practicing a given right

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