​Silver Lake Mixed Use Building For Sale

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Silver Lake - Mixed Use


I‘m incredibly excited to announce a brand new exclusive listing located at 1616-1622 Silver Lake Boulevard.  It’s a prime location with  ground floor retail and apartments above.

1618 Silver Lake Blvd. has two retail stores with apartments above, a courtyard, additional apartments and garages in rear. 1620 Silver Lake Blvd. holds a liquor store with a single family residence in the rear, with parking on the north side.

Interested in investing? Read on.

This is an amazing opportunity to reposition the property based on short-term commercial leases and under-market residential units. The owner has held property for almost 30 years and is ready to retire and move on.
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Before expanding, Clint Lukens Realty office was across the street. We have witnessed first-hand the major improvements and changes on this stretch of Silver Lake Boulevard.

Given the rare occasion that deals like these surface, please call me ASAP to discuss offer terms.

Properties are to be sold together – listed at $3,900,000.  More details.

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