Daily Archives: June 4, 2015

York Boulevard: Land of boutiques and body shops

HIGHLAND PARK -- York Boulevard in recent years has become the neighborhood hot spot for cafes, bars, art galleries and boutiques. But for many people, York Boulevard remains the place to go to get your car fixed at places with names like Bernie’s, Herbie’s, Sam’s and Ray’s. In fact, auto repair is one of York Boulevard’s biggest businesses, with more than two dozen shops in operation.

Silver Lake says goodbye to Jimmy of Sanborn Avenue; City Council committee fails to endorse Glendale-Hyperion bridge project

Morning Report: Silver Lake mourns the loss of Jimmy, the "Mayor" of Sanborn Avenue ... The City Council Public Works Committee declines to take a stand on $50 million Glendale-Hyperion bridge renovation project after residents an advocates opposed plans to remove a sidewalk and add to new bike lanes ... Bloggers don’t live on comments alone! Support the Eastsider today with a Reader Sponsorship.