Daily Archives: June 10, 2015

Not your typical Silver Lake sparrow

SILVER LAKE -- Sandy Driscoll's backyard is a magnet for birds of all kinds. But she's having trouble identifying the recent visitor. "I wonder if any of your readers can ID this bird? It's smallish like a large sparrow, but the orange on the head is something I've not seen before."

Who is responsible for the gentrification of Eagle Rock & Highland Park?

Is it the house flipper who sells the restored bungalow to a white couple? Or is the owner of the new cafe serving avocado toast responsible? It's neither. According to an Occidental College professor, you can credit (or blame) the past efforts of neighborhood activists and artists for turning into Eagle Rock and Highland Park into poster child examples of "stage model of gentrification."

Homeless encampment fire shuts down Silver Lake freeway onramp; Atwater burglars taking advantage of open windows

MORNING REPORT: Warmer weather and open windows are being blamed by police for an increase in Atwater Village home burglaries ... The onramp to the northbound 101 Freeway at Silver Lake Boulevard was shut down this morning after a fire broke out in a homeless encampment ... L.A. Unified has backed off tougher graduation requirements in 2017 after discovering that more than half of students would fail to meet the new standards.