Apartment developer Geoff Palmer planning to build giant project west of Downtown

palmer street view

A data processing center now occupies the site where Geoff Palmer wants to build 1,500 residential units.

Downtown apartment developer Geoff Palmer is preparing to build  his largest residential project yet –  a 1,500-unit, mixed-use development on Temple Street near the eastern fringe of Echo Park.

Palmer’s newest project would rise seven stories  on the west side of the 110 Freeway at Temple and Beaudry Avenue, a site now occupied by a data processing center.  The 9.6-acre site is on the other side of the 110 Freeway from where a large portion of his under-construction Da Vinci apartments were destroyed last year in a giant blaze believed to be set by an arsonist.  Palmer said he remains committed to building on that site, and recently opened the undamaged part of the complex.

According to a Planning Department summary, Palmer’s firm  is requesting entitlements to build a mixed-use building consisting of 30,000-square-feet of commercial and retail space on the ground floor and about 1,500 residential units on upper floors. An entity controlled by Palmer purchased the site for $61 million in 2013.

The Eastsider has contacted Palmer’s firmer for more details.

The new project – which is named Ferrante, according to some online city documents – would rank as Palmer’s largest project in the downtown area, where he has built more than 3,000 apartments  since 2002.

palmer map


  1. Nooooooooooo! Nooooooo! Another Palmer atrocity! When will it stop? Honestly, his buildings lack good design and character. They are just stupid awful! Bad news:(

  2. Well he certainly has lowered the bar, architecturally speaking…. so long as it doesn’t burn down we’re ok with it, right?

  3. If he’s going to incorporate actual, usable retail space, then I think this is good news, no matter how atrocious the design may be. That whole stretch of Temple is a dead zone, if it becomes lively and activated, it would make walking from Echo Park/Angelino Heights to Downtown much more pleasant.

    • Check out how “activated” the retail space is at the base of his buildings at Sunset and Fig (is that the Orsini? Living in Italia is so confusing!) Those storefronts are DIRE.

    • The problem is that an apartment building like this will be here for 50+ years. I’d rather wait 5 more years and get something architecturally pleasing (or at least not offensive). But if it is just the same cookie-cutter building as before…ugh. Having to see those all the time will not make my (many) trips into downtown more pleasant.
      It can even be an italianate monstrosity, as long as it doesn’t look just like the rest…let it be it’s own ugly beast rather than a clone of an ugly beast.

    • Yes, lets look around the area for SUCCESSFUL retail space, not only his ORSINI BOTCHED DISASTER but also lets talk about CANVAS LA, who originally had retail space but then converted it because NOONE wanted it and it was vacant for years! This is just addressing retail space and not the fact that Orsini is not even successfully rented out and has one of the highest crime rates in any building in LA. http://www.ladowntownnews.com/news/crime-concerns-at-luxury-apartments/article_517953f4-38bd-11e1-85ce-001871e3ce6c.html

  4. Retail space = tax write off

  5. That won’t increase traffic in an already gridlocked area. Good going, city counsel.

  6. This artless crap is spreading like a cancer. It denies community and the street, forcing so many to hold noses and squint while passing through the dead zones it creates. Do I remember right that way back when the first developments started the developer basically bulldozed in the night a hundred-year-old house, preferring to pay whatever fine – middle finger firmly erect – than move it or respond to larger community interests? And isn’t this the same organization that through a law suit buried affordable housing throughout the area? We can do better…

  7. good to build density as long as there isnt a ton of parking lot to go with this.

    • It already has a seven story parking lot. Pretty sure that will avoid the wrecking ball.

      No need to worry about traffic, the MND claims the creation of 1,500 new units will REDUCE traffic since the former use was an office building that has a higher trip calculation– a conclusion that is a bit absurd since the Bank of America hasn’t fully used that location for about a decade.

    • Agreed, but Downtown LA still requires buku parking on new development… hopefully that backwards thinking will be abandoned with the city’s rezoning process.

  8. The Borgia. Immediate Move-in. vacancy vacancy vacancy.

  9. MOOOOOOOOOO! Make way for the cattle call. Every time I pass another apartment building under construction (and they are popping up all over the place) I realize why half of my neighbors stopped watering their lawns. So that Mr. Palmer’s tenants can flush their toilets! What ever happened to “THE DROUGHT”? I guess that our wonderful leaders at City Hall haven’t heard about it. Doesn’t more apartments equal more water use and more traffic and congestion?

    I believe that Mr. Orsini gets a tax break for including the retail space on the first floor of his buildings. Since they are not needed and largely go unrented this is just another item on which our elected officials have failed to protect the taxpayers at large.

    When will Orsini-ville stop growing? When people protest the hell out of it! Large protests causing bad publicity to, and the demand for answers from, our elected officials usually have some sort of impact on them. One must always watch out for being cheated by a bad “compromise” that is usually the result of such an affair and usually lets the offender get away with what he wanted in the first place.

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