Condos coming to Rowena

Rendering of 2920 condo development on Coffee Table site 5-31-2015 6-35-27 PM 5-31-2015 6-35-27 PM

SILVER LAKE — Construction crews are preparing the site for 33 new condos that will occupy the site of the former Coffee Table restaurant on Rowena Avenue.

The model homes for what’s called the 29 Twenty project are expected to be completed this fall, a representative of Van Daele Homes said at a recent committee meeting of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. He did not have any information on the price range for the 2 and 3-bedroom homes, which will range in size from 1,350 to 2,250-square feet.

Earlier plans had called for the possibility of including a commercial or retail unit on Rowena. But the developer decided against that, saying it could complicate matters for the homeowners association and also require additional off-street parking.

Van Daele is building the project in partnership with Miami-based Fifteen Group, which had initially proposed building 45 condos on the site. Most of the property has been empty for more than three years after Fifteen Group ordered the demolition of the Coffee Table restaurant building and other structures.

In addition to the Silver Lake project, Fifteeen Group continues to purse plans redevelop Wyvernwood Garden Apartments in Boyle Heights, a proposal that has met with opposition by many residents, community groups and elected officials.  Van Daele, meanwhile, has built two other developments in Echo Park.

Rendering of 2920 condo development on Coffee Table site 5-31-2015 6-35-25 PM

Rendering of 29 Twenty project

2920 rowena avenue map


  1. Good thing the road diet is in place. Will make travel on Rowena that much more commuter friendly during construction. Folks on Waverly will be stoked too.

  2. This is great news. I’ll bet the Rowena road diet (very marginally) increased the value at which these units will sell because street-facing land values are influenced by traffic speeds (lower traffic speeds are correlated with higher land values). That means more tax revenue for the city, which means more money for services. Road diets really do benefit everyone!

    • Extra smog created by constant gridlocked traffic lowers land values.

      • LOL, there is no “gridlock” on Rowena… just traffic congestion at rush hour (like any other commercial street in this city… or any big city for that matter.)

        Call me crazy, but I’d rather live on a street with bike lanes and slower moving traffic, then one where cars move at highway speeds and crossing the street mid-block is tantamount to running with the bulls in Pamplona.

        • Increase gridlock – verb /in ‘krēs ‘ɡridˌläk/ Lengthen the traffic by decreasing the width.

          • grid·lock
            A word that is commonly misused by hyperbolic cranks.

            Actual “gridlock” rarely happens (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gridlock), especially in LA where we don’t have much of a conventional street grid outside of our central business districts.

        • No gridlock? Seems like I’m always sitting in traffic on Rowena… rush hour or not.

          • Gridlock and traffic are not the same thing. Please re-read (or more likely read for the first time) the posts above.

          • The Rowena road diet is a total disaster. Once all of the construction begins with the endless stream of trucks, it will be almost impossible to drive down Rowena. My guess is that even the one bicyclist a day who actually uses the bike lane on Rowena will opt for a different route.

  3. Still miss the Coffee Table. Really wish they had added some commercial /retail space fronting Rowena. Would love to see Rowena become a great commercial street like Larchmont.

    • Agreed, also I hope that the adjacent businesses next door aren’t negatively affected.

    • Big thank you to the Coffee Table for the wonderful and wild and sometimes astral (dependent on company)
      hang-out oasis amongst all those tidy little SFRs. Was hanging onto the last thread of hope it would reincarnate, but that just snapped. So onto the new, the undiscovered, the transformed…..

  4. bathing at baxter

    I see they’ve opted for the new Santa Monica design. I find it attracted but some seem to dislike horizontal wood trim.

  5. Bummer they can’t include retail… but sounds like you can thank the city’s suburban parking requirements for that one.

    • They had an original proposal for 45 units, now they are at 33. Commercial parking in the Enterprise Zone is only 2 per 1000sf. Carving out 5 or 6 spaces doesn’t sound like it was the issue. There’s plenty of Condo complexes with ground floor retail. The developer can hold it or sell it separately. The terms are laid out in the CC & R’s. If the agreements are well written, why should this “complicate” things for the HOA? Van Daele simply doesn’t want to be bothered with being responsive to the neighborhood.

      Moby will save the day.

  6. What’s with the crazy patio thingy’s right at street level. Weird. Who’s going to use those? They definitely need some retail/restaurant space at street level. This is a commercial zone, and parking shouldn’t be a consideration since the Coffee Table didn’t have any.

  7. So quaint. In 20 years we’ll be looking at 60 story buildings along all these streets.

    • LOL, we’re barely building any 60 story buildings downtown… I wouldn’t worry about high rises anywhere near Silver Lake. Civilization will collapse long before that ever pencils out.

  8. The guy in the pic is very, very pink.

  9. Will be interesting to see if this development progresses smoothly or stalls like their other project in Echo Park. The Morton Village community has been marketed since last September, but still hasn’t sold out. Van Daele initially advertised closings from Feb-Mar 2015 yet none of the units which are “in contract” have closed.

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