“He kept on going like nothing happened” – Police seeking Echo Park hit-and-run driver who left two skateboarders injured

alvarado and montrose map

ECHO PARK – Police are searching for the hit-and-run driver who struck two teen skateboarders Friday night as they crossed Alvarado Street, leaving a 15-year-old male in extremely critical condition after being thrown or dragged 75 feet after the collision.

The other victim, a 13-year-old male, suffered minor injuries. Both victims are cousins, said Lt. Melody Hainline with the LAPD Central Traffic Division.

The cousins were crossing Alvarado Street at Montrose Avenue at about 10 p.m. when they were hit by what may have been a white 2012-2014 Toyota Venza that was traveling northbound. It’s not known whether the victims were on their boards or on foot when they were hit, but both teens were in an unmarked intersection, Hainline said.

The driver did not stop after the collision, said Sgt. Jesse Garcia with the LAPD Central Traffic Division. “He kept on going like nothing happened.”

Alvarado was blocked off in both directions for several hours as police conducted their investigation.

Update: The 15-year-old victim has been declared brain dead.

Victims were struck at Alvarado and Montrose streets

Victims were struck at Alvarado and Montrose streets

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  1. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    Another story of a negligent car driver who attempted murder, probably on the cell phone. Yet we continue designing our roads for top speeds. Can’t wait for the finger pointing when the new Hyperion Bridge Freeway rips out a sidewalk and some kid or disabled person is hit. Car-centric maniacs are truly the lowest of human life form.

    • Los Angeles is a car-centric city and all the road diets and bike lanes in the world arent’ going to change that.

      • Carsmakepeoplestupid

        Was a streetcar city first. Just wait, we’re going to put every high speed street in this city on a diet.


      With that kind of reasoned response who wouldn’t take your positions seriously.

      • I think that once you start looking at our street design system with a critical eye the car-centric mania, the death toll, really stops making what is considered normal today something that a moral person can accept as an okay state of affairs.

  2. Nice to see your pitchfork is sharp,

  3. Hit and Run is lame, no question. But these kids also did not protect themselves. 10 pm on a Friday is when many drivers are either tired or even drunk. Add to that Driving in the dark with maybe untreated vision problems. Enter a cyclist or two skaters who weren’t there last time around. Forget about who is to blame. The pedestrians, cyclists or skaters are the ones going to the ER. GUYS: Don’t put your life in the hands of these incapable drivers who don’t even have the conscience to stop. Don’t be there.

    • So just don’t go anywhere Friday night if you don’t have a car? Sounds completely reasonable.

      • I’m absolutely not blaming the victims, but I do question two 15 y/o boys out on skateboards at 10:00pm in an area that is not the safest after dark (yes, I do live here, few blocks from the accident)

        • It’s not safe during the day either… The traffic engineers made certain of that.

          Seems like you’re barking up the wrong tree.

          These kinds of things happen day and night in this city – they’re baked into the design.

        • So you’re not blaming the victims but you’re blaming the victims. Got it.

    • They were walking across a city street, not doing wind sprints across a firing range. I think it is reasonable to expect that a human child should be able to cross a city street without expecting to by mown down by a large machine. I mean, maybe I’m the one that is crazy, but your position seems sort of stupid given the long history of humans in cities. It is reasonable to expect that crossing the street should be a safe activity.

  4. I’m not trying to dump on anyone (maybe I am) but this is a highly congested area at all hours of the day and night. Clearly there were witnesses. Plenty of those witnesses had to have been in cars themselves. It’s 2015, it’s safe to say 4 out of 5 of the drivers that could’ve witnessed this have a cell phone on them.

    Whenever I read about hit and runs and the drivers not being caught, it simply blows my mind. Why wouldn’t you follow the car and call the police while doing so?

    Hello, 911, I’m in my car following someone who just struck a pedestrian and left the scene. We’re on Alvarado going north. They’re driving a such and such color/make car and I’m driving a such and such color/make car.

    Is that really too difficult to do or are you just trying to get home to watch the new game of thrones episode?

    • hbhb. I totally agree…beyond me that anyone would just ignore an accident whether or not hit-and-run.

    • It is not, in fact, congested day and night. I have ridden my bike here late at night many times and it is freaky and half deserted feeling and motorists feel that they can floor it between lights (because they can and so they do).

  5. Keep your eyes open for possible white, 2012-2014, Toyota Venza compact SUV per police via ABC online. (last night ABC was the only site, besides our Eastsider, to consider this important enough to follow.)

    They are two fifteen year-old boys who were on skateboards…one in very critical condition. Sending good thoughts their way.

  6. Even if they catch the driver this person will face no criminal punishment. So, really, what does it matter at this point?

    The issue that bothers me the most is that all the streets around here are designed to speed cars up as much as possible in between red lights (which slow everyone down a great deal, but only for 30 seconds or so until the light goes green). With such a dense network of human activity I think it is stupid, insane, and borderline pathological that the streets here are designed how they are. If the streets were designed for 20 mph travel (not a posted speed limit sign, but a street design that keeps people driving 20 mph) even if these kids got hit by a car they’d have a very, very, high probability of simply having a skinned knee and maybe a broken bone or two. When cars are screaming between red light people don’t even have a chance – the likelihood that they will die or be seriously injured go up exponentially.

    • “Even if they catch the driver this person will face no criminal punishment. So, really, what does it matter at this point?”

      HUH? He mowed down two kids with an SUV and then took off…that’s felony hit and run. They did eventually catch him, and he’s certainly going to face some serious criminal punishment…particularly if the kid who’s barely hanging on doesn’t make it, because then they’ll be adding a vehicular manslaughter charge.

      Best to the victims and their families.

  7. Carsmakepeoplestupid


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