Man shot by officers in Los Feliz was not armed

los feliz and tica

LOS FELIZ —  L.A. Now reports that the man who was shot by police Friday evening was not armed. Officers had said they fired at the man because it appeared that he had a weapon as he raised his arm wrapped in a towel, according to initial police reports.

The shooting took place at about 6:35 p.m. on Los Feliz Boulevard and Tica Drive after the man, standing on the curb on the south side of the street, began yelling at officers as they were passing by in heavy traffic, said LAPD spokesman Tony Im

The man was in critical condition, Im said. The officers, who work in the LAPD division that provides security at city facilities, were not injured.

Los Feliz Boulevard was still shut down around 11 p.m. as the investigation continued.

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  1. Good job LAPD!

  2. Warning: video is rather graphic.


  3. This is horrible. We don’t have a lot of details yet but I hope the truth of what happened comes out. It’s not encouraging that it took the LAPD many hours to admit that there was no weapon in the towel.

    • And they probably only did so as soon as they did because the video surfaced and spread. So, so, so awful.

      • Or it could be because LAPD doesn’t comment during an active investigation. It’s a tragic situation and speculating on the motives of both police and the victim without facts does no one any good.

  4. here we again….and again…and again…and again

  5. Why are all our of Country’s police organizations employing individuals that are so easily frightened?

    There are two commonalities that all these shootings share

    1.) The deceased is unarmed
    2.) The officer claims, “I feared for my life”.

    • THANK YOU! This truth needs to be addressed and looked square in the eye and solved once and for all!

    • Police Officers have only a spilt second to respond to any situation. Would like to see what any regular citizen would do?

      • Um, if I saw a guy with a towel wrapped around his hand waving for help by the side of a street backed up with traffic, I for one wouldn’t pump him full of bullets. Is it far-fetched that maybe he was injured and had a towel wrapped around his hand to stop the bleeding? Is it far-fetched that he would try to seek help from passing police?

        Police work is dangerous, but it’s not a job that is forced on anyone. We should stop paying people well to be violent cowards.

  6. Some questions:

    1. Were the two police officers wearing body cameras? If so, were the cameras on during the incident?

    (Given the two officers provide security at city facilities, I think it’s less likely that they were wearing body cameras; they may have also been less familiar with such situations than regular patrol officers.)

    2. Were there many witnesses to the entire incident? I’ve heard there were several people around… Witnesses might know why the guy tried to flag down the cops in the first place.

    3. Does anyone know who the man was? It may be that his identity hasn’t been released because he wasn’t carrying ID, or because family members haven’t been notified of his condition. I hope the police aren’t withholding his identity for some other reason, for instance, to avoid drawing attention to their actions.

    4. Any updates on the man’s condition? Different sources said critical or grave condition — didn’t sound good.

  7. Still no explanation form the LAPD as of Monday morning, it smells like they’re trying to mastermind a cover up.

    The North East Division needs to distribute some flyers regarding what the citizens of their community need to do with their hands going forward whenever seeking help.

    • In a normal state of mind, we all know what to do with our hands (and I know you were being facetious, Paul), but mentally-ill, intoxicated, injured, or emotionally-distressed persons may find themselves acting differently. It doesn’t matter how sensible or well-defined the rules of engagement are. When a gun-toting police force believes it has lost the respect and trust of a potentially-armed public, many of these different behaviors (like running, holding an arm in pain, or unwrapping a burrito) will be perceived as potentially life threatening and they WILL react.

      • I understand your response but lets look at it in another way. How do the Police forces in Europe tackle the same situations? You certainly don’t hear of the mentally ill being gunned down in droves and you don’t hear about unarmed Police officers being murdered at a high rate because they’re unharmed. This is why the actions of our Police forces is indefensible when comparing the statistics of Western and supposedly civilized countries.
        The US is perceived as the only first world country that has given dispensation to its Police officers to shoot first and think later.

  8. Just leaving these breaking updates here for everyone. Seriously pulling for this guy to pull through and tell his story.

    Walter DeLeon is his name.



    • Thank you for the updates.

      I am shocked with the lack of response by Eastsider LA readers. Seems the only way more people would have commented on this story is if it had happened near a proposed bike lane or new grocery store. I know it was Fathers Day weekend and all but I would have liked to see more dialog on this story.

  9. Christine roberts

    Wondering about this victim and how he is doing. I’ve been searching for I information if he survived or not, but hasn’t found anything about it. Does anyone know?

  10. Searching for an update on the victim. Is there any information?

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