New Colorado Boulevard businesses can now stay open late without breaking the law

coloroado boulevard

EAGLE ROCK — New bars and restaurants on Colorado Boulevard will now be able to stay open later at night and open earlier in the morning after the City Council amended an ordinance today that had  restricted operating hours.

Many new businesses were limited to hours between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., putting them at a disadvantage against older establishments as well as bars and restaurants in neighboring Glendale and Pasadena, which have no such limits.

“By lifting these hour restrictions, we are allowing local businesses on Colorado Boulevard to compete directly with nearby cities and keeping business, customers and tax dollars in Eagle Rock and the City of Los Angeles,” said Councilmember Jose Huizar in a statement.

The City Council amended an ordinance that had been credited with creating a more lively Colorado Boulevard. But it also contained a provision that all new businesses – including restaurants and bars – needed special city permission to operate after 9 p.m. or before 7 a.m.

Many of the new businesses have never bothered to get that permission or are simply ignoring the curfew in the Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan Ordinance.

The mandatory closing time applied to businesses that opened after the 1992 ordinance went into effect. The provision requiring city permission to operate between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. went pretty much unnoticed until a new Eagle Rock sports bar – 5 Line – got in trouble over the issue.



  1. Why would they want to stay open later? I thought the bike lanes were shuttering all the businesses here.

    • The businesses have to stay open later so their customers have time to fight through the gridlock caused by all of the unused bike lanes. If you and your bike mafia ilk hadn’t been so successful in duping politicians to create road diets, the citizens of Los Angeles would be able to move more efficiently, and businesses wouldn’t have to stay open so late.

      • I am intrigued by your thoughtful and intelligent comment, fellow patriot! Do you have statistics on exactly how long customers have to wait in gridlock because of the bike lanes? From your comment, it sounds like the delay is close to 6 – 7 hours to traverse the half-mile of Colorado Blvd. Kudos to those customers who sit in traffic that long to get a cup of coffee or a burrito from local merchants. Imagine, heading to Eagle Rock for lunch, sitting in traffic for half of the day because of those infernal bike lanes, and then finally reaching your destination in time for dinner!

  2. Huzzah Huizar!

    Tis great news…

  3. one step forward, two steps backwards. the council is creating more administrative bullSH** threatening the livelihood of small business owners. make it easier to own an operate businesses councilmember Huizar. stop with the incessant administrative red tape bull.

    • I don’t understand your comment. the neighborhood plan preventing late night business on Colorado is from the early 90’s. Huizar is in fact cutting red tape by lifting it, no?

      • No, you have to apply to the city now if you want to stay open past 9pm. That’s MORE RED TAPE.

        • Hmm, that’s not how I’m reading the article.

          It sounds to me like you used to have to apply for special permission to open before 7am or after 9pm on Colorado, and now you don’t.

          But maybe the article is misrepresenting the facts?

  4. bathing at baxter

    Why was there a curfew?

    • In the years before the adoption of the curfew in 1992, as part of the Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan, there were reportedly some biker bars along Colorado Blvd. that attracted patrons whose behavior was obnoxious to nearby homeowners, especially those just north of the boulevard. So among other rules banning strip malls and new automotive shops and defining the type of signage a business could use, they imposed the curfew to reduce noise and trash around the bars. Probably “you had to be there,” which I wasn’t.

    • Because there were biker bars there whose patrons disturbed nearby residents before the curfew was imposed in the 1992 Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan

      • Exhibit A was the bar that used to be at Eagle Vista and Colorado (across the street from what is now Found Coffee). Also, there was Toppers, which was turned into the Chalet, which was turned into the Black Boar. There were other problem locations, more westward, as well.

  5. what are the new hours!!! how can someone write this article without including the new hours!

    • Thank you!!! What are they?!

      • This area will be like any other part of L.A., i.e. no special curfew for Colorado Blvd. restaurants or other businesses. Any business in the city that sells alcohol has to abide by its own Conditional Use Permit, which defines its hours of operation.

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