Not your typical Silver Lake sparrow

Name that sparrow | Sandy Driscoll

Name that sparrow | Sandy Driscoll

SILVER LAKE ––  Sandy Driscoll’s backyard is a magnet for birds of all kinds. But she’s having trouble identifying the recent visitor pictured above:

 I wonder if any of your readers can ID this bird?  It’s smallish, like a large sparrow, but the orange on the head is something I’ve not seen before.


  1. That’s a house finch.

  2. Here’s from my friend who follows birds:

    That’s a house finch. One of the most common birds in the neighborhood. They have a lot of variation in coloring. The females have virtually none. The males can range from a sort of carroty orange on the head and throat (also just behind the tail) to bright red to a sort of purple.

    • I logged into the Eastsider expecting to catch up on Hyperion Bridge Reader Comments, my blood pressure creeping up in preparation. But here was this sweet photo, Sandy Driscoll asking for help identifying the bird — and a couple of readers stepping up to help. So lovely! Blood pressure down. Heart rate at 60. Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    We have two bird feeders in our yard here in EP and the cute House Finches love visiting and eating us out of house and home! I’ve found they are friendly and less likely to be frightened when I get near them than are the Sparrows. The males can be very brightly colored and sing lyrically to the females. The courting is fun to watch, as the males sidle up to the females but often get a peck for their trouble. We also get Mourning Doves, which eat only from the seed that drops to ground and they share with our two squirrels. If anyone wants info on a seed feeder that resists squirrels I’m happy to post here.
    Thanks everyone for posting.

  4. The invasive exotic house finch. It would probably generate as much scorn as the invasive house sparrow if it weren’t for the fact that it sings a pretty song.

  5. I was hoping for a more exotic name.

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