Sprouts market in the works for Eagle Rock [update]

super a

Storefront ReportEAGLE ROCK —  After about 25 years in Eagle Rock, Super A Foods market is closing and will be replaced by the fast-growing Sprouts Farmers Market chain, according a store manager and building permit records.

“We lost our lease and eventually will be closing,” said a Super A Foods manager. He estimated that the store, located in a shopping center at Eagle Rock Boulevard and Yosemite Drive, might shut down around September but did not have a firm date. He also was not aware of when the Sprouts store would open.

The Arizona-based Sprouts chain has grown to more than 200 stores nationwide as it positions itself as an affordable alternative to Whole Foods and other markets focused on natural and organic foods.  The Eastsider has contacted Sprouts for details.

Sprouts would occupy a 25,000-square-foot space next to the CVS store in the shopping center, according to a real estate brokerage representing the property. Pending building permits refer to “tenant improvements of new Sprouts Farmers Market” and other changes to the shopping center, where several , smaller storefronts are also available for lease.

The departure of Super A and the arrival of Sprouts has met with with mixed responses from residents, according to writer Melanie Gonzales, who wrote about the gentrification of Eagle Rock for Zocalo. Gonzales, who grew up in the neighborhood, said:

A sharp exchange recently erupted on the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Facebook page when a woman posted that she was excited about the apparently pending departure of the “ghetto” Super A market in favor of a natural “farmer’s market” chain. Those kinds of comments get people like me—who have been in the neighborhood for a long time—riled up. With wood paneling and black-and-white photos of old Eagle Rock on the walls, the Super A market has a 1960s vibe that fits well with Eagle Rock’s kitsch. My family sometimes shops here for pan dulce, Mexican cheeses, carne asada, and chili peppers that aren’t available at the local Vons. It felt like this bohemian trendsetter was saying that her shiny life didn’t fit into what we yokels have built.

Update: A Sprouts spokesman said that the chain has signed a lease to move into the Super A space. However, it might be a while before the new Sprouts opens. No opening is planned for this year, and it won’t be until early 2016 before an opening date would be announced, he said.

super a foods map

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  1. I, for one, welcome our new grocery overlords — come on in Sprouts!

  2. The article is less than clear about whether this relates to *all* Super A Foods locations (closing? also being replaced with Spouts?) vs. this *specific* location.

    Some clarity would be appreciated if you have it.

  3. Super A IS ghetto. Not in the sense that it caters to working class customers. Fresh n’ Easy does that too, yet still manages to be hip, probably because it’s clean, welcoming and has generally great customer service. Sprouts will do amazing business in ER. Imagine a giant Trader Joe’s with parking!

  4. The only store that should be allowed in our community should be Vallarta,Super A and Jons. I’m tired of these transplants colonizing our barrio.

    • Yeah! I’m with you, brother! They should keep the gueros in their own neighborhood, the negros in their own neighborhood, los chinos in their own neighborhood, and us cholos in our own neighborhood!!! And anyone that crosses over should be arrested! No mixing of cultures allowed!
      There should be a term for that! Separ… Segreg… it’s right on the tip of my tongue…


  5. This is great news. I do enjoy the Super A on York, hope it stays.

  6. Something never mentioned is that Super A is one of a few remaining non-BIG Chain stores which has union workers. I’m not saying this either opposed to or in favor of union employees but that the overhead of having union workers can limit the owners options.

    I’ve always appreciated that Super A does try to be competitive, especially given the size limits of their stores. What I especially like is that they have Harris Ranch beef which is California raised…not trucked in from who knows where. I usually go to the one on Cypress (not sure of the cross street, near Cazador…).

    They used to have their sales Thursday to Wednesday (all other stores were Wed-Tues) but the demise of the Pennysaver free sales paper and accompanying flyers means they changed to the Wed-Tuesday with Red Plum delivering their flyers now.

    • Gonna miss the 80’s vibe of Super A, a total retro hold over interior design. Like a xerox of the former Mayfair Market. I wish all of the checkers and staff there good luck. Hopefully Sprouts maintains the historical imagery in the future design.

  7. Great news. More natural and organic food options!

  8. I have to say I do not like Sprouts. They are like a fakey whole foods with most of the expense and few of the healthy options. Wish it was gonna be a Traders.

  9. Very happy that Sprouts will be moving in, if only because someone on the staff of Cypress Retail Group, which owns the shopping center Super A is in, told me they were going to make sure their shopping carts have a locking wheel and can’t easily be wheeled off the property. What looks “ghetto” is Super A carts, and those of other merchants, all over the neighborhood.

  10. Ooh, nice! I love Sprouts, especially their $4 deli sandwiches.

  11. Super A is super ghetto, I shopped there a couple times and it was junk. And the prices were often more expensive than other grocery stores, at least on the products I was buying. Also, as the anchor retailer of the strip mall, it really brought the whole corner down, opposed to Sprouts which will lift the whole thing up. If you noticed, the owner is currently renovating the entire façade of the businesses. So long Super A!

  12. Hallelujah!! Finally some decent grocery stores are opening in NELA. How many Super 8, Super A, Super XYZ do we need here.

  13. I hope they restripe the parking lot. Spaces are too narrow, and they don’t line up with the spaces in the next row, making it difficult to be sure you’re parked straight. I like this store, though don’t trade there much as the York store is closer, The butchers have always been very helpful. Trivia: This store was used as a location for the show “Ray Donovan.”

  14. I would imagine Eagle Rock residents are hopeful that Sprouts will at the very least paint over graffiti at the loading dock area when it shows up unlike Super A who let it accumulate. A friend of mine lives near the Super A and has taken it upon herself to report graffiti to the city for clean up since Super A won’t keep their own area clean and free of graffiti.

    • That’s one of the major issues I have with Latino establishments (no not racist just an observation)—they rarely clean up anything, especially graffiti. If this is simply their culture they need to own up to it.

  15. I’m not happy at all that Sprouts is moving in. I’m disabled and live on a small fixed income. Super A was close to my home and affordable. I can’t get to the one down on York, and can’t afford the prices at Fresh and Easy since Wild Oats bought it and jacked them up, (plus they have a very poor selection). I certainly won’t be able to afford to shop at Sprouts. Judging by others I saw while shopping at Super A, I know I’m not the only one who this will be a problem for. There’s a whole bunch of us long-time, non-hipster residents in the neighborhood who need access to simple, inexpensive groceries, not goat cheese and “craft” whatever. Super A was all we had.

    Just a little anecdote–not so long ago, I found myself with no food in the house and $2.87 was all the money I had. I went down to Super A, and was able to buy a few vegetables, a little bag of macaroni, and some beans–enough to make a good-size pot of soup that lasted me several days. This was not the first time I’d been in a tight spot food/money-wise, but I was always able to make do. I know most people don’t struggle financially to the extent that they’re forced to eat the same pot of soup for a week (I didn’t when I was healthy and working full-time), so it may be hard to understand what a bad thing, losing the only affordable market in Eagle Rock will be for so many of us.

  16. Me personally don’t like srouts I would prefer a Lazy Acres instead maybe in the soon to be vacant fresh ande easy

  17. Any news on the opening date for this Sprouts?

  18. Eagle Rock is losing its historic background to all these new companies and modern housing. It makes me sad and I’m only 18. Good thing I won’t be around too long from today, moving to Vegas. RIP Eagle Rock…

  19. Nothing is forever anyways. Fresh and Easy was here and now it’s gone. Macys will soon be leaving the plaza and replaced with a movie theater again , if you stick around long enough it all comes back around . I love whats happening in NELA it;s safer for all our kids. Maybe Hughes will comeback one day along with the extra lane on York before they put in the bike lane LOL

  20. Well, I grew up in this neighborhood when it was bad, my brother who was not a gangmember was murdered here in Highland Park, I had a gun pulled on me and one time I was shot at. This was a horrible place to raise children, having boys I feared for their lives. So I who was born and raised in Highland Park welcome change for the better. You couldn’t even walk done the street without getting hit up. In the 70’s we were 1 of 3 familys on our block that was hispanic, the rest were all white, 14 houses on our block. In the 50’s 60’s, 70’s it was predominantly white. So let’s not make this a race issue because actually historically the white folks were here first.

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