Suspected Echo Park dog thieves face eight years in prison

Dog stolen in scam | LAPD

Fannie reunited with owner| LAPD

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ECHO PARK — The two women suspected of stealing a dog named Fannie from its owner after posing as animal cruelty officers face up to eight years in state prison if convicted of the charges filed last week, according to the L.A. County District Attorney.

Jenny Smiley, 51, and Shannah Tenner, 53 were charged with one count each of felony first-degree burglary and extortion, and one misdemeanor count each of grand theft of a dog and unlawful use of a badge. Both woman pleaded not guilty in court last Friday and are scheduled to return to court on June 10 for another hearing, according to City News Service. Both woman are free on bail.

“Prosecutors said the pair wore green shirts with badges and went to the home of the pet owner in Echo Park on April 14,” according to a District Attorney press release. “The two women allegedly told the man that he would be deported if he didn’t turn over the dog.”

Fannie was returned to her owner, Cesar Aguilar, in early May after a person told police she had overheard the suspects discussing the incident.

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  1. Good! What a bunch of psychos!

  2. friendly tuxedo cat

    I think they’re both volunteers with Best Friends Animals Society – Los Angeles. Seems like a case of concern trolling turned into a case of criminal animal activism.

  3. Extremist!! Animals are family.

  4. “both woman”…twice.

    is anyone proofreading?

  5. Give me a fucking break. 8 years for this? That’s a joke. What the hell is wrong with our society when dogs are treated like children – or better. It’s the downfall of civilization. Get me a bucket because I am going to puke. Dogs every fucking-where…. in the grocery store, in every cafe (sitting on the chairs or better yet on the tabletop), in shops. DISGUSTING!

    • Did you forget to take your meds, again?

      • Hmmmm … not quite sure if you’re trying to disparage people who take medication or if you are just trying to disparage me because I don’t want to have dogs: sitting where I sit, rub their snotty nose on my pants as I walk by, sit and bark while their owner socializes inside, step on dog shit inside a store, get dog hair on my clothes, eat off a table where a dogs ass has been sitting, etc.. In any case – thanks for the personal attack!

    • Can't you read

      Guess you can’t or didn’t read the article. They were were charged with one count each of felony first-degree burglary and extortion, and one misdemeanor count each of grand theft of a dog and unlawful use of a badge

    • Dogs and humans have been together for 15,000 years at least. Dogs were the first animal to be domesticated. Not only has ithis relationship not led to the downfall of civilization, it is intimately connected to the formation of civilization in the first place. We belong together.

    • Truly thine is a dark and merciless heart that could not be warmed

    • Ask the prosecutor who is hanging onto this like a bulldog.

    • SeeSee – this is more about how they obtained the dog, to rescue it. Laws dictate the penalties from there. This is a dog you would never see out of her cage, walked on a leash, spayed, nails clipped, hair matted, much less annoying you at a restaurant. Kicked or hit if she pooped because she couldn’t get out of her crate to poop. It’s about that and more SeeSee. Dogs are everywhere because humans leave them behind when they move, unsterilized, unfed, to fend for themselves. They dump them in someone else’s area or yard, they simply don’t care. Go after the inhumane humans, not the dog lovers. Pick up strays and get them neutered for adoption. They live miserable lives, hungry, abused, terrorized. Check out some of the Hope for Paws videos. It will give you the dark side of dog “ownership.”

  6. I do not condone the actions of these women but sincerely hope their accusations of abuse/neglect against the owner are taken into consideration as the dog is placed back in its home. Vigilante justice isn’t the answer but if this dog is being mistreated the situation certainly deserves attention before it is just dropped back into the hands of a abusive owner. There may be more to this story than just a “poor old man” having his dog stolen — I just want the best for this little pup.

    • This was indeed a rescue of an abused dog. The owner has been lying from Day One to protect himself. These ladies risked a lot to help that little dog. This is no “poor old man.” Never walked her, left in crate 24/7 unless he put her in bathroom. Locked away, no happy life for this little dog and kicked and hit with broom on top of all that. There are witnesses. Accused women do not deserve these over the top charges!

  7. How sad that these people who tried to help an animal (and why don’t we wait until the allegations are proven–there’s a lot of the word “alleged” here), may get more time than someone who routinely abuses their animals. You can burn a dog to death, feed a cat poison, chop of their paws, leave them in your car on a hot day and get less time – what a joke,,, this case is about animal abuse and the charges are excessive thanks to the media circus Cesar Aguilar has managed to turn this into with the help of the LAPD. Dogs are stolen every by gangs and rings that take people’s little cuties and feed them to big dogs in dogs fights and and you don’t get this much media coverage even when they catch them. What do you have here: two amateurs who took a dog away from an abuser and then took it to the vet for a wellness exam – why don’t we ask Cesar Aguilar when was the last time he took his precious pooch to the vet and if she is spayed, licensed and microchipped?? You know, the kinds of things we have to here in LA to be a lawful dog owner.

    • Yes, Mary, very sad! A rescue by caring individuals when authorities do nothing to help the dog. Then turned in by someone with another rescue group who should know better! Maybe just to get her name in the news? Thousands of dollars later and their freedom at risk to help this pooch. Owner is a liar and trying to save himself. I know one of the rescuers. She is the last person who would ever need to steal a dog. Ridiculous!


    Hard to watch an animal in a state
    of duress. Wanting a little love and
    a simple caress.

    Like a piece of furniture out on
    Display. She hears some dog’s
    a barking come out and play!

    She’s in plain view for all to see.
    “Living” in a crate in the land of
    the free.

  9. Nothing – not PETA, not AC, not SPCALA – no one could do anything- so these two women did what any person with a conscience had to do, oh but the news won’t report that will they? Now ABC7 is saying Claudia R worked at the vet’s office – I really don’t think so. She is a volunteer with neighboring Perfect Pet Rescue as per her own post (http://bit.ly/1faSzC1)! We are getting biased false news and (I expected a little better from ABC7). I’m looking forward to hearing the truth about this story, How sad property laws are more important than welfare laws – if a child is being abused social services will go in and take the child – we should have similar provisions for animals….Claudia R, my heart aches for the dog….

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