Fire-damaged Glassell Park church vandalized; SWAT team on Bonnie Brae Street

Boyle Heights | The Eastsider

Boyle Heights | The Eastsider

MOrning Report

  • A tagging crew vandalized the Glassell Park Mormon church that was destroyed by fire last week. ABC7
  • A police SWAT team descended on 1000 block of N. Bonnie Brae Street near Echo Park Lake last night to assist detectives with a kidnapping investigation. But the team was called off after police determined that the persons connected to the kidnapping were not in the house that had been targeted, said LT. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. No further information was available.

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  1. One man, two passports.

    Some of our long term residents have some very bad habits. The helicopter constantly circling Drew St says it all.

    • yeah, for loving “their hood” so much they seem to have no problem with property destruction and decay

    • I wish we could just bulldoze Drew St… What a scab in the neighborhood — And I know there are some great people there both in houses and apartments but that 3400 block Apt Complex is a nuisance…

  2. Tagging has dramatically increased in NELA over the past 10-15 years. Easily eclipsing gang-tagging, which has dramatically decreased over the past 10-15 years. In fact, not even established gangs have been able to slam a lid on the independent “artists” that now routinely tag on their turf even though that’s been a standing policy of theirs for the past 20 years. As usual, the locals saw this wave of vandalism coming long before the transplants ever noticed and conveniently (and erroneously) attribute it to “long term residents”. Transplants are so square and out-of-touch (not to mention prejudiced bigots) one wonders WTH they’re doing moving into our neighborhoods? Other than to disparage neighbors they chose of their own free will.

    • Martin Arredondo

      “Square and out of touch”? Now Proper dos is hip. It’s not the “transplants” or their children who are defacing their hood. It’s funny how Proper dos likes to label fellow American citizens as transplants but welcomes non-citizens with open arms. Traitor. I’ve noticed on my street tagging has decreased in the last 15 years. I would now because I’m the first one to paint over it. Unlike proper dos who believes it’s part of the “soul” of the community.

    • Your parents were “transplants” Proper Dos.

    • every time I see graffiti in Elysian Valley, it’s not some “hipster wannabe Banksy street art” (aka “white people graffiti”), it’s just a few letters like “FTR” hastily scrawled on someone else’s property in a desperate attempt to assert ownership and relevence. and it also usually has the number 13 in there, citing their affiliation with or admiration of the mexican mafia. Then I call 311 and it’s painted over the next day.

      • same– 311 does a good job– download the ap and you don’t even have to call!

      • You can also report online on the Anti-Graffiti Request System. They usually come out the next day and in some cases, the same day. I hate taggers, they are nothing more than a bunch of resentful nobodies desperate for attention. How much money do they spend a year on spray paint, markers and glass cutters anyway? That can’t be cheap. What a monumental waste all around.

      • Have you seen the eyesore above Riverside Drive between Fletcher and Glendale Blvd.? Have you reported it to 311? Apparently not. In fact, you didn’t even mention it(!?), which indicates that you’re selective about the tagging you approve and the “scrawls” you report.

    • What a special quality the locals (the old locals, not the new locals) have for seeing that which was local when they were local. But, beyond that, I don’t really get what you’re saying. Is it that this tagging of the church was part of a new wave being done by recent residents or outsiders? Is it that long-time residents only do the gang tagging and wouldn’t waste time with this artsy stuff? Or is it that long-term residents are too lacking in prejudice to call newer residents “square” and “out of touch”?

      • “. . . that this tagging of the church was part of a new wave being done by recent residents or outsiders?” Both. Anti-graffiti was embraced by several long-time NELA residents going back to the mid-90s, which is when the city first established the anti-graffiti hotline and subcontracted actual white-washing to the Central City Action Committee in EP. Before that (in the 80s), there was a grass-roots mural and anti-graffiti campaign in EV (aka Frog Town) that local gang members adopted/imposed that included a ban on local tagging and resulted in several murals that were once located on Benedict, Birkdale, and the little market on Blake. They’ve been painted over and/or destroyed since.

        Learn something newbie. History in our neighborhoods didn’t begin with your sorry (square and out touch) ass.

        • Martin Arredondo

          The anti graffiti mural projects failed miserably. Im sure the people you like to call locals don’t know anything about the history of this place. Except for a complete wannabe tough guy like yourself who is obsessed with where he lives. Proper Dos only feels tough around skinny jean wearing progressives. Proper Dos,history In NELA didn’t start when your transplant parents squatted here either.

    • Damn, that comment is so full of off-the-cuff generalizations presented as absolute truth that I don’t even know where to begin. Do you really presume to have some kind of cognizance of the proportion of gang vs. non-gang tagging all over NELA? Over the past “10-15 years”? What a joke.

      And, this laughable, xenophobic, useless characterization of “locals” vs. “transplants” is an analytical dead end. Everyone can see this, because for every self-proclaimed “local” like you, there is someone even MORE local (i.e., longer term of residence, more family in the area, homecoming king at Franklin High) who completely disagrees with you on most issues. As a way of deciding who has standing to comment on an issue, it is pointless and pathetic. Can we please talk about the here and now?

      • Quiz: Is the the eyesore above Riverside Drive between Fletcher and Glendale Blvd:

        1. Art

        2. Gang “scrawls”

        3. Tagging crews

        tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock . . .

      • Btw “your grace”, I didn’t know this was a competition? What are you feeling so insecure about? After all, you were Franklin’s “homecoming king” the very epitome of “cool” . . . (lol).

  3. Whoever did this is a total dickhead. Enough said.

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