Highland Park shooting leaves one injured

avenue 56 and range view map

HIGHLAND PARK — A shooting tonight near Avenue 56 and Range View Avenue left one person injured, police said. The male victim suffered what was described as a non-life threatening injury after being shot at about 8 p.m., according to an officer with the Northeast Division. No suspects had been apprehended, and there was no additional information available.

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  1. Is there any updated news on the victim. Praying for the victim and his family.
    These cowardly acts of violence need to STOP!!! Our community is better than this!
    If anyone saw anything, PLEASE contact LAPD and REPORT!

    • Oh please… no more ‘hipster’ coffee shops and high rent… i LOVE i want to preserve my neighborhood… ill miss the 8pm shootings… and gang violence… and f’u racist gentrifiers who want to take that away from me!!!! Go have your safe family friendly neighborhood with good schools somewhere else!

      • It’s disgusting the amount of venom coming from your statement. Rather than have a safe environment for yourself and your family you’re welcoming this sort of behavior to get someone out? How ignorant and blind can you be? Do you honestly believe that gang violence won’t maybe be directed towards you?

        why can’t you live in harmony with these so called ‘racist gentrifiers’? Honestly as a Latino myself I’m disgusted at the amount of reverse racism you’re all spitting at these people. We’ve dealt with discrimination and racism for years. This is your opportunity to be the bigger man and attempt to bridge the gaps between two different cultures. Wouldn’t you love to see your lovely city improved. Fuck the coffee shops. I agree with you, but start your own business. Put your money where your mouth is and effect some change. Improve the quality of your life.

  2. Ted The Realtor

    Ethnicity of the victim please?

    • do you really have to ask? shooter and victim, male latinos between the ages of 17-30. duh.

      • Ted The Realtor

        Thanks for taking the bate, I was too afraid to speculate 🙂

        I guess Latino Lives Don’t Matter, at least the young male ones?
        These baggy shorted fools aren’t even intelligent enough to figure out the gentrification equation after all this time. While they’re banging, tagging, and drinking beer Evil Whitey, Evil Asians and the hard working but Traitorous Latinos of the NE are getting college degrees so they can buy out houses from underneath their stupid asses.

  3. I’ve noticed more gang members in the neighborhood thank you AB 109.

    • Yup. An article in the times today mentioned that LA has seen a sharp rise in crime in the last year after a decade of decline. Coinkydink?

      AB 109 – a hoodrat’s best friend.

    • How can you tell they are gang members?

  4. Goddamn newcomers!

  5. I wonder if the “victim” is part of the clown house that lives with the veterana skinny crack head that walks all day screaming “mi’jo!”. My property value is going to drop thanks to these ignorant fools!

  6. Avenues Street scum Vs. Highland Park Gang street scum… i wish they would all just get jobs at McDonalds… they would make the same amount of money. Such losers.

  7. Wait for someone to jump in and defend the gang violence and yell at newcomers (read, white people) for not just “dealing with it” (accepting violence and blight as the norm, not calling the police on crimes). Northeast Los Angeles Alliance and their ilk LOVE news like this. Their types are so lazy and selfish that they welcome violence like this because in their mind it keeps rents cheap, which is the most important thing in the world of course.

  8. Newcomers are less likely to adopt the “no snitchin'” mantra which is prevalent in neighborhoods with long-time crime problems. When a larger part of the community drops the “no snitchin'” way of thinking, and adopts the “see something, say something” mantra, then the drop in crime will accelerate.

  9. Marino you dont know nothing about NELA or what they stand dont be ignorant

  10. Lots more cops out today around Highland Park/ Eagle Rock border.

  11. The Gang Injunction needs to be expanded and strengthened. The cops have to jump through too many hoops and go through too much red tape to get these lowlife bangers off the streets.

    • The problem with injunctions is that they target too many Latino youth that aren’t gang members. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. Increased patrols or even beat cops have a good effect.

  12. Inuncion is in place , you just cant get rid of gangs smh

    • sure you can. smart newcomers move in and call the cops when this crap happens unlike the “no snitchin” bandwagon that trashy people abide by. then rents go up and poor people cant afford to live here anymore. bye bye gangs! if you love gangs so much, feel free to follow them on the way out.

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