Police searching for felony suspect in Silver Lake [updated]

SILVER LAKE — Residents are being told stay in their homes tonight as officers search for a wanted felony suspect near the 2 Freeway offramp at Glendale Boulevard.

Police had blocked off Branden, Clifford and Duane streets west of Glendale Boulevard as a police helicopter hovered overhead. An LAPD K9 unit was also at the scene.

A spokeswoman said the search was prompted after officers spotted a suspected wanted for a previous felony.

Updated @ 11:22 pm: The suspect, a parolee at large, was apprehended in a backyard on Clifford Street, said Lt. John Shah with the Northeast Division. The suspect cut his ankle while running; no officers were injured. Shah said members of the Northeast Division gang  unit had spotted the parolee, who had failed to check in with parole officers.

duane and waterloo map

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  1. This is a BIT much for a guy who was on parole. Fail to check in with your officer, and 15+ police cars will chase you down. They waited immediately outside my house for 2+ hours, announcing threats over a megaphone every so often until the guy came out. Helicopters, spotlights, police dogs barking incessantly. That’s a whole lot of resources to catch a guy who failed to check in.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but a guy who was granted parole shouldn’t be bombarded like a prison escapee when it’s violated. I need more info for this to seem acceptable. I see too much overreaction from the LAPD in my neighborhood.

    • Failure to check in with the PO is not necessarily an offence that 15 units and a helicopter will respond to. They usually go after guys that are on high risk parole i,.e sex offenders, etc. The Parole Board has actually improved quite a bit in recent years (though there are some hardasses) If a guy is regularly clean from drugs and shows up to check in or is home when they visit, they usually give him a pass if he has a good reason for missing check in. I know because someone very close to me is on parole and he hasn’t had problems so far because he is abiding by the terms of his parole, something you would want anyone released from prison to be doing, right? Trust me, I wouldn’t be too high-hosrsey about this. Some ex-felons can reform, others you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark corner anytime soon.

  2. Does seem a bit much, but we don’t know what the original crime was. I have to say that if it is a choice between extra vigilance and laxed policing in my neighborhood, then I would pick the former.

  3. Thank you LAPD. To many lowlifes making the Glendale corridor theirs.

  4. This story is trash, for such lack of information and for merely regurgitating false information. You said they were seeking a “felony suspect,” everyone should hide inside fr son=me dangerous person committing felonies, but apparently it was simply for failing to check in on time with the parole officer. Hey, a parole check-in violation is NOT a felony! Stop simply passing on misinformation from the police and actually ask some questions, and ask questions that challenge what they tell you! Gee.

    Clearly, they were looking or an excuse to get this guy. And the missed check-in was grabbed, and they went after him, and with police coming after him, he ran. If anyone they seek to arrest for anything runs, the helicopters are called in along with support cars.

    But this story was put out in a manner to terrify the neighbors, when the guy simply missed a check-in. That means the reporting was irresponsible. Ask questions, never simply regurgitate false information the police always pass out!

    • Calm down Susan, remember to breathe!

      • Susan & Ashley (above) are the typical whiners about police using too much force and would be the first ones to complain about the police not being there had this guy broke into their house.

        • I said nothing about use of force. I only complained about a misleading news story — which is far too routine at this Website when it comes to police reporting.

        • You’re absolutely wrong. Nobody is speaking on force. I come from a family of police, and watching 36 cops stand around in a circle waiting for someone to surrender is disenchanting at best.

  5. Culturally Unwelcoming

    umm, screw that. a gangster violated his parole and ran from the cops who came looking for him. go get him, cops!

  6. Amen to that, the tin man.

  7. All these negative comments about our youth who have to turn to gangs because of the impact of gentrification on our neighborhoods. If it wasn’t for the daily prejudices we experience every day from these entitled transplants our youth wouldn’t have to join gangs.

  8. In framing it as a choice between extra vigilance and [lax] policing we already knew which you would favor. I mean, if I say I have a choice between delicious beef or stinky chicken, guess which one I’m taking? I love chicken, but still–guess.

    The real choices are over-zealous policing, lax policing, and everything in between. At either end of the spectrum, there are unacceptable prices to pay. Somewhere in the middle, there is a good balance that won’t solve everything, but won’t get people needlessly killed.

  9. From their windows across the street, the lucky folks moving into the new SL70 development will have so much to see! Welcome to the intersection, people!

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