Water main breaks in Angeleno Heights

Water gushing on Allison Avenue

Water gushing on Allison Avenue

ANGELENO HEIGHTS — Another day, another water main break. This one is in Angeleno Heights on Allison Avenue near Douglas Street.  The water began burbling up through the concrete pavement at about 10 a.m. But, as of 2 p.m., no crews had shown up to begin repairs, according to a woman who lives on the street.

Meanwhile, water had been flowing down to Sunset Boulevard, where a large pool covered a portion of the street and sidewalk at Sunset and Allison.

sunset boulevard flooded by water main break in angeleno heights

Flooding on nearby Sunset Boulevard

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  1. What a waste, DWP allows the water to run for at least 4 hours?? So much for the drought!

  2. DWP executives continue to give themselves pay raises and bonuses. We have already PAID for these fixes via tax increases. If they cannot spend the $$$ responsibly, they should be fired…
    It’s shameful the way we the taxpayers are continually taken advantage of.

  3. WHY, WHY, and WHY? Has anyone asked the question, let alone given an answer? In my many decades of living in Los Angeles I recall no more than a dozen water main breaks. Now there are sometimes several in a day! What is going on? The only explanation that I remember hearing after that first gigantic break that used more water than I will ever use in 100 years, is that if the DWP increases the flow too fast after the repair that it could cause more breaks. Hmmmmmmmmm………! I wonder.

    Also, in this frenzy to save water (and ruin our neighborhoods with dead lawns) I just heard that Mayor Garcetti has a goal of encouraging the building of 100,000 rental units in the city. If this is correct, where is all that water coming from that they will be flushing down their toilets? I don’t know about you, but everywhere I look there is a new apartment complex springing up. Drought? Huh!

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing… not sure if we’re just hearing about it more because of the drought? Or if it’s actually happening more frequently?

      Assuming it’s the latter, my guess would be deferred maintenance. Post WWII suburban sprawl required unheard of amounts of infrastructure, over a massive footprint of land. Maybe this is just the longterm costs of that low productivity development model catching up to us? Prop 13 certainly hasn’t helped matters either. Then again, our local government seems to make inept (corrupt even) decisions on a regular basis. Not exactly shocking I suppose, when voter turnout is less than 20% for most local elections. All of the above, maybe?

      As far as new development, the population projections for California over the next few decades are much higher than what Garcetti is proposing for housing construction locally. And since urban dwellers use a lot less resources than suburbanites, it would be better for the state if that growth is largely infill development in the middle of our cities, than more greenfield growth on the fringe of our metro areas. Urban populations only use about 10% of the the states water supply anyhow (and LA is pretty resourceful these days.) If we want to conserve water, we need to focus on big agriculture… stop draining aquifers to grow water intensive cash crops, etc.

      I’d certainly vote to raise taxes for funding some water recharging projects locally, if it was on the ballot net year. I’m guessing that’d be a lot cheaper than desalination.

  4. Our street infrastructure is old, falling apart, yet the city continues to allow 200+ units to of housing to be added to now overcrowded community.
    Given the rudeness I have to deal with on a daily basis just to part my car, maybe the time has come to sell, say good bye.

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