Who will reopen a Lincoln Heights coffeehouse?

cafe in the heights street view

Storefront ReportLINCOLN HEIGHTS — It has been a while since any coffee has been poured at Cafe in the Heights, which appeared to be the neighborhood’s only coffeehouse. But the narrow and vacant North Broadway storefront  across from Lincoln High is now up for lease, giving someone a chance to cater to Lincoln Heights’ java junkies.

The new owners, however, better be prepared to sell a lot of lattes and pour-overs –  the landlord is seeking $3,500 a month for the 1,875-square-foot space, according to LoopNet.

3510 broadway map

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  1. $3,500 a month? The Landlord must really want to keep it vacant!

  2. the area is in desperate need of a local-focused coffee house!

  3. If the LADOT and CD1 can’t be bothered to remove the peak hour parking restrictions here this place is a non-starter. It will take at least another 5 years of real estate bubble growth before a place like this can be sustained. Even then, the way North Broadway is designed (like a truck route with too many stop lights), this location is a tough sell for a cafe. Though, to be honest, the management at the Cafe in the Heights did leave much to be desired. Not in terms of hospitality or the over all environment, but more of a “our back of house operation is not functioning”. So, perhaps somebody with a lot of money and a desire to spend it quickly and then be trapped in a cafe 14+ hours a day for a few years will jump on this opportunity.

  4. No more cofe how about a taqueria, something more cultural and less snobby

    • You realize that this storefront physically touches the lot of Little Rodeo restaurant – a popular taqueria, no?

  5. That’s too much for rent, there’s no parking available so customers would walk 1 block to get coffee, rodeo tows other business customers cars if they park there, the highway that is Broadway is not friendly for businesses, the area is imparversed enough to not spend 3 dollars on a latte. With profits from from a 3 dollar latte witch is 1.70 then you would have to sell 2700 lattes. Just to make rent another 2000 lattes to make payroll for a staff that size and let’s say 600 more lattes to make a measly profit. The parking situation can’t accommodate 4000+ customers. There is only 2 parking spaces that is street parking for that location.. So you can do the math and how much of a loss you can gain. For a business owner in Lincoln heights it’s a lost cause unless you 1) sell cheap product and 2) have parking lot available.

  6. There’s an entire school of faculty and staff across the street. I would run into them at this joint a few years ago but even that built-in clientele isn’t gonna cover the nut for this space. “Build it and they will come” just doesn’t seem to apply in this case.

  7. These rents are untenable. I am sort of hoping for a major earthquake or a stock market collapse – something to wake these developers and landlords out of their greedy little slumber. And maybe send a few posers back to NYC and Brooklyn. This country and its economy is in a woozy, self-deluding state. You’ll never find or keep a tenant with rent like this. And what would the tenant charge for coffee to cover their rent? Eight dollars a cup?

    • Anon, you’re better off wishing for a plague. An earthquake will severely affect the neighborhoods you seem to want to afford. The destruction (yes, destruction) of scores of brick storefronts and unbolted bungalows will not help rents any. There’ll be fewer habitable buildings for people to occupy. Maybe it’s time to come up with a different loser catchphrase.

  8. I’m a talented barista who works at a big hotel cafe downtown and has run cafes in the past. I live in Lincoln Heights and am sick and tired of having nowhere to grab a delicious, well-sourced cup of coffee and a pastry/somewhere to bring a laptop and get out of the house for a while.

    Long story short I thought it would be more affordable to open a cafe in the Heights. Guess I was wrong. $3500/mo is a damn travesty.

    Oh well — to what could have been.

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