Daily Archives: August 8, 2015

What does architect Frank Gehry have in mind for the L.A. River?; the Highland Park man behind the “Speak English” video

MORNING REPORT: Some L.A. River advocates are concerned that architect Frank Gehry's involvement in a river masterplan might interfere with current revitailization efforts .... The widely watched video of a woman being yelled for speaking Spanish at an IHOP restaurant was shot by Highland Park resident Carlos Vasquez .... Found in Mt. Washington: Pit bull and German Shepherd Read More »

Get the Best Value for Your Home with Tracy Do Real Estate

Eastside home prices continue to rise. If you’re a homeowner who’s considered making a change, the lack of inventory and growing demand present you with a great opportunity. It’s rarely an easy decision to sell your house given the emotions involved, and the finances that are at stake. You want to get this right. Read More »