Echo Park homicide victim identified


Sidewalk memorial for Michael Robert Hannah

ECHO PARK — The L.A. County Coroner has identified the man found early Saturday morning with a gunshot wound to the head as Michael Robert Hannah, a 20-year-old from Buena Park.

Police responding to an anonymous call found Hannah near the base of a public stairway on Delta Street near Echo Park Avenue at about 3 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8.  Hannah was pronounced dead the scene, with police describing the crime as possibly gang-related.

Hannah was shot in the head but nearby residents did not report hearing any gunfire, according to police. The suspects remain at large and police are asking the public for any info about the killing.

“We need someone to come forward and give us some leads,” said Ryan Watterson, an LAPD Northeast Division homicide detective.

On Sunday, a cluster of candles, flowers, beer cans and other items were assembled on the sidewalk near stairway where Hannah was found. ” ExP,” the Echo Park gang symbol, was written on some t-shirts and pieces of cardboard left at the memorial.  Others had written “R.I.P Stretch”

An online fundraiser had been set up to help pay for funeral expenses.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Northeast Division homicide detectives Watterson  or Zesati at (323) 344-5744.



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  1. gladimovedtoLIncolnHeights

    they must have really loved him a lot- they put a lot of effort into a touching memorial to a life dedicated to intoxication and scrawling on things with markers i hope the drought doesn’t affect the car wash they are surely planning, that would be a real shame

    • Glad you left.

      • Regardless of who he was, he was a friend, a son that many loved and will miss ……. Keep your nasty comments to yourself, people like you all are the ones that don’t need to be in this world

        • and by worked you mean sold drugs and tried to kill people to protect “turf”… momma if you have any other sons i hope this is a wake up call to get you parenting skills together… DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR SON IS A GANG MEMBER–CHANGE HIM – unless he’s a shot called he’s making less that people at McDonald’s anyways…

          • To be fair, I don’t think it’s so simple to “change” a nearly-grown man and convince him to leave a gang. In my 17 years of teaching experience, I’ve come to realize that young people – and people in general – only change when they are ready to change. I’m sure the young man’s mother didn’t want him to be an active gang member. If his male relatives are gang-affiliated, and if he grew up in that environment, I think it’s tough to change what was “imprinted” on him at a young age.

          • Its absolutely amazing how delusional the mother is. The son was an active gang member.

            Glad I’ll have fewer EXP tags to paint over on Sunday mornings.

          • wow such evil comments. this was a human being u self righteous pompous mF.. u people are the reason this city is worthless now..

          • jenni, please move away. the rest of us are building a better community with or without you, your choice.

      • Rest in love
        I love you ? fuck
        These haters ♡ :. Miss n love
        You always :. Ma boii
        ♡ thuqs mansion baby .
        We fucken love you
        Michael ♥?♥

    • Glad your outta here you troll.

    • What about your life trolling on websites, compounding people’s pain with unproductive, divisive, insults ?

  2. God will raise you to the heavens where it is good for a youngster to be who he is, and let peace and tranquility abound with your soul. You will always be in our rememberance throughout this life and what is yet to come. Thank you for everything, and the experiences .We will forever hold in our hearts.

    • no, (he) won’t. water down the drain. a life and potential wasted.
      gangs are not family, they steal the lives of youth.


  4. #thankgodthispersonwasn’tinnocent

    • Please just write a sentence , east side gal.

      • see you next tuesday julie– how’s that 🙂

        • east side gal: who’s the C.U.N.T now?
          how do you know he wasn’t innocent?
          show your # up your judgemental ignorant backside
          from the mother of the deceased:
          “Did you even know my son? Seems your alittle bitter.. Do you know something we don’t? You say he wasn’t innocent.. Innocent of what? He was just on his way home before someone shot him.. I really feel sorry for you.. God is the only one who can judge and he is a forgiving god. But I don’t know what makes you the queen of judging someone you don’t know”

          • Er, no imaginary sky fairy is not the only one who can judge (and he’s hardly forgiving). He was a violent gangster, by his mom’s and his friend’s own admission. Plus he was a member of a notorious gang that has destroyed the lives of people and property of Echo Park and beyond.
            Keep saying ‘only God can judge’ all you want Tupac, but it isn’t going to stop us from judging the little -sshole and his recklessness. We have every right too.

    • Did you even know my son? Seems your alittle bitter.. Do you know something we don’t? You say he wasn’t innocent.. Innocent of what? He was just on his way home before someone shot him.. I really feel sorry for you.. God is the only one who can judge and he is a forgiving god. But I don’t know what makes you the queen of judging someone you don’t know

      • Ms. Arce, I’m so sorry you lost your son. I cannot fathom your heartbreak.

        I’m embarrassed by and ashamed of the people posting mean-spirited stuff here. Please don’t pay an attention to them, they don’t deserve your time.

      • I’m from glenair did your son Work Here At Glenair In Glendale

  5. Sorry a life was lost, nobody has the right to take a life away, but come on, you want to live dangerously? Then assume the risks…

  6. What was ‘Stretch’ even doing around here? Apparently he lived with his mom in Buena Park.

    This guy got what was coming to him, just sorry it happened here.

    All you commuter gangsters, why don’t you save on gas money and go make trouble out in your own neighborhoods?

    • amen dave – well said

      • you should become west side gal because you don’t belong here…you know nothing… but yet you love to comment.
        yes, I am commenting as well but that’s because your comments annoy me to do so.

    • This is mother.. Before you bash someone know the facts first. He worked there and we lived in Echo Park probably longer then you.. Nothing matter how you feel about him. He was my baby boy, my son who I lost. Only god can judge, and I really pray that nothing remotely happens to your loved ones like it did mine.

      • Was your son involved in EXP and/or other gangs?

      • Please don’t respond to this meddling, cynical, busy-body troll’s bait. He’ll simply spin it into another pile of his bitterly ignorant and judgmental crap. All that matters is that a young man lost his life on the streets of our community. May he rest in peace and may his family and loved ones find comfort in their memories and the sympathy and condolences of neighbors who can feel and/or imagine their pain.

      • I’m so sorry for your loss. May you find peace knowing that your son is in a much better place.

      • Davina…I said a prayer for your son tonight.
        Majority of people here who are bashing your son are ignorant to the street/life in the city and nobody knows your boy.
        Only you and your people.
        Please don’t get to bothered here.
        Its embarrassing to our humanity and not healthy for you to read.
        So sad that nobody has the respect to be thoughtful of other people’s loss,
        Times like these, maybe in Davina’s case, there is a search to find remnants of the one they have lost. Only to find themselves here exposed to idiots babbling on about gangs (essentially only thinking about themselves) in between watching the bachelor or real housewives. (ie : east side gal).
        Could anyone take a moment and send deep respect and sympathy to a mother who just lost their son?
        For gods sake. What has happen to all of your hearts?

    • Dave. u are the so funny. ur neigborhood ?? r u serious! u wouldn’t know what that means!! this was once a barrio . a real neighborhood .. this is not your neighborhood . it never was. it never will be. u just reside here right now. you don’t get it. so don’t act like you do.. u will never get it. and just so u know gang injunctions ruin neighborhoods .. ruin families. ruin lives. ruin communities.. but u being the white . urban hipster.. will never ever know how that feels. so stop with the My Neighborhhod BS.. U will NEVER UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE!!!!!

      • Martin Arredondo

        Spoken like a true hood rat. How often do the homies pass you around.

      • Martin arredondo

        Jenny Hoe. Gangs ruin neighborhoods not gang injunctions. So if you criticize loser gang members you must be white? We still have a lot of turds like you to flush out of “our”neighborhoods. “You’ll never understand our struggle”haha.

        • martin .. i’m married. u have a napolian complex. that’s why u talk so much smack.. i am no hood ratt. that’s actually comical. this post is sad. and sick. there is no honor anymore. no respect, no integrity.. absolutely no code of honor .. thank God i’m married to a real man. .. this is the most pathetic comment thread i have ever come across.. i am so blessed i don’t deal with people like u guys ever n life.. you people are some sick MF.ers..

      • “Get off my lawn!!!!” shouts jenni.

        I say, get outta my city.

    • Hey hey hey Dave, don’t be so judgemental. Maybe some of them carpool drive-by.

  7. There is no place in this world for people like you with your bullshit comments

  8. The only thing that needs to be expressed here is condolences to this persons friend and family. Nobody should be judging anybody who just had their life stolen from then. Nobody’s knows what this persons would have done with their life, and we all start in different place and with different struggles.
    RIP Stretch.

  9. You read the posts of “Dave”, “ES Gal”, “St J”, “Racso”, and “HLP Hood”, and wonder how they can still wonder why nobody wants them for neighbors? At least “gladimovedtoLIncolnHeights” had the self-respect to shove off with his cynical ignorance and bitter hate.

  10. Everybody that has something negative to say just need to the fuck up. Regardless of the choices one makes he was still a friend a son and a good hearted lobing indiviual. Strech was a good friend and everyone that knew him we miss him dearly and he will never be forgotten. We love you mike and i know for a fact we will see each other in the next life

    • No, no we don’t.
      Sorry but your “lobing” individual was affiliated with a violent and destructive organization in our neighborhood. You want to cry about someone? How about you cry for the mother and relatives of the innocent 10 year old who got shot down the street from me, on a known EXP corner? Where’s the tears for all the mothers and friends of the kids who had their lives destroyed by drugs peddled by people like your buddy? Where’s your outpouring of support for the local small businesses here who get extorted from? It’s pendejos like you that claim Echo Park pride while simultaneously destroying it. I’m kind of glad to see that the neighborhood is finally pushing out small minded thugs like yourself so the rest of us can live in peace.
      Sorry about your friend, but then that’s one less violent fool in our hood causing problems for the rest of us.

      • What makes you think that community residents don’t mourn the loss of an innocent little girl? Or bristle at extortion of local businesses or drug abuse that would happen regardless of gang activity? You’re ” I’m kind of glad to see that the neighborhood is finally pushing out small minded thugs”? FYI: It’s not You or the “neighborhood”. Killing for turf and pride is passe and no longer the priority. “It’s the C.R.E.A.M.” In fact, there is a reason gangs don’t oppose gentrification. More disposable income results in more recreational drug use. Accordingly, their primary business is Booming. and these “fools” thank YOU for your support and cooperation.

        “No, no we don’t” but you DO and WILL when and if you have the opportunity to express your hateful and ignorant thoughts to the faces of these “fools”. You cite so many examples of the damage these fools inflict but not a single example of what you’ve personally done to address it? Besides posting hateful comments on a thread discussing a young man’s death. Cowardly much?

        • Martin Arredondo

          “There is a reason gangs don’t oppose gentrification”lol. Like these dumbasses even know what the word means. Proper dos will never say anything negative about gang members who fuck up our neighborhoods but has no problem blaming all the ills of the community on the gentrifiers. LOSER

        • Aldo Thee Apache

          Not cowardly at all. I stand by exactly what I said.
          Besides whose the coward here? Me who is actively involved in bettering the community or you who does nada except trolling the Eastsider apologizing for murderers, vandals and drug dealers, while blaming all of the neighborhood’s ills on “overpriced” coffee that no one forces you to drink.
          Hey Proper Deuce here’s an idea you can prove to us that you’re not actually a coward; Go down the street and explain to my neighbor that it’s ok her 10 year old son got shot because gangsters are saints, and the real reason for his death is because gringos love quinoa.

          • Quinoa is nasty crap and this is a big city with a lot of dangerous people with guns. do some research before you move into my hood!

          • Aldo Thee Apache

            And thank you for so wonderfully illustrating my point Douche.

      • What 10 yr old on an EXP corner?

  11. To the mother of this child, may you find some peace. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your deep, deep loss.

  12. i wonder if stretch ever killed someone – since there seem to be exp gang members on this bard do you mind answering? just curious… was be an enforcer or just the get away driver type of banger?

    • Let the poor woman grieve. Go share these thoughts wherever you please, with whoever wants to listen, but do not knowingly punish a grieving mother. That is just awful. Davina, this white Echo Park resident has nothing but sympathy for you, please do not think all of us are so cold.

      Life is complicated. Not everyone is afforded the same choices . Do not use this death as your personal soap box, and definitely do not hurl mean insults about at a grieving mother. jesus Christ.

      • Thank you empathy.. Little does everyone know we are half white and Hispanic.. But race is not an issue here. I lived in Echo Park back in the 80’s.. Moved to the O.C because I didn’t want my kids in L. A but unfortunately that was where he considered home. I hope everyone that has something nasty to say will never experience what I’m going thru. It can happen to anyone. He was just heading home and a bullet took him away from us

        • Do not mind these internet judges Davina, This is all they have. To criticize from afar and put others down without knowing the truth and mindset of those involved. Condolences for your loss.

    • To answer your question…. He was on the road of becoming a rapper. I really feel for you.. To be so nasty at a time where me and my family lost a loved one. Like our dear freind who is a judge said.. There is no law saying you cant be a gang member. And everyone knew he was heading in the right direction. But someone took that opportunity from him. It’s sad that ignorant people like yourself and the others here feel they have the same job as god and feel they have the right to judge others. I mean does it make you feel good to downfall someone who lost their life? I’m sure Jesus and god are looking at you right now in disbelief. God is a forgiven god and I hope he surely can forgive your ignorant remarks.

      • I’m so sorry for you Davina. I believe people have compassion for your loss, just little for those who choose to get involved in gangs. There is a difference. EXP and all the rest are a plague on communities. They deserve no quarter. Eradication ASAP.

        • eastsideFarts, please sit your IGNORANT ASS DOWN and STOP making things worse with your back-handed “compassion” which doesn’t result in “rest” or “peace” for the deceased and his family. You are truly a shameless and classless CLOD with no respect for the living or dead. I would trade the O.C. for Ms. Arce and her family and you in a hearbeat, which is a function of a human organ that you obviously lack, You have no compassion, no courage, no integrity, and are a very poor excuse for a human animal, never mind human being.

          • Wow, such a vitriolic attack. I am none of the things you accuse me of above.

            Why don’t you try a rational response instead of acting like a monkey throwing sh*t around? I am sorry for Davina’s loss, I am not sad for the people who choose gang life, terrorize communities and suffer the consequences.

    • East side girl.. I see your address dissapeared all of Sudden… Ever hear of screenshot? Talking trash about the dead and then posting your address.. Pretty dumb move if you ask me. You should be happy I’m a god fearing person. But can’t say too much about the others that loved my son

      • Moderator most likely removed that post Davina.

      • Be nice or my dead son’s gangster friends are going to get you!

        • in case anyone has any doubts as to how this kid got into the gang lifestyle…

        • Dave it seems to me you have no life but to talk your ignorance on the net. I’m here because this is about my son. Your here because you seem to get off talking trash on the net. Shows what a true ignorant poor excuse of a person you are. I mean think about it. Why are you talking trash about someone you don’t know. Really is my sons death that so important to you that you have to continually bash him?

          • Because unlike you I’m a neighbor and your son was bringing violence to the place I live.

          • Judging by the post above, it seems you’re also here to make threats.

            Odd that a grieving mother seems to have so much time and desire to argue with people in the comments section of an internet blog…

        • This is how much of an impact my son had on people.. I want to thank Majestic realty co. Who owns half the Staples center for there $1000.00 donation to our family who they know. God bless the good people who seen potential in my son and knew he was heading in the right direction

      • Screen shot aha .
        I would like to please
        See that screen shot .
        With the address .
        Talk shit , qet _ _ _ .:
        Love you Divina
        Its 3^3N! 3 :.

  13. This is a very sad and unfortunate situation. Regardless of his lifestyle and job status, a person being killed and dead is very sad and rude comments are very uncalled for. Its very scary that this type of crime still happens. Prayers to the victims Mother.

  14. I worked my ass off for many many years to buy my place in EP. Why should I have to put up with gang graffiti on my property? Thank god for the gang injunction! EXP is almost dead.

    • Have some respect, a woman’s child is dead. Take your filthy and shameful hate elsewhere.

      • Who would you say is the best parent in all the universe? Would it not be the creator of all living creatures?
        Yet, even that one (God) had disobedient sons?
        Have you ever seen something in yourself that you knew was not right? Wanted to change it?
        Maybe just a small thought or deed?
        All mankind is subject to being imperfect and no one is able to live up to the righteous standards of our Creator, God.
        Knowing that we are made from dust he forgives us, if we have a heart that wants to change, and we take the first step toward that.
        Harshness to the mother will not change what has occurred it will only exacerbate her sadness, and thoughts of what she could of or should have done.
        Show loving kindness toward her, he son did reap a harsh payment for his involvement in gang activity. He had paid dearly, now let us hope that the creator of all things knows the heart of the young man, the innermost thoughts, and possibly sees some good which can be cultivated in the near future.

    • “Why should I have to put up with gang graffiti on my property?” You don’t. Simply grow a pair and confront the vandals who did it on their own threshold. You’d be surprised how reasonable they’ll become when confronted with the face of courage and integrity. Of course, if you lack both, you are better off disrespecting the deceased. Btw, the overwhelming majority of graffiti on NELA streets is of the tagging and “artistic” variety. You might want to learn how to distinguish between the two before you confront the wrong party BUT you first have to grow a pair. Do you think you can do that for us?

      • Martin Arredondo

        Proper Dos is only tough around wimpy white hipsters. “Grow a pair” lol.

        • Seriously. I can’t confront them where they live BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIVE HERE!

          I’m not driving to Moreno Valley or wherever the hell these EXP members live now to have a chat with them about respecting private property.

        • Oh No ArreteTonto . I became tough long before wimpy wannabe-white hipsters like you dared move in. Nowadays there’s no reason to be tough. Just righteous, which is equally disarming for the likes of You.

          • Martin Arredondo

            Proper dos became tough right around the time Internet chat rooms came around.

          • “Disarming”? You believe you are disarming,
            el douche?

          • i know proper dos. he is everything he says he is. so shut up Martin. wow.. intimidated any? wow.. this is so sad. i hate it here now.. there is no honor in los angeles anymore. just really sick people who talk terrible to one another and have no respect

          • Honor? Gang culture, tagging and screwing up communities? I say gang culture distorts and perverts people’s minds. It’s a cancer and as soon as both the current gang residents and commuter/weekend warriors go the better. No quarter.

      • You mean like the poor soul who approached a tagger defacing a church and lost his life in Filipinotown several years back? Or maybe the Anaheim man who had enough “courage and integrity” to confront taggers in an eerily similar situation earlier this summer whom also lost his life?

        • Proper Douche probably has large Tiger Beat style portraits of the taggers in the basement of his parent’s house that he kisses before he goes to bed at night.
          “Goodnight Saint Zamarripa, Te Amo! Te Amo!”

    • Dave,

      Have some respect for a life lost and mother who lost her son. I’m a white women who has been living in Echo Park for 5 years now and I love it for the people who live here and have lived here for many many years. As I see fucktards like you speak out it kills me. Good for you, you got a job and worked hard. Rubbing that in the face of a woman who lost her son is disgusting. Go back to where you came from. I don’t give a shit if you are white black or purple, you have no heart and don’t belong in Echo Park.

      • this is the internet. why the mother is reading or posting here I have no idea. why does she care what anyone here thinks?

        this guy chose the gang lifestyle, he was not a helpless victim.

        • Aldo Thee Apache

          Exactly. We’re not showing up to the wake and heckling. This is a public article about a controversial person. And because of that people whose lives have (or could potentially have been), impacted by gangsters like “Stretch” are more than allowed to chime in with their 2 cents. Freedom of speech buddy, sorry your intimidation don’t wash here.

      • its also not up to you to decide who ‘belongs’ here.

      • But gang members do belong here?

    • Because they were here 1st

    • Hey Dave, so you worked your ass off to buy your house in Echo Park? Did you take a look at the crime ratings before you moved in? Maybe you should have moved to the valley and saved yourself some money and graffiti. You chose to live in that neighborhood. Yes, it’s being gentrified but it’s a process that takes years and this incident shows us that the neighborhood still hasn’t become safe and crime-free. Keep in mind that even though this victim was a gang member and most likely not good for society, he was still somebody’s son so maybe you should take your comments about graffiti to the city instead of complaining about it here.

    • It’s unfortunate to see so much hate and anger towards an individual that many of you didn’t even know. All gangs have numerous members some tag, some sell drugs and some gang members are there because of bad choices. As a mother and as someone who works with at risk juveniles,many don’t really understand at the age of 11/12 what gang banging is really about. That is until its too late. I am not condoning gang members actions in any way whatsoever, but I do feel that it is cruel to mock a grieving mother who lost her son to gang violence.. Even if he was “active” it still is painful for any mother to loose their child. People focus so much of what gang members do, There is always a reason as to why kids join gangs. Many a times parents don’t know what to do with their kids once they become gang members. Education is so important and community programs do help, but with that being said. Ms. Arce, I met Michael a few years back, he was a student at the school I worked at. He was a challenge sometimes, but when one spoke with him in regards to behavior and choices you could see his desire for a different life. I am sorry for you loss. By the looks of it, he is in a better place. There is clearly much hate in the world.



  17. All this trash talking solves nothing. Somebody knows. Nobody heard the gun shot? Saw something?

    An anonymous tip could provide a little comfort to a grieving mother. She deserves at least that.

    “Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Northeast Division homicide detectives Watterson or Zesati at (323) 344-5744.”

  18. I want to thank all the ones the have send there condolences and especially the delta residence. They have been so kind. My so may have been gang member but he was turning his life around and was about to Gabe’s better future. He didn’t come from a welfare low budget family. Me and his father work our whole lives to raise chin in a proper way. Yes he had cousins in uncles who made the glamorized the gang life to him.and they are the ones I blame. But he realized getting a job. And doing something with your life is why he wanted. I work in the corporate world and he wants to own a corporate company. Head potential. He never killed anyone. Beat up? yes, but who hasn’t. Even his lawyer and our judge freinds are in disbelief as why this happened to someone who was actually making something of himself. So to all those giving their condolences.. Thank you and god bless you. Today is my B-Day and without my baby boy it’s just another sad day ?????

    • Oh dear Davina. I think I just discovered your problem. You think beating up people is a normal activity? As in “who hasn’t? Well, I can tell you that this acceptance of violence in your home certainly did not help to guide your son (obviously) because he is dead. You are to blame – when you saw the uncles “glamorizing the gang life style” for not keeping him away from those idiots at all costs. That was your job to do. Parents do it all the time. Good parents that is.

      • Just the fact that you wrote this directly to a mother who just lost her child makes you without any doubt in the world an awful person.

        • God. Let this be the last comment.
          Take care of Davina and her family.
          Please let her heal and forget all of this.
          People do care Davina.
          I am sorry.

        • Maybe the truth is what she needs. maybe the truth would have kept her son alive. Stop coddling these mothers-of-gang-members. They are on the front line and can make the changes to save lives of their children. The problems must be addressed from within. No amount of policing will solve the gang problem.

          I think you are a “terrible person” for trying to sweep the REAL problem under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist.

  19. Sorry for the non making sense comments.. My phone has a mind of its own

    • Davina my heart goes out to you and your family. For what it’s worth I nvr knew ur son but my daughter sure did since sat she’s been crying not eating your son truly touched my daughter heart. I’ve nvr seen or heard my daughter cry like this. I just thought I share this with u. God bless

  20. If and when this murder ever gets solved, I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts it was another EXP member that pulled the trigger.

  21. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone” no one is perfect. We all make mistakes in our lives. His name is MICHAEL HANNAH. Say that out loud. He was a person. No matter what we choose we m in our lives whether it’s to be a gang member or not this is still a LOST. I am proud to say I knew him and I called him a friend. For those people with the awful comments putting Michael down for his Life choices, maybe you should take a step back and realize what you’re saying and think aboutwho is the awful person here? He was young. We’ve all made mistakes whenwe were young. But like his mother said he was starting to walk the right path. And you as a grown adult putting this young man down. Shame on you. I really that you’ll never have to be in MICHAEL’S mother shoes. It’s a horrible thing when someone has one someone is lost regardless. And as for everyone who complains about the gang members in EXP, no one’s telling you to stay there move out. And just a little newsflash for you as well if you didn’t know Echo Park isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And no I am and Echo Park gang member either. That’s just the reality of it.

  22. Culturally Unwelcoming

    In this thread, we learn that people hate gangsters and do not feel sympathy for them, and that gangsters and their families are surprised to hear this.

    • Stunning. Gang member, tagger and surprised how it ended?

      “The restaurant closed at 1230. But the employees stay longer then that. Get your facts straight before you pass judgement on someone. That’s the problem with Society.. Once your a gangmember, your guilty right off the bat. So sad. Me and his father were gang related back in our younger days.. But now my husband works with the pd and chp towing for them. I work in the corporate world. My son made bad choices but he was on his way to a better future. But you guys want to knock him because he was a gangmember. But he was trying to make something out of himself and he will never have that chance. The sad part is my sons problem was he liked to write and tag his name. That’s the only guilty thing he did time for. So that means he deserved to die? I never met so many heartless people as yourselves. But it’s OK god sees how you are”

    • Also, it’s unbelievably depressing how illiterate some of these posts are. And what’s with all this “only G*d can judge us” crap? That’s not a good enough excuse.

      • Seems to me it’s all part not taking responsibility. So far we’ve learned that this young man was a gang member, tagger (part of a crew), has parents who were formerly “gang related” and possibly other family members involved with gangs. Madness.

        • Absolutely. This whole exchange has been a real glimpse into the gang mentality.

          The mom writes this: “He never killed anyone. Beat up? yes, but who hasn’t.”

          To her, beating people up is apparently normal behavior. Twisted ghetto mindset. Thank god these people are leaving this area.

  23. It is actually possible to denounce gang life without spitting on graves. The inhumanity of gang violence is only exacerbated by meeting it with inhumanity.

  24. Scroll to the bottom of many online news sites and you”lol find the”comments”section where readers can leave their observations .Even the most reputable sites have no shortage of rude rants,uninformed insults,and name-calling.
    The book of Proverbs was collected about 3,000 years ago,but its timeless wisdom is as up-to-date as today’s breaking news.Two proverbs on chapter 26 seem at first glance to contradict each other,yet they apply perfectly to social media.”Do not answer a fool according to his folly,lest you be like him”(V.4).And then,”Answer a fool according to his folly,lest he be wise in his own eyes”(V.5).
    The balance in those statements is in the”according to”:Don’t answer in the way a fool would answer.But respond so that foolishness is not considered wisdom.
    My problem is that the foolishness I encounter is often my own.I have at times posted a sarcastic comment or turned someone else’s statement back on them.God hates it when I treat my fellow human beings with such disrespect,even when they’re also being foolish.
    God gives us an amazing range of freedoms.We are free to choose what we will say,and when and how we say it.And we are always free to ask Him for wisdom.
    A quarrelsome person starts fights as easily as hot embers light charcoal or fire lights wood.

  25. miss you micheal love you so much ? R.I.P yung Stretch! Forever always in our heart ??? . Miss ya G . ✨?. Forget about these haters . ? Love n miss ya G ? R.I.P

  26. We Love & Miss You Michael. ?????
    First Off I’m Sure All You So Called Human’s Talking All
    This Trash About Someone Who Passed & Have The Nerve To Talk To His Mom That Way R Miserable Piece Of Shit’s. I’m Sure Your Mother Is Ashamed Of You.
    It’s Such A Shame That People Can Sit On Their Ass All Day & Just Talk Shit About Someone Who Is No Longer Here. No Matter If He Was A “Gang Member” He Was A Human Being With A Good Heart. Of Course You Guys Don’t Know Him Personally So You Wouldn’t Know That About Him. DAVE You Sure Have Alot To Say On Here We All Know Your A Miserable Old Man That Probably Lives By Himself & That’s Why You Have So Much Hate In Your Heart. I’m Sure You Knew What Kind Of Neighborhood You Were Moving Into With Your “hard working $ ” so thats your fault your house gets marked with grafitti. ?
    God Bless You People. & God Forgive You.

    Rest In Paradise Michael R Hannah❤️
    You Will Forever Be In My Heart & Our Memories
    I’ll Cherrish Forever. Your Gone But Never Forgotten.

  27. I posted this elsewhere on similar story. But this here needs to be said.

    Never new the youngster Stretch; but my heart breaks to know another young homie from my hood got sent to his grave so early in his life. We live by the street rules and we die by them. Today it’s us and tomorrow it’s them. A vicious cycle. I hope the youngsters either learn from this and find a better avenue to pursue greatness, or prepare themselves because at any given night, bullets will ring and it may just be your funeral the church bell tolls for. Stay up. RIP Stretch. As for all of you other cyber bullies who seem to have a strong opinion on the matter of what EXP is or was. It has always been Family, Friends and Memories. It never was and should never have become commerce, art and a place to be discovered. I have read and continue to read these self centered, rude and discriminatory remarks about how we the Originals from the EXP should just move out since we devalue the place. Some opinions even go as far as to say “goodbye and good riddance” when a loved one or a homie dies. The people behind those remarks “devalue” what humanity is, not just a neighborhood. I pity you and the bubble you have built around yourselves. If history has taught us anything is that all bubbles burst, and yours will too. And we the EXP originals will always be around whether we live in the neighborhood or we live miles away. This is our hood, we grew up in it. We have spilled sweat, blood and tears through the toughest of times. Gentrification, doesn’t scare us, just makes us mad because there are those who hide behind it as a front for what it really is, discrimination. Who are the real criminals? To all my homies from the Park Life, if you reading this. Family stay up. Can’t stop Won’t Stop…..

  28. God. Let this be the last comment.
    Take care of Davina and her family.
    Please let her heal and forget all of this.
    People do care Davina.
    I am sorry.
    To better days and birthdays…

    • Doesn’t look like your “god” is listening, Julie. Maybe he doesn’t like you very much…or perhaps the truth HE DOESN”T EXIST! HAHAHAHAHA

  29. Davina, sorry for your loss but i highly doubt the rich guy new your son and his so called potential so don’t get it twisted. Focus on getting yourself out of the gang! And spell check your post i can’t believe the corporate world hired you.

  30. Michael ♥
    2many memories? .:
    I cant believe your qone G ♡ :.
    Before you even knew any hoods
    i remember rockinq with you ❤ :.
    The time you stayed with us , was
    Poppin x) . I would never forqet
    The shit tht we did . & michael♥ ii know you
    Can’t read this but these mufkahs didnt
    Even know you to say half the shit they said .
    You were a qood person , fun to be around , music , (debbie deb) reminds me of you .: Divina ♡ its Evenie ? i love you quys .
    Rest in our love Michael♥ . You will Never be forqotten on this side ! :. Love you forever Stretch ♥ :. ‘Evenies thinkinq of you’

  31. REST IN OUR LOVE ♥ :.

  32. I don’t know anybody here and don’t even living in USA, but what i’m reading here is so sad………
    People you are so rude, and so stupid…….
    Could you just respect a mother who lost her son ?
    Are you Human being ?
    So sad to hear that people are talking so bad about somebody who’s dead.

  33. Isn’t there a gang injunction that the city is working on to help these poor guys? I do feel bad, but really, there is a lack of education happening at the teenage to mid-20s level that is causing this! There is a whole world of life out there, and to see it thrown away at 3am on EP Ave is just sad. I hope his family can learn from it and their younger sons or daughters stay straight and avoid gang culture.

  34. I miss you baby… I still cry for you every day and night my son. I love you sooo much.
    this is a rollercoaster that I cant get off of. And I want to get off and see your face 🙁

  35. Not a day goes by that u don’t cross my mind… I wish I had some way to ease the pain of those who sincerely love u… life won’t be the same for so many without ur smiles, laughter and wise words. We all know who u were and what u were all about… people like you are far n few between… the lame punks who took your life will not go unpunished…some day it’s going to catch up with them, someday soon… I feel it!!

  36. Dave and Kelly you are pathetic

    I knew Stretch he worked a normal job.Yeah he chose the gangster life but what makes you a person to judge.He was my friend of mine.He was trying to do better for his mom.He always told me that.I was making beats for him cause he wanted to do music.He was full of potential.We all make mistakes this is life.In the bible it says throw a rock to her who ever is free of sin.Dave you judge what you dont know.You speak of the dead when he is not able to defend himself.You are pathetic and I hope you never lose someone close to you.Kelly you are dumb I hope god gives you a valuable lesson.None of you guys are Jesus and remember if you judge hard god will judge you the same.Dave and Kelly are truly ignorant.

  37. Still missing you my son ?. My life is nothing no more with out you. I hate living without you ?

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