Found in Mt. Washington: Pit bull and German Shepherd [updated]

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They’re a beautiful, big pair: a pit bull and German Shepherd, very closely bonded, found without collar or chip in Mt. Washington. They’re young, healthy, neutered, clean teeth, cuddly, kissy, so very sweet.

They are SO special and must stay together- we need a foster or forever home urgently. We can’t let these guys get separated and euthanized at a shelter.

I took them to a shelter last night to get them scanned for chips and when the shepherd lost sight of the pit for a moment, they howled for each other. I couldn’t leave them there- separated and crying for each other.

Update: The owners have been found!

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  1. How do you call this in? The LOST signs for a pit bull and german shepherd are on Toland Way. I’m going to go get the number on them right now.

  2. The signs for the lost dogs are posted on Toland Way. The number listed is 323-984-1296.

    I called and told them that someone found their dogs, and the listing is on a website, and before I could even say which website, she said, “thanks I’ll check the website.” And then she hung up. Sounded like a tweaker, to be honest. But if you found the dogs, give them a call! Hope it works out.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I saw that pit bull hanging out for a few days (before the signs were posted) on the corner of Toland and Avenue 40.

  3. Ryan,
    First of all I appreciate the fact that you called letting me know you seen them posted up on her thank you! Now that I got that out the way so you wanna talk shit and tell me I sounded like a “tweaker” well for your information when you called me I was in the middle of removing a water heater that had busted and I know I mentioned that the first time you called and I was saying hello hello and you wouldnt answer back! So dont know how talking to you for less than 3 – 4 second gave you the impression that I was a “tweaker” and as for the pit bill hanging out where ever you say you seen it it wasnt mines there are a few similar pits around this area!

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