One injured in Highland Park shooting

HIGHLAND PARK –– An approximately 20-year-old man was in serious but stable condition after being shot Sunday night in the 200 block of S. Avenue 55, police said.

It’s not clear if the shooting, which was reported at 9:47 p.m., is gang related, said Sgt. Frank Gonzalez with the Northeast Division.  Gonzalez said a silver or grey Honda Accord was seen leaving the scene of the shooting. The suspects remain at large. No further information was available.

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  1. Map is wrong, should be S Ave 55, not N. Heard the gunfire from 400 blk of S Ave 56.

  2. 20 yr old. Was it gang related. ???? Is laps serious?

  3. Must have been some hipsters hanging out around La Culebra.

  4. “It’s not clear if the shooting, is gang related.”

    At what point will that mystery become clearer?

    It’s those goddamn white newcomers again.

  5. Some of you blowhards need to give it a rest. A man was murdered, his family is no doubt grieving, and the perp is still at large. If you didn’t see anything, then quit speculating and let the police do their jobs.

    • My bad, sounds like he’s still alive…

    • Whoever is involved, it is very sad and scary – happened just outside a friend’s house. And yes, unfortunately young guys shoot at each other for all kinds of reasons, not all of which involve gangs.

      And updates?

      • So Lisa, you’re saying this is normal for you?

        • It’s normal for L.A., certainly.

        • @ eaglerox, shootings, stabbings, shoplifting, thats life. People will do it all. Stop playing holy. Go buy your own little island off the coast of Antartica and live your holy, peaceful life away.

          • As long as idiots accept it as normal things will never change.

          • Haha, is there a particular Antarctic island you would suggest? I’m actually more partial to a Mediterranean climate, so I’ll be heading to Ischia. Ciao!

          • @el chicano

            Daily violence is part of life for hoodrats, trailer trash & nacos.

            The rest of us prefer living like peaceful humans instead of brain damaged monkeys.

            The people that create violence should live on an island…. like Alcatraz.

          • Yeah you’ve never been to a nice neighborhood. For those of us who grew up in better neighborhoods than the ghetto, violence is not the norm and we don’t put up with it. We’re moving in and turning neighborhoods you ran into the ground back into nice upscale neighborhoods and we’re not going to put up with the ghetto crap.

  6. To all those foreigners who presume their whiteness or white privileged existence will rid the Highland Park barrio of crime just remember one thing, Highland Park belongs to us, The Brown Raza. You are all just visitors here. Just like your forefathers of the white flight era moved to the valley, one day your paleness will do the same. Us Mexican Americans don’t tolerate crime. But our resources are limited because Anglos enroll their kids in private schools, work outside the community, and associate only with other europeans. If we had a brown privileged life than i’m pretty darn sure our barrio wouldn’t be so bad. If you really care about the Highland Park barrio, than mingle with our people. If not, MOVE OUT!

    • You don’t speak for all Mexican Americans. Just the loser ones who have to blame someone else for their fucked up life. It’s idiots with your mentality that made a lot of hard working Mexican Americans move out of NELA , also. If you bought a house here, it’s your hood.! “This is our hood”. That’s junior high mentality,fool.

      • @Martin, one day will come when you will need to choose a side. Stop being a coconut by attempting to impress white people. Read your history and learn from it. The real true story about what has been done to our people will crush your heart. If you still have any brown blood in you. And for the record, i was born and raised in Highland Park, own my own home and so do all my brothers.

    • el chicano, you are one dumb schmuck.

    • @el chicano

      Holy hell, I don’t know where to start with your jumbled mess of fubar logic.

      Here’s a hint:

      Complaining about generalizations by making generalizations is beyond idiotic.

    • Hey by the way, all this gentrification crap is raising property prices. What idiot says stop coming here and raising our values? We want them to stay low and ghetto. All my brown buddies love whats going on. Oh by the way, it’s not just the whities that’s gentrifying, its also Chicanos that have a brain. You’re not one of them.

      • When whites were the majority,there were bitter whites fearing that Hispanics moving in ,would lower property values. Now Hispanics are the majority and there are bitter Hispanics fearing that whites moving in will raise property values.

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