Police investigating Echo Park homicide [updated]

Echo Park homcide scene on Delta Street

ECHO PARK —  Police are investigating the shooting death of a man who was found near the base of a public stairway on Delta Street near Echo Park Avenue.

Police responding to a call of an assault arrived at the scene at about 3 a.m. and found a male Latino with a gunshot wound, said Lt. Richard Parks with the LAPD Northeast Division.  The victim, who was believed to be between 20 to 25 years of age, died at the scene, according to Capt. Jeff Bert.

Police said the victim had been shot in the head.

The suspects remain at large. No further details were available.

Update @ 12:10 PM:  The shooting appears to be gang related based on preliminary information, said Detective Miyakawa with the Northeast Division Homicide Unit.  An nonymous caller reported that a person was down at the location but residents living nearby did not hear any gunshots, Miyakawa said.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Northeast Division homicide detectives Zesati or Waterson at (323) 344-5744.


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  1. Tired of the coffees shops and art galleries? You want your classic Echo Park back?

    Bring on more of this and middle class folks WILL FLEE.

    • Nope, not so anymore. This time the loser gangsters can get priced out and move with their mommies to somewhere out in San Bernardino county

  2. There you go… Echo Park hasn’t changed. Too many lies have been told. Its still not safe to walk at night. Be aware your surroundings always.

  3. beware, beware, beware……of what happens after dark. bad things happen after midnight.

  4. Wow , these commenters sound really racist.

    and didn’t the middle class already flee?

    All that is left are the trust funders that could pay these home prices and the people on rent control that hate them.

    • That’s odd. I know a bunch of people who worked pretty hard, saved money and are paying high mortgages, but making it work. These houses go for 700 were 100 10 years ago but I guess nobody felt the need to buy in Echo Park even though “it was so much better before the hipsters.”
      There are all kinds of people here in this nieghborhood some overly privileged white people but also some middle class hard working ones. Also there are very wonderful hard working with Hispanic people, but also juveniles trapped in destructive cycle of gang violence. and that’s worse than any gentrifiers who’s higher property taxes actually help to better the education system for these kids.

      • There’s a difference between not “feeling the need to buy” and not being able to afford to buy no matter how hard you’ve worked.

        I see you are trying to be extra sensitive but it still comes off a bit privileged.

        • Without a doubt a privilege plays into it. Being white has unfair advantages all over the place. I fully recognize that and believe all white people need to. However this should not bar them from buying homes wherever they can, and it should also not result in a complete lack of affordable housing for people who’ve been there the whole time. This needs to be done through appropriations funded by the government to provide assistance. To simply vilify people because they moved here and are not of the exact same class is counter productive.

          • The people that move here vilify themselves with their behavior.

          • The people who have moved in are the rude ones here, wont speak or return a hello. Time to ck. Yourself newbies.

          • “The people that move here vilify themselves with their behavior.”

            So do the gangsters.
            Every single day.

            I’ll take snooty hipsters over stray bullets any day of the week.

    • Wow, generalize much? Nomination for Inane Comment of the Year.

  5. From th KTLA story:
    “Investigators said the area was not known for gang activity and the shooting was not believed to be gang related.”

  6. 99.99% this was same old exp vs cys bullshit gang fued violence. Trash taking out trash.

  7. Just like the old days.


  9. Before you guys post your negative comments know the facts. That was my son who died and we live in Orange County.. He just came out of a Restaurant and was on his way home

  10. It’s one incident. Terrible shit happens when you have 13 million people in a metro area and an area that is still in transition from a former gang haven to a stable diverse community. This just happened to occur in a place where it doesn’t normally happen — an unfortunate flashback to the 80’s Echo Park. . EP is worlds better than it was even just 2 years ago, So no fear mongering or race baiting or that class warfare BS.

    EP has a ways to go before a large stock of ill-kept homes and businesses are renovated or replaced but change is happening …. you can see the commercial part slowly make it’s way down Sunset Blvd from Silverlake, and the larger scale apartments coming up from the south and slowly but surely townhome communities (100+) are coming close to completion and are either sold out or selling out. Like elsewhere in LA, there is a lack of will among developers and city leaders to identify a ways to build more affordable housing but that’s much broader issue, not just one in Echo Park

  11. had it been a white dude… shiiit

    • … it was …

      • half white – who acts and associates latino… not a “tax paying” good white person – he was a cholo banger– he may have gone on o kill dozens more over his “career” – this was god saying “you’re done on this planets” – off to hell

  12. may the hands if karma wreak havoc on those responsible and the blood on their hands be beacons of undeniable light to those around them.

  13. You people on this feed, are heartless individuals, and I sure hope you never find someone crazy enough to shoot one of you in the head. I’m sure none of you would be expressing yourselves in such a manner if something hit so close to home.

    • The victim was a gang member. This wasn’t a random shooting.

      This wouldn’t happen to anyone close to me because I would never have a gang member in my life.

      Sometimes people have to join gangs because of the neighborhood they live in. This guy didn’t even live here, he chose to drive all the way from Orange County to gang bang.

      • exactly dave – and people think just because someone dies they deserve sympathy. i don’t believe killers deserve sympathy. it’s very possible this person had killed others before.

        • You make a lot of assumptions that you can’t verify and then insist upon judging this situation based on what you think is the truth. I think that’s sad and it reveals you to be an unthinking, ridiculous, and immoral person who lacks empathy and compassion. Also, to be clear, people don’t feel sympathy for the person who died (what would be the point of that?), we feel sympathy for the people who are left behind. For the people who are in pain over his senseless death. No parent should have to feel the agony of losing a child, even if their child has made poor choices,

          Your callousness about the death of a 20 year old kid is truly disgusting and shameful. You are part of the problem…in fact, you’re the biggest part of the problem. You seem to place the same value on human life as the gang members who brandish guns and fire them at each other indiscriminately. At least some of those guys may eventually turn their lives around and become productive members of society. I’m not sure the same is true of you though. From your posts here it seems like all you will ever contribute to the world is your foul, revolting, toxic bile.

      • Dave, I’ll be praying for you.. Yes we did live here in ep long before you probably his family have been active gang members there in EP. That is why we moved out. But my son has every right to go visit his family whenever he wanted there. And he worked at the restaurant there as well. So please don’t assume you know the whole deal.

  14. He was a gang member I know this for a fact….so to all his defenders stop acting like he was a saint live by the fun die by it!!! And I know this guy from being hit up the many times I seen him!!! His mother is crazy on his way home after work lol the place he work closed at 1230 lol he was on a known hangout for the exp guys and his shrine is filled with gang tagging and stuff this is why the city put an injunction maybe if he was at home like most respectable people he wouldn’t have been shot

    • The restaurant closed at 1230. But the employees stay longer then that. Get your facts straight before you pass judgement on someone. That’s the problem with Society.. Once your a gangmember, your guilty right off the bat. So sad. Me and his father were gang related back in our younger days.. But now my husband works with the pd and chp towing for them. I work in the corporate world. My son made bad choices but he was on his way to a better future. But you guys want to knock him because he was a gangmember. But he was trying to make something out of himself and he will never have that chance. The sad part is my sons problem was he liked to write and tag his name. That’s the only guilty thing he did time for. So that means he deserved to die? I never met so many heartless people as yourselves. But it’s OK god sees how you are

  15. Michael ii love you
    & miss you .: & all these
    Bad comments dont let them
    Brinq you down Davina . Fk them
    They didnt know Michael ♡ : . You
    Dont need to explain yourself . We love
    & miss him . And he will never be forqotten .
    & let them continue with the negative comments
    :. REST IN LOVE MICHAEL ♡ : . <3

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