Want a DASH bus in your neighborhood? Here’s your chance

Transit advocates in Los Feliz and Silver Lake want one to connect their neighborhoods. The residents of Elysian Valley and Hermon also want their own. It seems that a DASH bus – those white-and-blue mini-buses funded by the city – are on the wish list of many neighborhoods. Now, a dozen years after the last DASH bus line was added, the  L.A. Department of Transportation is in the process of identifying possible new routes, changes and expansion as part of a system-wide review.

The 2015 Transit Service Analysis has included community meetings and an online survey.  LADOT has received between 25 to 30 requests for new DASH routes, according Russell Hasan, an LADOT official.  How does the department determine if a new route is worthy of a DASH bus?

“New routes are evaluated using demographic factors (number of households without cars, income levels, etc) that are found  in neighborhoods adjoining our most successful DASH routes as a way to predict each proposed route’s likely performance,” said Hasan said in an email.

Residents still have time to take the online survey before the preliminary recommendations are completed this fall. A final version is expected to be presented to the City Council by the end of the year, Hasan said.

Here are some DASH bus facts and figures

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  1. Thanks for bring bring this to my attention. I am desperate for a route that loops around Los Feliz Blvd, San Fernando, Glendale Blvd, Hyperion, Fountain, Sunset, and Hillhurst. Anybody who lives near this route who would occasionally love to not have to drive to get to Costco/Best Buy, Trader Joe’s/Gelson, Von’s/CVS, the Vista Theatre, Sunset Junction, various farmers markets, and myriad bars and restaurants should make their voice heard at the site linked above.

  2. I think more busses would be awesome. But could you DASH folks please get some high tech QUIET busses? I live on EP Ave and those busses are so loud it’s comical. Like, if there was an SNL skit with a REALLY loud bus, it would still not be as loud as the busses that go up and down Echo Park Ave. They are reeeeeally loud and then they do this EVEN LOUDER thing as they go. It’s like braaaaaaaaaa, BRAAAAAAAA, braaaaaaaaa, BRAAAAAAAAA. It’s crazy. Ok. so would some nice DASH person who reads this post please write a comment below saying that you are at least considering some new whisper technology? I bet the Swedes or the Swiss or the San Franciscans have this all worked out. Check with them. Would you? Thanks, I sincerely would really appreciate it.

    • I’ve only ridden a DASH once, downtown, but I regularly ride some of the older buses that go downtown via Glendale Blvd or San Fernando. In general, I suspect that they are all poorly designed, but maybe there are some newer ones that are better than what I regularly experience. The ones I ride have rattly windows when they’re not closed, the most difficult-to-modulate brakes ever designed by man (or maybe bus drivers just enjoy making us stumble in the aisles) and an exhaust (on the boarding side) that blows dirt and leaves at those who were waiting at the stop for the next bus.

      For no apparently good reason, the seats have fabric on them that don’t really provide that much additional comfort over a hard, paintable surface, and which are good at absorbing spilled liquids and air-conditioning condensation (that you don’t notice until you’ve sat down on it) and are bad at allowing graffiti and gum to be removed. But hey, what do I know about the difficulties of bus design, right?

  3. I live in the southern portion of Silver Lake and DASH needs to have a route via Bellevue Ave between Hoover St and Coronado St that would connect with the northern portion of Silver Lake. DASH did something like this similar in 2007.

    • I don’t mean to DASH your dreams, blesha26, but I think that in order for there to be a great case for it, there has to be a reciprocal interest in the northern part of Silver Lake wanting to get to the southern part. Make sure to let the LADOT know what destinations along Bellevue Ave between Coronado and Hoover are will drive ridership in that direction.

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