Echo Park man in standoff with police [updated @ 10:07 pm]


ECHO PARK — Police have blocked off Echo Park Avenue tonight in what is described as a standoff with a man who allegedly violated a restraining order. It’s not clear if the man is armed, said Sgt. Frank Gonzalez with the LAPD Northeast Division.

Officers closed Echo Park Avenue near Effie Street, according to residents.

Update @ 6:50 pm:  Echo Park remains blocked to all vehicle traffic and pedestrians. Residents say the suspect is located in a home on an alley east of Echo Park Avenue.

Update @ 7:12 pm: LAPD SWAT team and K-9  units were seen headed to the scene of the standoff.

Update @ 9 pm: The suspect is armed and located inside a garage, according ABC7.

Update @ 9:43 pm:  Unconfirmed reports that police may have fired tear gas.

Update @ 10:07 pm:  Police apprehended a 60-year-old white male and are now searching for weapons, according to an LAPD spokesman.

LAPD vehicles speeding up Echo Park Avenue

LAPD vehicles speeding up Echo Park Avenue

1850 echo park avenue map

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  1. Between Marsden and Paul (I’m on the garage side on Ashmore and police have asked us not to leave out homes)

  2. Needed to go to work. Waited for the DASH at 6:45 pm for at least 30 mins. No bus. Walked up a hill and several blocks just to get around the police activity. SWAT, police negotiators, detectives, K9, and fire dept. in full force. Such a major nuisance, the person that started it all. Hope he gets arrested soon.

  3. They just shot a bunch of flares or smoke bombs

  4. how do I know when I can come back home? posted up at a friends house up the hill.

  5. Thank you Eastsider for the updates and reporting!

  6. Is it over yet? Police should make an announcement so those of us in lockdown mode (occasionally freaked out) know we’re ok. I get nervous every time I hear noises bc it’s otherwise sooooo quiet. I do feel so much for this man and his family. Hearing them all on the speaker plead with him to come out, telling him they understood he was in pain… really tough stuff. My thoughts are with them.

  7. Appreciate LAPD and everyone else involved for their patience resolving this situation. Cool heads prevailed, no bloodshed. Hope the man gets the help he needs.

  8. I’ve been living in this block for over 25 years & some of my neighbors have lived here longer and it’s so sad to compare notes and see how much echo park ave has changed. Never has there been an incident like this.
    this is definitely a shock to us oldies.

    • Actually there was a standoff like this on Lucretia, a while back (maybe 5 years ago?) I watched the whole thing from my window.

    • Back in the 1970’s about two blocks up from last night’s standoff during the Patricia Hearst kidnapping police surrounded a house on Echo Park believed to be an SLA house. Police blocked off Echo Park for hours as it turned out the house was empty,

      • Funny! I lived on Crenshaw during the SLA days, and they thought Patty Hearst and the SLA were holed up in my neighbor’s house, too.

  9. Dammit! He was white I was so ready to blame these cholos.

    • As was the Man on Luecrecia several years ago who was shooting at people on the street.
      WHITE MALES that’s the new AGRESOR!

    • You love cholos , that’s why you live in Echo Park!
      Gentrification will never work,and scapegoats are hypocritical theories. People are people,and every group has some kind of flaws; furthermore, you don’t know who this man was or what transpired. I embraced the change that has come into our neighborhood, but I have to admit that some of it still like like a dive! Ruff rugged and raw, I still love it ! God loves homies, go home now.

  10. This aggression will not stand man

  11. Really appreciate the Eastsider being on top of things like this. When a neighbor and I were asking the cop stationed at Lemoyne and Effie what was going on and he said “I have no idea”, I turned to my neighbor and said, “I bet The Eastsider knows.” And I was right!

    • The Eastsider is underappreciated for the coverage they give to our neighborhoods. As the Editor has said, blogs do not live on comments alone (something like that!) but need reader support. If you’re not already a Sponser…yes, I am…please go to


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  12. Thanks Eastsider! I drove by this and had no idea what was going on. Without your coverage I would have continued wondering what the heck was going on.

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