Echo Park Mexican restaurant seeks a bigger bar crowd

Rodeo Grill plans to expand bar operations

Rodeo Grill plans to expand bar operations

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — Rodeo Grill has been serving beer and other alcoholic drinks for several years. But now the Mexican restaurant wants to expand its bar operations as the Echo Park section of Sunset Boulevard attracts more bar hoppers and nightlife.

A public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, Sept. 29 to review Rodeo Grill’s request to sell a full line of booze from a proposed 439-square-foot bar expansion and a new, 205-square-foot patio. The bar expansion would boost indoor seating to 85 seats from 67.

Since opening in Echo Park about 20 years ago, Rodeo Grill has expanded to outlets in Lincoln Heights and the Westlake area. The family-owned company also operates Happy Tom’s in Echo Park.

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  1. A patio sounds great! I hope they get it. I miss the old rodeo wallpaper:(

  2. Great. As if Echo Park isn’t already drowning in alcohol, all that matters here anymore being drinking and partying.

  3. I live down the street from Rodeo, so many empty beer bottles on my sidewalk and just anywhere on the street, driveways halfway blocked due to so many cars during the weekends, cars racing up and down. No more please!

  4. Monday is the 28th, not the 29th

  5. Paul and Leilani ,

    I am sure there is a nice amish community in Ohio that you could move to and not have to worry about drinking and people and noise

    If you live in a city and think it should never expand or improve we don’t need you here

    Thats all

    • Improve? Your goal to improve the city is everyone drowning in alcohol? You speak like a true lush. Having alcohol around is fine; drowning in it is not. Gee, why do you think that Echo Park is now one of the top places for LAPD to set up drunk driver checkpoints?! Echo Park passed the complete saturation point years ago already,and just keeps getting more. And you just want more, more, more, its never enough. And people complaining that without ever more, they are just bored?!

      • Yes, really small minds need alcohol and drugs to keep them from becoming bored.

      • Susan, it is merely your opinion that Echo Park is “drowning” in alcohol. Just because you are seeing more new drinking establishments, more DUI checkpoints, and more alcohol-related articles, doesn’t necessarily mean more people are drinking, drinking more, or driving drunk in greater numbers. What it does mean is that there are more residents who have the means to go to drinking establishments. Because of this increased affluence, the police have a greater interest in appearing to serve and the media wants to cover every stinking alcohol-related accident, bar opening, and license application so they can sell advertising. I hope you don’t think that people weren’t already getting drunk on packaged liquors, driving to far away bars and coming home drunk, or getting drunk strictly on the beer served at restaurants like Rodeo or less conspicuous bars like Chubasco. Cheers.

        • You certainly make up facts to fit your conclusion, don’t you. In fact, LAPD for years has been saying the saturation for alcohol in Echo Park point has been passed, that is not my opinion. LAPD has opposed any more, because under its standards, there already is too much here.

          LAPD decides deployment, including where to put drunk driving checkpoints, based on the number of incidents going on. It puts in significantly more drunk driving checkpoints in Echo Park because there are significantly more drink driving issues here now — that’s not my opinion, LAPD does not decide its deployment based on my opinion.

          You suggest this is just local residents — are you blind? EP is now drawing people from all over to come here and drink and party on. That’s why they then get in their cars and drive, they aren’t walking home because they just live a couple blocks away! LAPD deployment isn’t out there because they like you so much because you flash money — that is an incredibly naive comment, as well as some other labels I don’t need to get into!

          The huge difference now isn’t whether anyone ever got drunk before but the very big difference in volume and the big difference in focus on drinking, drinking, drinking, so much so that everything is changing over to drinking — that’s what we’re talking about a huge overload, far more than ever before here.

          You seem to think it is just like always, it simply costs more. You are living in Fantasyland, blind, deaf and dumb. But then, alcoholics are always in denial.

    • Native Southern Californian, born and raised in Los Angeles. It’s people with attitudes like yours that are not needed here.

  6. I don’t drink, but man o man that asada plate is amazing there. In fact let’s have a moment of silence for the deliciousness of Rodeo Grill’s asada.

  7. We need a good marijuana dispensary in Echo Park, not more alcohol. I’d like to see the community make more healthy choices and I think more marijuana options would do that. I really and not comfortable with alcohol being legal, I’d like to see a law passed requiring a medical professional to recommend a person use alcohol rather than allowing anyone to purchase it. It sends the wrong message to our community.

  8. i could not envision a more unappealing place to have a drink on sunset blvd. than this establishment.

  9. It used to be a nice family restaurant, now its over priced to take my family.

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