“I Used To Be Pretty” – Silver Lake’s new roadside landmark

Photo by Dan Gershon

Photo by Dan Gershon

SILVER LAKE — A white car – a Ford Ranchero, according to readers – with the phrase “I used to be pretty” spray painted on the side has been parked on West Silver Lake Drive for about three months now, said Dan Gershon, who snapped the photo above.   “Abandoned or stolen?” he wonders.

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  1. It’s a Ford Ranchero.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Eastsider! Yes, this has been parked here for months! I’ve filed several ‘abandoned vehicle’ complaints with the city (via online) and spoke with a guy last week who said he’s made daily complaint calls to Mitch O’Farrell’s office, all to no avail. Anyone know what we need to do to get rid of this? And then there’s the ‘Seabreeze’ motorhome (usually parked along W Silver Lake Dr) that has been tagged several times which is now apparently someone’s ‘home’. They apparently move it every few days so they don’t get towed. I realize this is probably legal, but the least they can do is cover the tagging. Both of these vehicles have current plates.

    • I actually saw this motorhome towed out of Silver Lake a couple of months ago by LAPD impound. It was back in its regular Silver Lake “parking spot” the next day. This person has money if they were able to recover it with the tow & impound fee.

      • this car was out front my place for a few weeks – it’s been around ….. dig the car – but no one is taking care of it, and you can’t just abandon your wheels on other people – not to owners – maybe its time to move on and give this ranchero to someone who can take care of it…

    • Good luck with your efforts to get car removed. Those of you who live in area where it’s parked could help Sandy Driscoll get some action by calling, emailing, or faxing O’Farrell’s office.

      [email protected]

      District Office:
      1722 Sunset Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90026
      213-207-3015 (O)
      213-207-3031 (F)

      City Hall:
      200 N Spring St, Room 480
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      213-473-7013 (O)
      213-473-7734 (F)

      • Thanks, Leilani. I will check for sure on Tuesday to see whose CD this is in – it’s right on the border between 4 & 13, I believe. The tagging on the Ford Ranchero has been there for at least 3 weeks, and I don’t think the vehicle has been moved for months. I’ve taken a look and there aren’t even LAPD chalk marks on the tires. The tagged Sea Breeze motorhome moved today from W SL Dr, then a couple of hours later, moved back. Frequently, they have the passenger door open, and since it’s parked at the sidewalk, it would be impassable by anyone walking on that side of the street. I’ll post the correct council district on Tues.

  3. 1975 Ford Ranchero GT, I believe. The graffiti is a relatively recent addition.

  4. I think that is in CD4

  5. Oh man, I would love a Ford Ranchero. I’ll take it. I’ll make it pretty!

  6. This brings back memories of the “everything is horrible” car. What ever happened to that one??

  7. I know the owner. He intends to make it pretty. I’m sure he was bummed on the spray paint ….

  8. I just spoke with Hector in Mitch O’Farrell’s office. He said they have received a ‘couple other’ calls about both the Ranchero and the tagged motorhome. These vehicles have been cited numerous times, only to be moved before they could be towed. PLEASE – any of you who are concerned about this……..it only takes a moment to call 213-207-3015 and voice your concern about this. The only other alternative is for them to create a ‘preferential parking district or permit’ (no parking 2-6am) in that area (W Silver Lake Drive between Windsor and Landa), which he says they’re working on. We all know how long these things take, but if they get lots of calls, it might speed things up.

    • Moving a parked vehicle “a few feet” does not meet the requirements necessary to avoid citation for violating the 72 hour max. parking regulation.

      If the traffic officer can determine the parked vehicle has not been driven at least 1 mile within the previous 72 hours, then he can certainly issue the citation.

    • The creation of a “preferential parking district” or a “no overnight parking” zone in an attempt to exclude road legal vehicles which some residents deem aesthitically displeasing would be a misuse of the ordinance.
      Even if some resident(s) collobarated with the City Councilperson to misrepresent their intentions in order to establish a “preferential parking district” or a “no overnight parking” zone, they could easily find themselves waking up to the same unsightly jalopy parked curbside.
      If the vehicles owner can meet the parking residency requirements, then the city can issue his vehicle a permit to continue parking there.
      If the vehicle owner is in possession of a valid California Disabled Placard then he’s exempt from restrictions of both Permit Parking and Time-Limit Parking.

    • One could only hope that nobody in Councilman O’Farrel’s office is actively “working on” the establishment of a Preferential Permit Parking District this early in the game.
      The procedure to apply for the establishment of Permit Parking is clearly intended to be resident initiated and resident driven.
      The initial requirements include submitting petitions signed by greater than a majority of vehicle owning residents. This insures there is widespread support for imposing the parking restrictions, rather than just repeated phone calls from 2 or 3 neighborhood parking crusaders.
      The petition signatures help to verify that residents have some understanding of what Permit Parking means, because the advantages come with disadvantages. The benefits and burdens do not fall equally upon all residents of the new Parking District.
      After the petitions have been submitted and certified, the application process moves to the next phase.
      The Department of Transportation conducts surveys to measure whether parking conditions are sufficiently impacted to justify approving the application.
      A casual observation of West Silver Lake Drive at any hour of any day reveals the parking situation falls far below the impaction needed to approve a new Permit Parking District

  9. I have called on both of these vehicles more times than I can count. I was told by DOT that The Ranchero is moved a few feet every day so they can’t ticket him. Some people were putting trash in the back end and he was seen throwing it out on the street. A couple of months ago at the SLNC Reservoir Committee meeting, Mary Rodriguez (C13 SL Deputy) reported that “no overnight parking” district had been approved for the CD13 on SL Bl & W SL Dr. A recent e mail requesting a date certain for posting those signs garnered no response. I’ve requested our new CM David Ryu (CD4) to coordinate with CD13 so these scoff law-ers don’t just move they unsightly vehicles in front of someone else’ house. Very frustrating.

    • Thanks for the info, Maryann! I drove by this afternoon and see that there are ‘pink’ tickets on the windshield of both vehicles, for whatever that’s worth. Hector, in Mitch O’Farrell’s office did say that Mary Rodriguez was the one handling the potential no parking signs. I think that area in which they’re parking may be on the border of CD’s 4 & 13, which may make it even more difficult to pinpoint responsibility. All we can do is keep the pressure on!

      • As you may know, the delineation of Council Districts usually runs along the middle of the roadway. this method ensures that individual lots fall wholly within one Council District. It also means that where there is a delineation the sidewalk and curbside parking will fall within one Council District on one side of the road and it will fall within the neighboring Council District on the opposite side of the road.
        In the case of the Silver Lake Reservoir, the delineation of CD 4 and CD 13 bisects the reservoir property from approx North to South for 3/4ths of the length then angles from North to South East for the remaining length.
        If any vehicle is parked curbside on West Silver Lake Drive directly across the roadway from the reservoir, then its fairly certain the vehicle is parked wholly within Council District 4.

    • So you say that CD 13 Field Deputy Mary Rodriguez reported that “no overnight parking” zone restrictions are already approved for Silver Lake Blvd. and West Silver Lake Drive.
      What can Field Deputy Rodriguez tell us about the efforts of Team O’ Farrel to inform the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council they were seeking approval for a ‘no overnight parking’ zone?
      What can she tell us about the initiatives taken by Team O’Farrel to seek out and engage stakeholders on their ‘no overnight parking’ plans for the area?

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