The Coronado Real Estate Group’s Vendor of the Month: HML Investments

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The Coronado Real Estate Group is pleased to announce our Vendor of the Month: HML Investments! Providing their clients with premier rates on Conventional, Reverse Mortgage, Construction, Equity Line of Credit, and Hard Money Loans!

The professionals at HML Investments possess more than 15 years of industry experience, helping investors, residential and commercial, find the capital necessary to take advantage of the ever-changing real-estate landscape. HML Investment’s loaning practice helps to ease much of the downturn in finance as it applies to real estate, seeking to bridge the gap by reducing processing times and eliminating much of the red tape that prevents investors from accessing financing for investment properties.

The HML Investments team is fully licensed, incredibly professional, and quite experienced. In an era in which most financial institutions turn away investors seeking capital, they seek to create opportunities and assist those who share their passion for real estate.

Visit www.HMLInvestments.com for more information or to get pre-qualified!

And don’t forget to visit www.CoronadoREG.com for information on our current listings, recent sales, news updates, and to find out how we can help you sell your property, or purchase your dream home or next investment!

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