Asian tiger mosquito buzzing around Silver Lake

Asian tiger mosquito | James Gathany/CDC

Asian tiger mosquito | James Gathany/CDC

SILVER LAKE —  It’s only one-quarter-inch long but the Asian tiger mosquito poses a big health threat. The black-and-white bug is capable of spreading such potentially deadly diseases as yellow fever, dengue fever, and chikungunya. After being spotted across the San Gabriel Valley,  the Asian tiger is now also at home in Silver Lake, according to the local mosquito control agency.

Specialists with Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District “confirmed the existence of Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) in Silver Lake” after responding to a resident’s report of “unusually high mosquito activity,”  the agency announced earlier this month.

The mosquitoes that usually buzz around the area are normally active during dusk and dawn. But the Asian tiger mosquitos “bite aggressively” during the day, outdoors as well as indoors, according to the district.

How to protect yourself against the Asian tiger?  The district provided these tips that also apply to mosquitoes in general:

  • Toss out any standing water from all containers around and inside the home. Do not keep plant cuttings in vases or buckets where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. Plant them in soil instead.
  • Use insect repellent when outdoors where mosquitoes are present. Retail drug, hardware, and sporting goods stores sell mosquito repellents.
  • Report any mosquito biting.  Click here to file a report;  you can remain anonymous. If you’re renting, inform the property owner to contact us, or contact the district directly.

Health officials are also taking additional steps to reduce the population of Asian tiger mosquitoes in certain parts of the San Gabriel Valley, including the release of thousands of sterile, male mosquitoes, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

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  1. Oh no. This is terrible. The East Coast is completely infested with Asian Tiger mosquitos. They are horrible. I lived in brooklyn for years and couldnt go outside in my backyard because they were so prevalent, unstoppable, and hyper-aggressive. i was hoping the dry climate and the spraying in El Monte a couple years ago would keep them at bay. But, no. They are here. Its over. Its over.

    • I have what I assume to be a mosquito bite, happened night before last and did not see the insect that bit. Felt and looks like mosquito, itching, slightly raised and pink. Just wondering if the Tiger mosquito bites look the same as “regular” mosquito bites and if the mosquitos make a buzzing sound. Would there likely be just one of them in house? Live in Echo Park.

      Thanks for input and hope you can avoid them!

      • The mosquitoes look different than the normal mosquito. The picture above gives you an idea. They are also different because they are “day biting,” whereas what we are used to mostly comes out at night. They will also continually bite.

        Alongside the fact that these mosquitoes can transmit some pretty nasty diseases, they are also a pest because they behave very differently.

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