City drops ball on Dodger Stadium event parking permits

ECHO PARK — Last May Councilman Mitch O’Farrell unveiled new signs warning motorists that they needed permits to park on some Echo Park streets during ball games at nearby Dodger Stadium. Baseball season has come and gone but those permits were never issued and the signs were not enforced, according to one resident.

The “District D” preferential parking permit signs were installed on short sections of Scott Avenue and Academy Road to prevent visiting fans from taking over street parking and make it easier for locals to find a spot with a permit.

“I was told we would get them before post-season,” said resident Matthew Dubois. “We have not received anything about actually applying for the permits.”

What happened?

Apparently the Echo Park permits were delayed because of a backlog at the Department of Transportation, which is processing numerous other preferential parking districts across the city, said department spokesman Bruce Gillman. He said more staff is being hired to reduce the backlog.

“We anticipate residents who wait to obtain permits until January 2016 should be able to fill out an application, present proof of residence and then obtain two vehicle-specific permits at any of the four Parking Violations Bureau/Customer Service Centers in the City of Los Angeles,” Gillman said.

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  1. And the neighborhood residents should believe them this time because…?

  2. Dodger fools park all the way deep into Angeleno Heights. And due to this, there is no parking anywhere anymore. Scott & Academy… get real, this problem is huge. Far beyond a street or two. Sadly, it may be time for permits for a good amount of distance all around the EP vicinity.

  3. Even the phone number they list on the signs is BS. Not knowing that the signs weren’t being enforced, I called one night to find out whether I’d wind up with a ticket for parking there, and got a Shoretel voicemail box, nothing that indicated whether the parking was being enforced that day or not. Someone called me back 2 days later—ha!

  4. Agreed, ed ep. Angeleno Heights is now an absolute mess on Dodger nights, especially when games coincide with street sweeping and trash nights! A good portion of the extra parkers also call Ubers, which increases neighborhood traffic is well.

  5. Take a background performing slimmed-down Broadway musicals for a captive audience on Caribbean cruise ships followed by years of internship as Council Field Office greeter under the tutelage of the future Mayor.
    This is the resume of Councilman Mitch O’ Farrell – who understands his role in elected office as pushing and pulling the levers of connections, favors, give-backs, pay-offs, trade-offs, pay-backs and reach arounds in order to put on a heck-of-a-show for the residents whose votes are needed to get him re-elected.
    Residents next to Dodger Stadium were complaining. Councilman O’Farrell swung into action to solve their problem.
    Creating a new Permit Parking District according to legal process spelled out in Los Angeles City Ordinance is too complex and needs too much lead time to complete before the Dodgers 2015 game season begins.
    Instead, the Councilman will have the LADOT make a set of fake “No Parking” signs and then he will get Street Services to install them according to a fake map of a proposed fake Parking District.
    The new signs will scare away Dodger fan Game Day neighborhood parkers, while Echo Park local residents will understand the new signs are just an official bluff and they can park without getting cited.

    Councilman Mitch O’Farrell is a go-getter.
    He’s even got LADOT’s Gillman lying to help cover for him.
    O’Farrell is a creative problem solver.
    He is not afraid to go around the law, to abort the official process, to make it happen by going through the back door.
    Today he is doing it for you, to solve your problem and make you happy.
    Tomorrow, or on some other day, he will utilize the same skills and bravado to solve a problem for someone else, and you will be caught off-guards and feel somewhat stunned as he is doing it to you.

    • Let’s be clear, Barry Blue, Mitch O’Farrell tried to do something and got it done. The poor constituents of CD1 are totally screwed. Gil Cedillo once again hung them out to dry…even at the community meeting he sent one of his lackeys who indignantly told the crowd he knew nothing and was basically there to fog a mirror and show face. Years ago CD1 DID get some fake signs silk screened on plastic and put them up on the streets. As the neighbors over there in Solano Canyon how well that worked.

      The signs on Scott, Academy and some other streets went up way sooner than anyone expected they would, clearly long before DOT could pull feathers from a forlorn bird to use as a quill to craft new rules for the new “D” permits. It took them more than a month to push the button on the copy machine, for godsake.

      Many of us on the Dodger fan blighted streets are grateful for what was done for us.

  6. The Dodgers have been here over 50 years. People who buy or rent next to or near a stadium or airport and then bitch about parking..noise ect.are a pain in the butt and are people who for the most part like to bitch. Knowing that Dodger Stadium is there and it holds over 56,000 fans you still chose to luve there so shut your piehole and enjoy the fame or better yet MOVE.

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