Echo Park pedestrian in grave condition after being hit by cyclist

echo park map

ECHO PARK  — Police are asking for the public’s help to find a cyclist who struck a 77-year-old man earlier this month on the southern edge of Echo Park, leaving the victim in grave condition.

Levon Avetisyan was crossing Glendale Boulevard just north of the junction of First Street and Beverly Boulevard on Oct. 15 when he was hit by a cyclist, according to the LAPD’s Central Traffic Division.  “The unknown bicyclist left the area before he was identified by police,” said an LAPD press release.

Avetisyan was taken to a hospital with severe head trauma, police said. He remains in grave condition.

Anyone with information about the cyclist is asked to call the LAPD Central Traffic Division detectives at 213-833-3713 or call  877-527-3247 during non-business hours and weekends. Those who want to remain  anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).

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  1. Poor guy, hope he pulls through.

  2. Cyclists don’t stop, they’re above the law “Cyclists Lives Matter”.

    • Says the “Prius Driver”… both motorists and cyclists are guilty of breaking road laws and jeopardizing the safety of our cities, the difference is fatalities are exponentially more likely when the car is involved.

      Regardless of whether this man was hit by an F-350 or a tricycle, it’s a shame that pedestrians aren’t always safe on our city’s streets. I hope he recovers.

    • Cyclists and drivers break the law at the same rate. Look it up. And since bicyclists make up like 1% of road users, then they’re committing a fraction of the total violations. Plus they don’t weigh 3k pounds.

  3. This speaks of this individual cyclist’s character rather cyclists as a whole. If we have more people using their bicycle as a secondary mode of transportation, we’d have a lot more safe and courteous drivers out there. Hopefully this man heals up and they catch the cyclist who hit him.

    • Whenever there is an automobile that hits a cyclist or pedestrian, people on this website immediately call for road diets, removal of lanes, and reduced limits by stating that drivers are all selfish assholes – even if the cyclist/ped was at fault. Interesting that in this case, people can’t point out that this is just ONE CYCLIST quick enough.

      • I dont know how I can tailor my reaction to come up with a response appropriate enough to please motorists (who aren’t even involved in this incident btw). This will inevitably cause a healthy amount of chatter dividing motorists, pedestrians and cyclists when in fact we are ALL supposed to share the road.

      • I think the difference is it’s rare to hear of a cyclist colliding with a pedestrian. Even more rare to hear of life-threatening injuries from it. And “hit-and-run” by bike? This is the first I’ve heard of!

        OTOH, motorists kill, maim and destroy property on a daily basis in this city… and given the way we design our streets, entirely predictable.

        • Corner Soul: Bicyclists hitting & running does happen. Surprised you’ve never heard of this before. (And why have you never heard of this before?)

          You know what the very reactionary bike community should do? They should start a fundraising drive for this man that was hit, to demonstrate their sympathies. Instead of always defending, and yelling, and attacking people, FOR ONCE, maybe they should do something a little less selfish and help this injured man.

          • Really?

            I think if you were to google “cyclist pedestrian hit and run” you’d have a very difficult time finding a comparable incident (and getting killed in a pedestrian/bicycle collision has to be up there with being struck by lightning, or drowning in your toilet.)

            There’s nothing “reactionary” about wanting to design our streets so they are safer and more accessible. I would’ve figured that “liberal”, “hippie”, or “granola” would be more appropriate slurs… no?

            But I’ll bite. If there’s a Kickstarter for this guys hospital bills, I’m good for $20.

      • Look, the great thing about advocating for better bike facilities is that stuff like this only makes the case stronger.

        “If there were better cycle tracks instead of painted lanes, if there was an education effort in the community about safe cycling, if there were blah blah blah then this crash might not have happened.”

        So, you see, this type of freak occurrence doesn’t really hurt the case for bike infrastructure.

        • I don’t think it is an argument against bike infrastructure. I think comments in reference to events like this tend to point out the entitlement and selfishness of cyclists, and those people who have a vested interest in additional cycling through their business holdings. Those are the ones who tend to be extremely snide and rude, in my experience on this board 🙂

          • Well, bless my little soul. I would hate to be right about something but come off as “entitled”. Why, nothing could be worse. Until these horrible safe streets people get their attitudes in alignment we’ll all just have to suffer through a holocaust of traffic crashes and insanity. We certainly can’t stand for this type of “selfishness” that puts the lives and welfare of peoples bodies above the feelings of certain residents. Behave, you wheeled scoundrels! Behave!

  4. This happened 2 weeks ago. The detectives sure took their sweet time putting the word out. I’m sure they’re working really hard on this case.

  5. Who will stop this scourge of these freewheeling bandits?

    They should be outlawed!

    Why, if any other user group were to regularly smash into people and objects on the sidewalk we’d never stand for it. The reign of bike terror must end!

  6. The first you have heard of because the media does not cover these stories. They cover up bad behavior by bicyclists. And, police need to start cracking down and citing bicyclists that break the law. And, maybe not for minor stuff but for serious stuff like running stop signs, red lights, running people down, ect.

    • The media cover up!


      Big Wheel at it again. spreading its tentacles of corruption.

    • I should think that cracking down and citing motorists is a higher priority. After all, motorists injuring and killing people is much much more common than cyclists doing so.

    • says the lady who barrels down the ihop parking lot in the morning nearly hitting her neighbors.

      • so, her barreling excuses running stop signs & lights, passing on the right, and so on and so forth. i understand. i thought it was just that the laws didn’t apply to everyone. thanks for clearing things up.

  7. This is a hit and run, and should be treated as such, no doubt. Maybe this can be a lesson that there is a problem with reckless behavior by humans, rather than blame the cars themselves. Bicyclist and pedestrian advocates have been calling for an end to hit and runs, and you will not find a bicyclist that would argue that this person is exempt. We all want the same thing… to live in a city that allows us to live healthy lives and reduces our daily concerns over traffic, parking and the dangers of our streets. Lets come together to call for an end to hit and runs, reckless behavior on our streets all together whether in a car, on a bike or even on foot.

    • Thank you, frza–for sticking to the point and honoring the importance of this issue, all around.

    • As idealistic as it sounds, you can’t put an end to all hit and runs. But….you can greatly reduce them by designing streets in such a way that it calms traffic. We’re scratching our heads on this one because a hit and run by a cyclist is uncommon. Cyclists run the gamut from tweakers on mountain bikes to clolos on beach cruisers to moms or dads on cargo bikes to lycra-clad avid riders. Somehow I don’t think this was a much maligned member of the espresso sipping, supposedly hipster “bike lobby”, whatever that entails. I’m guessing a good old classic deadbeat is responsible for this one.

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