Man injured in Echo Park bar shooting [updated]


ECHO PARK ––  One man was shot Friday night after a group was thrown out of an Echo Park bar on Sunset Boulevard, police said.

The shooting took place at Little Joy at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Portia Street after one of the suspects who had been thrown out of the bar returned and opened fire, said Lt. Richard Parks with the LAPD Northeast Division.  The victim was shot in the leg, and his injury is not believed to be life threatening, he said.

Police dogs were used to help apprehend three suspects, two males and a female, at about 4 a.m. on Saturday near Glendale Boulevard and Aaron Street  after police sealed off the area. A police helicopter circled overhead for several hours during the search.

One of the male suspects will be booked on attempted murder, Parks said. It’s not clear if the other two will face charges, he said.

This story has been updated

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  1. Cops are searching for the shooter in my alley here on Glendale Blvd.

  2. chopper madness

  3. Did anyone else hear something about following directions from the helicopters?

    • YES! Went outside, but it stopped before I heard it all. Still going on over here near Lake Shore Ave and Glendale.

    • we heard some talking from the helicopter or a police car, but we just ignored it cuz we’re watching drunk history. the cleveland episode is legit

  4. Can’t get to my place at Alvardo and Glendale because it’s all locked down. What a bunch of assholes.

  5. Crazy. On North Alvarado where people race down Delta, six cop cars and Swat! Been a long time coming. Dealing right out in the open. Lots of tagging. Finally, somebody took notice.

  6. I was at Little Joy when it happened. Heard 5 gun shots, everyone went down, I hid under the pool table with a bunch of people. One girl was crying. I heard someone calmly announce “I think I got hit”. Turned out a gangster shot at the front door a bunch of times ’cause his girlfriend got kicked out. I saw an overweight Hispanic lady get thrown out by two bouncers minutes prior to that. She was resisting and trying to fight the bouncers. A few minutes later- gun shots… i called 911 from under the pool table… The dude who got shot turned out to be a marine from what I heard. He was extremely calm, had the coolest beard and he was handling it really well. The bullet didn’t go through the bone so I think he’ll be okay. The place looked a bit trashed, broken glass, etc. I talked to the girls who were standing right outside the front door when it happened, they saw the shooter open fire and run right past them and then an undercover cop started chasing the shooter in a jeep. I’m really surprised the undercover cop didn’t catch them. A cop told me they got somebody in custody so I thought they caught the guy not sure what they are looking for now with the helicopters. The cops kept us inside for a while and finally people walked to their cars holding hands and stuff. I also heard the shooter was a Hispanic man dressed in all red and looked like a gangster whatever that means. I only saw his girlfriend who was wearing a white t-shirt. She had black hair and seemed pretty “ghetto”.

    • Thankfully, you’re okay. Thanks for the details. Hopefully the cops catch whoever did this.

    • So, you were there when it happened. What can you tell us about a few minutes earlier about the woman being thrown out of the bar? Why was she thrown out?

      • I wasn’t there but a few of my friends were. From what I heard the woman walked past the bouncers and when they followed her in to check her ID she started fighting with them. The bouncers chased them out but they came back with a gun and thankfully the staff was able to close and lock the door before the shooter could get inside. Could have been much worse if the little joy employees didn’t act quickly and get the door shut.

        • She wouldnt show her ID. The bouncer said “I’m sitting here for a reason”. She stormed in anyway. They ran after her, she started fighting them, they dragged her out… It’s a really long story. At some point the shooter tried breaking the door with a stool… Overall, if not for the bouncers people would have gotten killed. They did an amazing job keeping the shooter out. Have no idea how they didnt get shot.

    • Hey this was the bearded guy that got shot, thank you very much for the beard compliment. You described the incident very well and it was insane. I was in the Air Force for 13 years so close enough lol. I have a bullet in my left leg still the ER said it’s too deep for removal. Will see another surgeon this week. I’m just happy that everyone walked away alive and it’s insane that someone would do that.

  7. Heard the shots and went to my window. Saw someone running up the alley past the A1.

  8. Glad to see they caught the shooter, hopefully they throw the book at em.

  9. Thanks to LAPD and bouncers. Hope your leg gets fixed up soon, Jesse. Unfortunately, for our neighborhood this is not that insane. I live just above Alvarado and even for this area the number of police vehicles with sirens was amazing last night. Kept going on and on accompanied by circling helicopter. As usual, the only places where I could get info on what was happening were here on Eastsider and Eagle Rock 311. Hope all suspects are caught.

  10. Gretchen Saaduddin

    I was at a friends on the hill above the action. I have never heard so much police action. Sounded like total disaster. The helicopters went until around 4:30 am, so sleep was impossible. We heard some sort of announcement from the helicopter, but couldn’t understand what was said. Our host was very cool and said it happens off and on. What I want to know is, why was nothing on the media? Info was completely lacking. I think someone is sanitizing the news from that area, and that is definitely risky behavior.

  11. Hahahahaah wow these guys from exp r really “gangsters” what a joke f**kn losers these guys aren’t real gs .shooting innocent ppl lmao wow .sorry ass weekend “gangsters”

    • I know right? Real G’s would never shoot innocent people! There would have to be an overwhelming amount of incidences where known gang members actually DID shoot innocent people a SHITLOAD of times all over the country! Good thing that doesn’t exist! Lol! #realgs4life

    • Huh? What Are you spouting off about?

    • Im suprised this hasnt happened that often. These
      people from out of town have been trying to take the wheel. Looks like the local gang is sending a message.”Stay out of our way or die.”

    • How can these kids keep their hood when they end up in jail? it just goes to show how unintelligent they are. A real gangster wouldn’t put him self away because his girl decided to cause bother and reinforce a Caucasians stereotype of a female Echo Park hood rat.

  12. Just want to thank the LAPD for the risks they took and the help they gave us. Lots of little kids on this street. And elderly people. And pets. And bangers…

  13. Gretchen Saaduddin

    Still nothing on the lame stream media???? I have never heard such a big rollout of police. Not to mention it lasted all night? Maybe Barry Blue is correct, or it was some late Jade Helm exercise. I have cops in my family, and I find this event to be highly irregular. The guy who was shot just happens to post right after this happened? Hmmmm. Seriously, an investigation is needed.

    • The time of his post is 3:09 this afternoon. That’s not exactly right after it happened.

      • Still, I worked in medicine for 34 years and being shot in the leg is quite painful. I couldn’t imagine anyone under normal circumstances thinking he MUST post a comment even several hours after the event (usually in bed zonked on pain meds). The wound becomes more painful as time goes on. Also the shooting in Marina del Rey is getting all kinds of media attention…why this event, and not Echo Park?

    • I can’t tell whether you’re serious, but can say that The Eastsider and Eagle Rock 311 are basically the only news sources that report crimes occurring here in Echo Park and nearby northeast neighborhoods. Sometimes ABC 311 gets into the act.

      Nothing unusual at all.

      • Of course I am serious. What makes you think I am not? Is the local homeowners association trying to make the public think that gentrification has radically changed Echo Park? It seemed for awhile it had, but then news of the jogger being stabbed was televised. I find it odd that nobody posting here finds this occurrence strange. Do you have any idea what such a rollout of police and aircraft costs the city? Not to mention the danger all the police vehicles running code 3 every 30 minutes for each new wave arriving causes to all the Friday night shoppers and diners. There is some sort of cover-up here.

        • Culturally Unwelcoming

          This happened long after local news had gone off the air; do you expect round-the-clock live coverage of every 2 a.m. chase and manhunt? Nobody got killed, so without some dramatic footage, on-the-scene witness interviews, etc., there’d be next to no reason for a station to revisit it the next day. The L.A. Times reports on maybe one local incident in 20.

          Either that, or the Echo Park Homeowners Association has one hell of a long reach …

          • Gretchen Saaduddin

            Not talking about that night but the following day. The comments I am getting are indeed strange….no curiosity about what actually happened.at.all.

        • Obviously you are not from around here. Crimes like this (shootings, stabbings, etc.) happen fairly often around here and are never reported in the mainstream news. This has been going on for years, which is why everybody on this comment board is so blase about it. There is so much crime in LA that the news really has to pick and choose what it reports, and Echo Park crime is apparently not sexy enough for them. This blog is usually the only source for such news.

          • Thats right, LA is an extremely violent city and crime is way up. You people paid way to much for your houses…Lol

  14. just stay home and drink ppl theres always a crazy peraon tryin to ruin someonea night

  15. The only one story that everyone was talking about was back in August when that poor 20 yr old lost his life on delta st.

  16. well if the world revols arnd you so b it. its an opinion/suggestion its your decision to take it or not

  17. Not that big a deal

    • Thank to all the voters on Prop 47…… the crime is back up and the homeless too(crackheads) . Who brakes I. Your house or your car…. well, those that got released on Prop 47. Congrats!!! You did a good job feeling sorry for criminals! Don’t complain when someone breaks into your car or burglarized your house or steals your beat up car. Just say “I’m so happy for voting “Yes” on Prop 47. Cause all those felony arrest are now misdemeanors so the crooks, drug addicts and gangsters don’t stay long enough in jail.

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