Two female bodies found in Debs Park [updated]

debs park

El SERENO — The bodies of two women were discovered this afternoon in the area of Debs Park, according to the LAPD. The women, believed to be Latinas between the ages of 18 to 25,  were found at about 2:20 p.m. near Mercury Avenue and Boundary Street in the southern edge of the park by a woman who was walking her dog, said LAPD Officer Matthew Ludwig.

Homicide detectives with the Hollenbeck Division are investigating the matter but it’s not clear how the women died, Ludwig said.

KTLA said that aerial video showed two, clothed bodies that appeared to be about 20 feet apart.

Update @ 11: 46 a.m.,  Thursday, Oct. 29:  Jose Ramirez, who supervises homicide detectives at the Hollenbeck Division, said police are awaiting information from the coroner to determine the cause of death and identify the victims. He would not say whether the victims had any visible injuries. “It does not appear to be related to any other incidents in the park,” he said.

Update @ 9:36 p.m.:  Police are now saying that it appears that the two women were the victims of a homicide based on preliminary information. “We are treating it as such,” said Sgt. Rick Colombia with the Hollenbeck Division.  The women’s faces showed possible signs of blunt force trauma, he said.


  1. Could there be an active serial killer in northeast LA preying on young Latina women? I’m thinking of Bree’Anna Guzman and Michelle Lozano, whose killings remain unsolved.


    • Scary thought. I drive by the Rite-Aid every morning on my way from Alhambra to Atwater Village to drop off my children at grandma’s house. I’ve often thought of the girl Breeana (didn’t know her name until your post, but knew of the unsolved murder) and felt very saddened. As a man, 6’2 and 220+lbs, I’ve never felt it possible to be kidnapped (I’m sure a gun could quickly persuade me to follow orders). But I’ve always had that nagging feeling that anything is possible with the females in my family. You think they’re only vulnerable as children, but these unsolved murders go to show that even into adulthood, females can fall victim to kidnapping. So sad. Be aware of your surroundings and no matter what you do, do not get into a car, fight if you must, run if you can. It might save your life. Rest peace to all of these victims.

    • What is going on with the missing girl in highland park emilie lopez ?

    • Michelle Lozano lived only a block from my house and Debs park is down the street. I never knew her, but remember the day that I found out she had been murdered. Very sad. The details of her death were gruesome. Scary to think that these murders could be related. Be safe out there. Look out for one another.

    • I find this speculation to be prurient, sensational and in poor taste.

    • In another article they said that a flasher was seen in the area, and that a man attacked a woman there, and that there had been flyers distributed a couple months back, warning women of this problem. I have a feeling it is related, unless the bodies were dumped.

    • no, its gang related.

  2. And that 17 year old who recently disappeared from near York Blvd in Highland Park…

  3. WOW!! now that you guys mentioned this is something to think about, any comments from LAPD office??

  4. It’s sad almost on every other corner has gotten killed by a hit and run. Or people either being pushed or jumping off bridges (Pasadena Ave.) Your not safe any where? With all the security that the government had at intersections & goldline why don’t they put them up at parks and throughout trails it’s just an idea. I work on Via Mariosl & Monterey Road I’m off at 1am so yes it’s scary to know that there is a person(s) out there capiable of doing this. Police need to be more active on patrolling these areas. We live in a world where it’s not safe. I used to hike that trail and you just never know whose lurking in the bushes. I hope justice is found for the sake of these 2 young women that died in the hands of a indecent excuse for a human being.

  5. There were multiple assaults reported in Deb’s Park last year.


    Be careful out there people.

    RIP to the victims.

  6. Last year the LAPD did come out and say they thought the murders of Bree’anna and Michelle were related, but did not elaborate.


  7. A van was abandoned over night 8 days ago on our street which is less than 2 miles from Debs Park., No plates on either front or rearr and the vin number is unreadable. Neighbors called the police and the deferred the call to parking enforcement. I’ve lost faith in the police. I only see them on occasion eating Thai food or getting doughnuts or something in Fresco, otherwise giving tickets to speeding cars during the day.

    • The white van?

      • “NE KILLER” interesting name?

        Yes, white van. Is it yours?

        I’m sure the killer lives in this community and is reading this thread.

        Usually these mentally I’ll people are lonely and powerless in society with a childhood of abuse and possibly a mentally I’ll and or absent parent. They prey on women who appear vulnerable, weak and insecure and hate women because of something related to their own mother who was either a prostitute or allowed them to be abused at the hands of a stepfather or the many men the mother had or they were abandoned by their mother.

        Poor poor suffering east side killer. This man is incapable of having a relationship with anyone let alone an intimate relationship with a woman and has even more anger towards women for being rejected. Deep down inside he is very afraid and insecure but has nothing to live for or any purpose in this life, just anger and this is his false sense of control.

      • Thanks for moving your van.
        FYI LAPD put a tracking device as the owner is a suspect in this murder case.

  8. An update from the LATimes. I cannot believe how little coverage this is getting.


    A possible witness claims she and some friends came across two young ladies during their walk and later a man who seemingly tried to hide his face by switching his cap forward and looking away. He had a backpack and blasted rock music as he walked away. She felt the behavior strange enough to tell her friends to walk faster.

    Blunt force trauma is the likely cause of death, Apparently no sexual assault took place.

    Another bit of info: The three attacks at the park in 2014 escalated each time. The first was a grope, the second exposure of genitals, the last was punch to the face while wielding a knife.

    There is definitely a nut on the loose. A dangerous one.

  9. One of the victims was Gabriella Jennifer Calzada, 19.

    The other is a 17 year old — I hope not our York Blvd 17 year old

  10. Eyes open everyone!! girls especially ok

  11. So sad to hear such awful news, especially this is my home town and I actually still hike up there often. I got to admit the last few weeks I did see, a few interesting people that stuck my curiosity on whether I could be putting myself at a risk.

  12. This wasn’t RANDOM, and it’s not related to any other problems at the park, and it wasn’t any of the nuts living in the park. Has anybody looked at these girls Facebook pages? They liked bad boys. Boys that like to brag about how long they’ve been in jail, or how they can do “Two years in their sleep.” Even sweet girls seem to like the bad boys!

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