Will Echo Park’s Red Hill restaurant ever reopen?

The former Red Hill restaurant has been painted black

The former Red Hill restaurant has now been painted black

Storefront ReportECHO PARKRed Hill closed at the end of last year, with the Echo Park Avenue restaurant undergoing a remodel that was expected to take a few weeks.  Ten months later, the restaurant remains closed and its windows papered over. But recently there have been signs that restaurant is indeed preparing to reopen but apparently in a different format.

The exterior of the building, which once housed a Phoenix bakery until Red Hill opened in 2012, has been painted a glossy black as work continues on the interior.  The Eastsider has contacted owner Jason Michaud about what’s going on but so far no details have been provided. However, one person at the site said the restaurant would reopen under a different name and format, possibly by December – a year after Red Hill closed.

What will be the new name of the restaurant and what will it serve? Stay tuned.


  1. There’s rumors that the building that Thirsty Crow and Local is in the process of transitioning to a larger nightlife venue. Neighbors have been notified, I guess.

    I kinda figured when I saw them paint the Red Hill building black that they were just going to move Local to Echo Park.

  2. neighbors have not been notified…I’m one of them. between los globos and now this….all I’m saying is permit parking needs to happen.

    • Permit parking will solve all the issues — how funny a concept. All that’s going to do is cost you to have it (you have to pay for your permit every year, its not free to residents), and you will have great difficulty ever having any visitors, especially if you have a party or holiday gathering — you will not be able to have a party or holiday gathering, because no one you invite will be able to park anywhere near you.

    • I live nearby, and I never have issues parking. Maybe on street cleaning days, when I need to move my car at 8am — but even then, the hassle is minimal. Plus, I see more people walking from their homes in the neighborhood to frequent bars and restaurants these days than outsiders driving in.

  3. huh? The Red Hill space is a lot smaller than Local — ?

    Local is an ok place, but the name is ugh. If the relocation rumor is true I hope they consider a name change.

    • i’m not sure there’s a big difference in size. iirc local has what, like, 3 tables inside, and then 8-10 outside?

      red hill had 4-5 tables outside and easily 10 inside.

  4. The owners of the building are being bad neighbors letting this property sit there like this. The building’s patio area is populated by homeless people at night, creating an unpleasant and potentially dangerous situation for those of us who live here.

    At some point something bad is going to happen there, and when it does the owners will rightfully get their pants sued off.

    Respect our neighborhood and secure this property!

  5. Too many seriously drunk drivers already tooling around the back streets in EP. I don’t mind walking a bit to park but there have been 2 cars written off in my little street alone in the last 6 months. It’s a quiet residential block a few streets off sunset – not a through route anywhere.

    • I mean, I get where you’re coming from but a. I don’t think one more restaurant in a neighborhood with ~15 other places to eat/drink is going to seriously impact drunk driving, b. it’s not really a quiet little street. I wish it was (I live across the street from the building). It’s essentially in the same complex with Little Ceasers & Walgreens, with fairly heavy traffic on both EP Ave and Montana and a DASH line and the 200 running right by it. Perfect place for a restaurant imo.

      That being said, good god I wish we could find a way to slow the speed limit on Echo Park Ave. No sense in it being defacto 50mph when it’s not a through street anywhere.

  6. I don’t remember there being a problem with drunks staggering out of Red Hill so why would Local be any different? I’m glad to see the space will be re-opening soon. I hope that the hideous Little Caesar’s will disappear next!

  7. Jason of Local/Red Hill is a super nice guy.
    If he’s involved with reopening the Red Hill space,
    lets welcome him back and wish him well !

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