A new face on Echo Park Avenue

Man One Mural on Echo Park Avenue
ECHO PARK — Street artist Alexi Poli, aka Man One, recently left his colorful mark on Echo Park, painting a large mural on the side of a doughnut shop on Echo Park Avenue at Fairbanks Place. The mural is part of Poli’s Faces series, with this portrait honoring  photographer and painter Eriberto Oriol.

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  1. Beautiful mural, welcome addition to the neighborhood!

  2. Thank you to Man One , & everyone involved at the building, city, etc. for bringing the Oriol Mural to EP.
    The painting looks great and I’m grateful for an introduction to a legendary LA photographer.
    (And echo park gang members, please leave the mural alone. Have some respect for the artist)

  3. What a wonderful departure from the regular crap murals we see in Echo Park. the times they are a changin…..

    • Agreed. Not every mural in the world needs to be aztec warriors and farmworkers. The craftsmanship on this mural is way better than most of the amateurish chicano pride slop.

      • Yeah,never understood the obsession with Aztec,murals. There were no Aztecs here.

      • Not every mural is “aztec” and “farmworkers” as you say but I cherish the ones that because they are the ‘ beginnings’ of self-exploration for the community searching to find a voice for themselves -the mexican and central american community that was once the majority in Echo Park. Maybe if you were not a slave to “trend” art you could open your heart to the Latin type murals which really began the wave of mural art today in Los Angeles. I grew up in the area and continue to live in the heart of the area and I am Mexican. I once disliked all murals but having travelled and seen murals and graffiti art around the world and especially in places like Buenos Aires you begin to understand that murals are the flavor of the community. That is why Echo Park became interesting to outsiders – because it has always been expressive and creative.

        • Outsiders? Oh you mean white people.

          Well, as an outsider I was attracted to Echo Park because it was the only place in the city I could afford to buy 12 years ago; not the crappy quinceanera murals… but if a crappy mural reduces the chance of some “local” pissing on it with their spray paint, I guess that’s a win for everyone.

          • El boomerator, I’m so glad to have someone as hostile and disrespectful as you as a neighbor! Maybe someday you can create something public that other echo park residents can enjoy. Cheers!

          • What IF the designation of “outsiders” had nothing whatsoever to do with racial or ethnic identity? What would that category look like then? Otherwise, us “insiders” are alternately bemused and fatigued with the self-important paranoia and insecurity of bigots obsessed with the color of their own skin. We aren’t. So give us all a break and give it a rest, already!

      • “Not every mural in the world needs to be aztec warriors and farmworkers” lest fragile “outsiders” like neighborino be made to feel all unwelcome. Nonetheless, it’s always amusing to witness how cultural expression rattles the nerves of insecure outsiders. Btw, “Man One” appears to be suspiciously of “Aztec” descent himself(?!?) . . . RUN BACK TO THE HILLS!

        • sam, I would like you to explain what is hostile and disrespectful about me pointing out the racist comment Karina made about “outsiders”; it is clear what she meant is white people. Wouldn’t she be the one that is being hostile?

          -and procopio aka “proper dos- douche bag” please go crawl back into your hole.

          • You’re the Wuss playing the race card. Why not make a coherent and compelling argument withOUT hiding behind the color of your skin? Is that even possible? Otherwise, you have more serious problems if your sense of self-worth is so easily rattled by images of aztec warriors and farmworkers and the rest of us have a problem having to deal with neighbors like you skulking among us.

  4. Gorgeous. Beautiful work. Colorful and soulful like Echo Park then and now.

  5. Enough with the ‘selfies’ already. Try some art next time.

  6. Thank you for the gorgeous mural. Hope we get to see more of your work in the neighborhood!

  7. With all due respect, I don’t like it. Old school Chicano art is way more detailed, and intricate. They should have put Moctezuma, or something. And the black should be filled in, it’s just asking for it…

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