Councilman O’Farrell wants to create Indigenous People’s Day; Boyle Heights kosher food companies moving out; Lincoln Heights activist dies

Chandelier Tree, Silver Lake | Gina Acuna/Instagram

Chandelier Tree, Silver Lake | Gina Acuna/Instagram

MOrning Report

  • Councilman Mitch O’Farrell has proposed making Indigenous People’s Day a city holiday, which would give municipal employees a paid day off. O’Farrell, a member of the Wyandotte Native American tribe, said the holiday would “honor the profound sacrifices made by countless tribal members through the centuries. L.A. Now
  • Two kosher food and wine companies are being forced to move out of Boyle Heights to make way for the new Sixth Street Bridge. Barrio Boychik
  • Frank Wada, a Lincoln Heights activist who was a member of the neighborhood council, business improvement district and police advisory board, died at his home earlier this week, according to Council District 1.
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  1. Mitch O’Farrell really has his priorities in order. Let’s make up yet another holiday for the city employees to have another PAID vacation day off to drag city services even slower than the existing snail’s pace. While we have encampments of mentally ill people filling every space under every bridge in his district.

    Politicians. Why are they always so predictable?

  2. He wants to replace Columbus Day What have Italians done to deserve this ? Get tidbit Cesar Chavez day instead. Another attempt to get rid of white culture in America. Sponsored by a white man no less

  3. Mitch O Farrell and Eric Garcetti should be worried about housing in L.A.
    What a joke !

  4. Indigenous Peoples Day? How are you even going to figure out who those “peoples” are. Most Mexicans have Spanish ancestry (European Blood) mixed in with their native blood and the rest of the population is genetically mixed up with a lot of other races. Now I ask you, when is that last time you ever ran into someone claiming to be wholly “indigenous” (aside from those aztec dancers that show up everywhere), and among those, how many look suspiciously white? Come to think of it, there may be a 10th of a percentage of Huron Indian on my great Aunt’s, twice removed side. I could use a day off every year, oh well – call me Fauxchohantu, I’m down for a day of “recognition”.

  5. Humans are not indigenous to the Americas, at all.

    • “Humans are not indigenous to the Americas, at all.” Or Europe. Or Asia. Or anywhere outside of Africa. Yeah, we know. We all caught that episode on PBS not to mention countless other docs on the origins of modern man, but some group of modern humans settled and civilized each of these areas first and the jury is still out on who that group or groups definitively was in the Americas but what is clear is who were the originators of civilization and high culture in the Americas and they weren’t pilgrims. THAT is for CERTAIN.

      • Yes, that’s true…. additionally they were just as brutal.

        “It sounds like something straight out of a “Hunger Games” novel: The rulers of a sprawling empire select beautiful children from throughout their vast territories and kill them in a ritualistic event to reinforce their power.

        During the Inca civilization, which thrived in South America before the arrival of Europeans, these ritual sacrifices were known as capococha. One of the victims was a 7-year-old boy who lived more than 500 years ago. His frozen, mummified remains were discovered at the edge of Argentina’s Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside of Asia.”


      • Their “high” culture didn’t protect them from a handful of diseased ridden Spaniards.

      • There are no indigenous people here. All humans in the Americas are immigrants. Humans did not evolve in the Americas. They all came from somewhere else.

        • Yes, but can’t we just make up a creation story, find some prophet of the Americas to worship, and create a new calendar system? I think it’s been done before.

        • “Humans did not evolve in the Americas. They all came from somewhere else.” Yes. AFRICA. It’s common knowledge. Try and keep up Joey.

  6. I can’t wait to vote this pompous, grandstanding Garcetti legacy-project out of office.

  7. Yikes, the comments on this site are starting to get just as bad as Curbed. So much hate.

    Indigenous People’s day should replace Columbus day for this entire country. Unless supporting a murdering rapist is your thing… in which case just say so.

    • Yes, we could all still be living in the bronze age and sacrificing youth and captives to the snake/eagle god of the primitives. I think that the arrival of Europeans was a big plus for this continent.

      • So you’re a fan of genocide? Got it, thanks Joey. Good to know. Greed is what led to the murder, enslavement, and subjugation of native people on this continent from its start to today. And it says a lot about the people that think this was a good thing.

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