Echo Park shooting leaves one man dead [updated]

Echo park homicide scene on echo park avenue 10-28-2015 1-02-14 PM

ECHO PARK — Police this morning are investigating the fatal shooting of a man Friday night in the 1800 block of Echo Park Avenue.

The shooting was reported at about 8:20 p.m., said Lt. Richard Parks with the LAPD Northeast Division. The shooting victim, however, had been taken to a hospital, where he died with multiple gunshot wounds, Parks said.  An LAPD spokesman said the victim, a male Latino, was shot three times in the chest.

Update @12:15 pm: The victim, believed to be in his 20s,  is a member of the Echo Park gang who was dropped off at the hospital, said Detective John Motto with the Rampart Division.  Motto said a check of 911 calls found no report of a shooting but  detectives were informed that the crime had taken place near a “brown building” on upper Echo Park Avenue, which lead them to the LG Market, where they found bullet casings and other evidence outside.

Motto said the victim was an ExP gang member “for sure” and part of a group of friends that included Michael Robert Hannah, whose body was found about three blocks away on Delta Street after he had been shot.

Motto said they had spoke to several persons this morning who said they had heard shots last night but did not call police. He encouraged residents to call LAPD when gunshots are heard.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call homicide detectives at the Northeast Division, which will be handling the case, at (323) 344-5701.

Update on Nov. 9: Police identified the victim as 20-year-old Alex Baires, according to Detective Lisa Governo with the Northeast Division. The motive for the killing remains unknown and no suspects are in custody.

Update @ 6:09 p.m.: The victim’s first name, according to postings on Instagram, was Alex. He was apparently a close friend of Michael Robert Hannah, who was shot last August.

Please pray for my sons friend. He is fighting for his life tonight.. Alex I’m praying for as well. ?

A photo posted by Divyyne1 (Davina) (@michael_myclassicman) on

Echo park homicide scene on echo park avenue 10-28-2015 1-01-04 PM

Evidence marked at crime scene


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  1. Wow thats CRAZY this guy was the other guys bestfriend who got killed in august ..

  2. ninedoubleohtwosick

    Dam another one ??? These so called weekend “gangsters” keeps getting hit left to right lol

  3. Commuter banger? or did he live in the hood?

  4. Damn it rip alex.now its thugz mantion full blast

  5. Rest in peace MA boy chunkz it’s crazyk how shit is going down

  6. Send all of these ‘gangstas’ to fight ISIS and don’t let them come back.

  7. Rest in Peace Alex. So sad, waste of a beautiful young man. So handsome.
    His whole life was ahead of him.
    You people that make disrespectful comments insulting the dead and applauding, mocking and grinning at his murder are sick. You don’t know him, you don’t know his heart, being a gang member doesnt make you a criminal worthy of death. Laugh all you want, you are the trash.
    I hope your family can one day have peace.

    • Wow, you take first prize for most delusional and idiotic comment.
      Gangsters are scum; they cause trouble and pain wherever they breathe. If he’d chosen the civilized path in life, that involves paying attention when being educated, getting a job and realizing that EXP or any gang for that matter are children playing men’s games. He obviously never considered that the end game, death! is very near to all that get involved. He made his bed and now he’s living in it for eternity.

      • WHAT A DORK Pirus Driver….. I am going to assume your ignorant and racist comment
        with that lame name – your just stirring the pot!
        Unless you are the essence of hoe the neighborhood went so down hill

    • It’s not cool to talk about the dead, but let’s not get away with the fake getting upset about people getting it wrong about gang members. It doesn’t make him a criminal, but it’s likely he was. The police were familiar with him, that’s pretty damning in itself. What do you join a gang for besides committing crimes? Are the Echo Park gang members going to pay for his funeral or are they going to let his family do so? “You don’t know his heart” is a bullshit cop out. Please do tell. Gangs beef both ways. Are you going to suggest he was a pacifist and wouldn’t harm a fly? I don’t know his heart because I didn’t know him, but the fact that he was from a shitty gang says a lot.

      • Im sure you growing up made a lot of wise choices right? You never can look back at your life and say damn what was I thinking…. Ofcourse not because none of you are saints. This kid I know for a fact had a really good job and he lived there in echo park. He use to work at a place for scientific experiences. and yes he was a gang member . Now is there such thing as an active gang member and non active gang member? yes there is. He may have gotten into the gang in a young age, but just like you and I , we grow up and learn. but sometimes other young ones that don’t know they aren’t playing that role anymore have no mercy and will shoot on site. whether he was done being active or not. So all you judgemental people need to shut your mouth before condoning him. Even jesus didn’t put down the evildoers when he was on the stake next to them. why? because no one has the right to take anyone’s life.

  8. I know I wasn’t a close friend to Alex but my condonlences go out to his family and close friends. I remember me and Alex would fight in elemantry school and the teacher would force us to hold hands so that we could be friends. Its crazy how we grow up with people but never expect something to happen to them. I saw him a few months ago at the library he told me he was getting his life together he was applying for jobs at the library and he told me was going to school. I hope that his death is solved as there was another shooting a few weeks back and these crimes are on my street. RIP-Alex

  9. Dropping like flies on their own traps

  10. Let’s just say this Alex and his freind Michael were the outkast of their neighborhood. They just wanted to party and hang out together.. They didn’t even hang out with the other Homies from EP. So what does that tell ya. It sucks when two young men decide that want better in their life that the other lowlife cowards hate them for it. But what’s the sad part is Michael’s mother practically attached herself to Alex because her son loved Alex so much.. And now she going thru it again. But what’s the fucked up is Alex’s sister and brother are bashing a grieving mother who just lost the little piece of son when his freind died. Harassing her on social media calling a murderer. Now that is just down right sad

    • Hi my name is Gaby and I am Alex sister. So I “bash” this woman because my brother is DEAD! Her involvement is a proven fact. She who lives miles away from the occurred area called to notify me my brother was shot exactly 3 times in his chest and mentioned twice that it happend at the same place as her son. Mind you my brother isn’t even dead at the time of her phone call to me. Now why is she calling me when she lives very far and this is supposed to be a grieving mother. I’ll forever be confused why she had immediate contact with gangsters of the echo park area. Next thing, regarding my brother Alex, he knew my disapproval of his relationship with his woman and her family. I greatly expressed to him on many occasions to stay away becausw I felt I was extremely unsafe. Alex being the sweet kid he was chose to go and comfort the mother of his best friend. There is no reason this woman should have my number on SPEED DIAL!!! I have factual reasons to “bash” this woman her being the only one to be able to speak about my brothers death in specific detail an hour his death time. So before you judge Alexs family who miss him every day please don’t speak out of you a**

      • So yes I put all the blame on her personally and the shooter. Bottom line!! There is no reason this woman who knew my brother should have told me how my brother was dying where and how. Oh and she also told me who to contact to mayyybe be able to track MY Brother Alex at a hospital. I would have rather go trend LAPD notify my family at our front door step. Not this woman not what she did not how she did it and not how she SAID IT. Facts all facts! I have not commented anything here that is false

  11. You people are pathetic. Talking about rite from wrong. Who the fuck are you people.

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