Sheriff releases photos of suspects in fatal Highland Park bus stabbing

Surveillance photos courtesy LASD

Surveillance photos courtesy LASD

HIGHLAND PARK — The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department this afternoon released surveillance photos of three suspects who were involved in Monday night’s fatal stabbing on a Metro bus in Highland Park.

A male passenger was stabbed in the chest at about 10:40 p.m. during an argument on a Metro bus headed northbound on Figueroa Street, according to the LASD, which handles security on Metro buses and trains. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspects, described as three Latino males, headed west on Meridian Street after getting off the 81 bus line.

Anyone with information about the suspects is encouraged to contact the LASD Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500. Those who want to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).

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  1. I assumed it as gang related, seeing how it happened in the Avenues, but those guys look like wino paisas.

    • Tony the Main Spoon

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      • Yawn…….

        • Bore Me With Your Accomplishments

          Something tells me you’re a troll and love getting a reaction out of people…ahahahhaha what a parasite…this is golden

        • Tony the Main Spoon

          Trolls hide behind the keys of their handheld devices. Unlike so-called eastsidearts, who doesn’t have a line or shape to prove he has a creative finger. No, no, no, I can talk the talk and walk the walk with the greatest intentions to have a friendly game of pool and debate over a beer. Just stop by the Short Stop in the flesh. The fact that crybabies, come to the ESLA to stinkup and bad mouth the creative efforts of local artists is laughable. The fact that these losers bad mouth simple off -the-cuff memorials to the is cowardly and just as spineless as the taggers in the neighborhood.

  2. Didn’t they say there were between 20 and 30? More like 40 and 50…losers! I hope they get them.

  3. Donald Trump supporters are going to be all over this one. These guys would be too drunk to climb over a wall.

    • Tony the Main Spoon

      Short Stop, 6:30 pm pool game, sissy la-la

      • 6.30 pm is too early for people with careers. Keep collecting those cans and cardboard boxes bottom feeder.

        • Tony the Main Spoon

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          • Dude anybody who works in entertainment is at work until at least 7 if not much later and certainly does not get veterans day off. And yes, we are the “creative class” who can afford to buy houses here while you’re at a bar at 5pm on a Wednesday.

          • Tony the Main Spoon

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  4. glassell park whitey

    suspect one looks white? no – the #2 guy looks like my landscaper…. if the weapon was a spade i’m calling the ti line…

  5. So is this the argument for or against so called gentrification? Perhaps we desire these neighbors over those helping to improve the neighborhood? Nothing to do with race, just character.

    • Tony the Main Spoon

      Nope, the integrity of all people in this area is at hand. These old, good for nothing, foul mouth instigators are ripping on the dead and comparing killers to everyday people.

      • Anti-gentrification boneheads love crime violence and trash and graffiti because they think it scares away classy people and keeps their rents low.

  6. turns out stabber was white, fyi

    • doesn’t matter. white stabbing = white trash that needs to be booted out via gentrification along with any other dirtbag doing pointless violence

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