What will replace a York Boulevard sandwich shop? [updated]


Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK — The owners of Schodorf’s Luncheonette have announced the permanent closure of the sandwich shop, which opened nearly five years ago as the York Boulevard restaurant and bar scene was taking off.

Matt and Anya Schodorf, who also own Cafe de Leche Café down the block, gave no reason why they were closing Schodorf’s, located on York near Avenue 51.  The business shared the same name as the diner Matt Schodorf’s grandfather operated in Willard, Ohio

“It has been an honor to serve you over the past five years,” said a note the couple posted on Instagram. “Thank you for helping make a dream come true.”

No word yet on what will replace Schodorf’s. But given all the new restaurants, bars and shops that have opened on this section of York, it probably won’t be empty for long.

Update: Matt Schodorf  said in an email that the closure was prompted by an rent increase that “was going to be unaffordable for us in the long run.”  He identified the new tenant as Silver Lake Ramen. “We are pleased that we were able to find some great folks to take over the space,” Schodorf said. “I believe it will be called Ramen on York.”

Meanwhile, Schodorf and his wife are preparing to open a second Café de Leche on N. Lake Avenue in Altadena.

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  1. Word on the street is they will be opening a ramen shop. I got the info from 3 sources close to the business.

    • Ramen! Yes! That would be very welcome.

    • Ramen in Highland Park…it was just a matter of time! Silver Lake Ramen is alright, could be better, but, I’m glad it’s not just some newbie following a trend.

      Schodorff’s was great when it first opened, but I think the quality went down during its later years. One time the sandwich I had was so peppery it was almost inedible.

  2. I was a devout Schodorff’s fan for years, traveling over to Highland Park on the weekends and hitting up Thank You Comics after. Their full veggie on a baguette was just fantastic. I even started to get coworkers to come from Burbank.

    Slowly, the sandwiches shrank, the veggie disappeared off the menu, the prices went up, and I just stop going. Not surprised to see this happen but, man, that full veggie was really something.

  3. Interestingly, the same gentrification worries that are coming up in NELA are cropping up in NW Pasadena as well. Lots of neighborhood resistance. It’s too bad, hats off to these people willing to make an attempt to run a business in these areas. Best of luck to the Schodorfs in Pasadena.

    • The NELA expats in Altadena and Pasadena welcome more cafes, etc. Especially if they give the gentrification flagship cafe Lincoln some competition.

      Nice place but ooh boy, spendy.

  4. I’m happy to see Cafe De Leche is expanding despite Schordorf’s closing and I hope they find a home for the employees at the new Altadena location. Ramen on York will do well as Modan Ramen in south pas is full most of the time. And Silverlake Ramen has become so popular that they could use another location, and less parking hassles than the silversun location.

  5. They really blew it when they completely revamped the menu a year or so ago. I never went back.

  6. Highland Park is trying to be the next Silver Lake . Silver Lake wine. Intelligentsia and now Silver Lake ramen opening locations .

  7. Meh, ate there a few times. Always smelled like burning toast and it was smokey inside.

    • Burning toast and smokey inside? You must be in the minority who don’t like the place. They have 3 locations and their reviews for the SL location are 1200+ . They must be doing something right.

      • Think you misunderstood the comment, he was referring to the sandwich shop, not the ramen place.

        I’ll miss the sriracha pastrami sandwich. Wishing them good luck in their new venture!

  8. When is Silver Lake Wine and Intelligentsia slated to open?

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