A new sign of safety on Sunset Boulevard

echo park warning beacon photo by tony arranaga

New beacon installed today | Council District 13

ECHO PARK — Local business owners and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell gathered this morning  as a flashing, warning beacon was installed on  Sunset Boulevard as it bends over Glendale Boulevard.

The beacon is intended to warn eastbound motorists that they’re approaching a stop light around the curve at Lemoyne Street,  where two crashes have taken place in recent months.

“This is a dangerous blind curve for oncoming traffic as well as pedestrians who frequent the businesses along this corridor,” O’Farrell said in a posting on the Council District 13 Facebook page. “The new signal will improve safety for everyone.”

In addition to the warning beacon, a new traffic signal and crosswalk is also planned a few blocks west for the “Mohawk Bend,” a stretch of Sunset that bends to the south near Mohawk Street. The city is also spending $215,000 to install a traffic signal at Echo Park and Laguna avenues next to Echo Park Lake.  That signal is expected to start operating soon and be dedicated next month.

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Cecilia Padilla-Brill, Editor
Echo Park Weekly

Jesús Sanchez, Publisher
The Eastsider


  1. Glad to see this, a good improvement. Maybe next the city could add left turn arrows at Sunset and Echo Park. There are already left turn lanes, but turning takes forever at rush hour and I’ve seen many close calls with pedestrians. Generally a chaotic and backed up intersection and arrows could really help.

    • I hope it’s sufficient. A friend of mine died on that curve and her girlfriend was severely injured. She was driving to fast, and she should have known better, to be honest, but anything that reminds people to slow down might help.

    • so true. this corner really needs a left turn signal.

  2. What a fucking joke, if you need a flashing light bulb to “alert” you that a stop light it coming up maybe you shouldn’t be driving. This does nothing to make Sunset safer, for motorists, peds, bikes, kids , humans. If a full stop light costs $215k then this was an easy $50k if not more, waste of my taxpayer dollars. Where are all the road diet haters bitching about this or bitching about traffic lights? Do you know those slow speeding motorists down too?

    Delete parking or one lane + the middle lane Sunset from Union Station to Vermont, add protected bike lanes and 24/7 bus lanes.

    • You pay $50k+ in yearly taxes to the city of Los Angeles? I’m guessing that’s sales tax, since Los Angeles doesn’t levy an income tax. Wth are you buying?

    • Are people that stupid that they don’t already know that a light is right ahead? Oh wait they are most probably not from these parts. It sure would be nice if they fixed the street at Portia and on Alvarado and Sunset. It’s bad enough that some knucklehead killed a person on Echo Park Avenue by Valeries while texting. They put a stop sign there. A stop sign has already been in place 100 yards up going Northbound.

  3. The city just needs to sync traffic signals for average speeds (instead of top speeds.) Getting around LA is stressful and dangerous by design. These flashing light are just teeny-tiny band-aids, trying to cover much larger wounds in the urban fabric.

    • LA has the worlds most extensive traffic light monitoring and synchronization system that connects every signalized intersection into it via magnetic loop detectors that give up-to-the-second traffic counts.

      We have cameras and sensors and staff to monitor and control lights and traffic that would make any engineer in the 1950’s nod in approval and say, “Finally, our work here is done.”

      What does all this get us? A system where on dumbass picking his nose can destroy all models. A system where we’re still trying to cram 1,000 cars an hour through intersections that can only handle 500. And what do we do with all this data? All this video footage? We delete it. We pretend like it never existed. The ATSAC data is gone – from 1984 until now the most comprehensive traffic data set the world will ever know has been routinely deleted and never studied by outsiders.

      So screw you and your signal timing b.s. I read that same line in an LA Times article … from 1932! It will never work, it has never worked.

      Okay, now I need to take my medication. Thank you, I’m so sorry.

      • LOL, I’m pretty sure we’re on the same side of the debate for safer streets!

        I realize the city already has a robust traffic signal system. I just thought they could maybe sync the lights to discourage speeding. Maybe get rid of the pedestrian beg buttons, and give pedestrians a little more time to cross the street. I’m no expert, but plenty of other cities with similar systems seem to manage a much more calm and safe flow of traffic than LA.

        And I’m definitely not against other forms of traffic calming (more signals, curb bumpouts, median refuges, etc.) but all of that requires political consensus and $$$. Good luck acquiring either when you talk to those who more or less agree with you with such disdain.

        • I think the non-rant version of what I said would be: signal synchronization is not what we imagine it to be. You can make cars back up at intersections with it but they will still speed between red lights when possible due to horrible street design.

  4. Ban bicyclists from riding on the roads. They’re dangerous.

  5. Its the hipsters on their unsafe prius. Their unsafe phone usage while driving. Their unsafe entitlement attitudes. Their unsafe. There should he a hipster injunction for real.

  6. I am hip no matter what the troll they say! But in a cool way. Good thought hollywoodroyalty. Im worse than Trump when singleing out Mexicans. I go for the hipsters and their entitled attitudes. Lets round em up and lock em out.

  7. What a discount. Only $215,000 for a blinking light to “fix” a street design that is still broken.

  8. This is like stringing christmas lights on a place crash. Okay, now we see the crash but it isn’t going to fix the problem.

  9. Engineer 1: “You know what the problem here is?”
    Engineer 2: “What? Not enough flashing lights?”

  10. @kaleaphobic although the possibility of being outspent may or may not occur. The point is rounding them up. Hmmm, thats fairly and without a doubt a no brainer. Build a coffee shop with vegan and pnut free sandwhiches. Dont forget to add the Gluten free and dye free service they all expect to receive. And then Pow! Takem out. But one can only dream of that day. Que sera, sera!

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