Man and woman shot in Silver Lake

sl bouelvard
SILVER LAKE — A man and woman were injured this morning after they were fired upon from a passing vehicle near the 2400 block of Silver Lake Boulevard, police said.

The victims, who were both in their 20s, were shot in the legs, said Sgt. Frank Gonzalez with the LAPD Northeast Division.  The injuries are not life threatening, he said.

Police are trying to determine the cause of the shooting, which took place at about 2:30 a.m., he said.  No further details were available.

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  1. This literally happened in front of my apartment. Anymore details? I heard both gunshots and then people screaming…

  2. Sadly this is NOT going to further the cause of getting Whole Fools to reconsider there terrible decision to give us a downmarket market instead of a proper upscale full service Whole Foods. Apart from that, and assuming they aren’t gang bangers, I hope the two who were shot are recovering quickly and with little pain.

  3. Would love to get some more details on this. Is there any more information about what happened? Glad these two were not killed. This is scary as hell.

  4. If you voted for Prop 47, you are to blame

    • It’s widely accepted that heavy jail time for minor offenses is counterproductive and actually makes crime worse due to broken families. Those resources are best used instead towards education, prevention, and creation of job opportunities. Nice try.

  5. Caramel Boom Time

    Thanks to the Eastsider for reporting this as it isn’t being reported in any other news sources after a brief search.
    There are some very important details missing, was this crime Latino on Latino, Latino on Caucasian, Asian on Caucasion? No ulterior motive here other than if innocent residents are now being targeted to put fear into the neighborhood versus another gang on gang hit it would be good to know.

  6. Shave that armpit hair. Seems to be a Whole Fool.

  7. I’ll wait to see if the victims were Caucasian. Because I was told by certain posters that they were never on the receiving end of the violence on the Eastside.

    Hipsters beware.

    • You’re hoping that it was innocent random people instead of gang-on-gang violence just so that you can be smug and gleeful about proving some commenters wrong? You are a twisted individual

      • Sounds to me like he got his panties in such a bind over a comment on the internet that he went out cruising the other night to personally manufacture an incident to bolster his case.

        That would move it past “twisted” into “deranged” territory.

      • Rest easy “neighborino”. The victims appear to be Chipsters, which is close enough to “gang members” for the likes of You. You may now proceed to gloat over their lack of good parenting or culturally-incompatible values that make them acceptable targets for this type of violence while preserving your spectator status. Those are the twists and turns of your demented logic when it comes to local violence.

        • I don’t know what a chipster is but I watched the video and yes they appear to be normal, not MS13 gang trash. My demented logic is gang members deserve to reap what they sow, and normal people deserve to live a peaceful life without worrying about being shot by barbarians.

    • Dickish comment of the day.

    • Caramel Boom Time

      Wow, the savage confirms.

  8. They don’t appear to be Caucasian, nor gang members. Some kind of Chicano/Hipster hybrid. But Ned Flanders said that only gang members get shot, not hipsters. So confused.

  9. Both of us thankfully lived.

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