Sixth Street Bridge replacement a symbol of gentrification? An Echo Park variety show; Gatto withdraws from state Senate race

Lincoln Heights |steve5150/Instagram

Lincoln Heights | steve5150/Instagram

MOrning Report

  • The Sixth Street Bridge connecting Boyle Heights and Downtown is being demolished and replaced because of seismic-safety concerns. But the New York Times says the project has become a symbol of changing and gentrifying L.A. “It’s beyond just the bridge — it’s the culmination of everything that has slowly eroded from the L.A. that I loved,” said artist Terry Ellsworth. NY Times
  • State Assemblyman Mike Gatto, whose district includes portions of Los Feliz and Silver Lake, has dropped plans to run for State Senate next year. Gatto, who had raised about $1.9 million as part of an expected bid for the Senate District 25 seat, said he was dropping out to spend more time with his family and avoid a contentious race.  Gatto’s father, Joseph Gatto, was fatally shot in his Silver Lake home two years ago. Daily News
  • Magicians. Comedians. Sword-swallowers. They’ve all taken the stage in Echo Park during a Wednesday night showcase that resembles a modern-day version of vaudeville. L.A. Times
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  1. The NY Times sure loves writing articles about Los Angeles! Poorly written, melodramatic ones at that!

  2. So improvements in public infrastructure that will save lives when the earthquake hits are now race/class issues? Do Latinos deserve only crumbling infrastructure and bad roads? This type of journalism is so tiring……

    • Yes, the anti-gentrification loons will claim that poor people are perfectly happy to live in trash heaps among graffiti, illegal dumping, crime, and decaying infrastructure as long as evil white people with money stay away

      • Tony the Main Spoon


        The Bridge, divided race and class for years, had so fun parties too. Gonna miss it visually.

        Look above, rub-a-dub-dub, three men in tub! The Apple Dumpling Gang. A bunch of Mr. Furlys. Cuddling up together on the same thread! How cute.

        Dude, that’s all you write about, the G word. You must say it in your sleep 🙂 Who’s the loon? Ok, ok, and the killer on the bus wasn’t a brown man, so “Who cares?” you wrote. Shameless buster Douglas you are . . .

        Hipsters are ok, especially the ladies. The dudes can hold there own on the tables. The girls like to dance.

        Add atomz to your gang and all of you can cruise with Prius Driver to come and play the table tonight at Short Stop, 7:30, Beers on me.

        I just love you scorned old farts. I

        NY Times is crap, hate their views in Obama.

  3. The old 6th Street bridge looks amazing and is even more special to be on as a pedestrian during closures to car traffic.

    To think that the new bridge is an “improvement” to the neighborhood is a bad joke. The new bridge is a continuation of the long, sorry, history of technocrats putting private automobile travelers needs above every single other interest in the community. The banked 65mph curve in this bridge, the green-washed “bike lane” that terminates into nothing on either side of the bridge, the nasty melted-6th Street bridge aesthetics – all of it is part of the 20th century technocratic culture that still dominates the public works departments engineering division in every city in this country.

    Wider, faster, bigger. It isn’t an improvement. It is a continued suppression of livability and land value. Opponents to gentrification and opponents to private sector reinvestment in the area around the bridge should be sheering. This project will ensure that things never get too nice.

    • 65mph banked curve? Are you a traffic engineer now? So a straight bridge would be a 150mph ‘curve’? Or would you prefer them install a 90 degree turn in the middle of the bridge so satisfy your desire for… what? Your declaration that a new bridge will keep the area not ‘nice’ (your words) is strange, baseless and totally misinformed.

      • The bridge isn’t straight. I went to some of their communtiy outreach meetings, looked at renderings and asked the engineers present what the design speed of the bridge was.

        Just saying “a new bridge will make the area nice” – it just sounds stupid. New or old, a bridge designed to maximize inappropriate car speeds between red light signals at each end is exactly the wrong thing for a our city.

        The “bike lanes” crossing the bridge – what will they connect with? Certainly not any bike facilities either in the river nor on 6th street itself. They are green washing debris lanes.

        Don’t be such an infrastructure cult clown. This is old fashioned pigs feeding at the trough – these pigs wear ties and have PE all over their business cards.

    • “no one bikes in LA”. Dude, you are a shrill, self aggrandizing Harold Hill for the cyclists that will never materialize. Get Over It!

  4. Do you guys ever get tired of having this same, boring debate every other day?

  5. May I ask where the ‘banked 65 mph curve’ on the new Sixth Street viaduct will be?

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