Two injured in Highland Park shootings

HIGHLAND PARK – Police are investigating separate shootings that took place about three blocks apart early this morning, leaving two men injured, with one in serious condition.

The first shooting occurred at about 12:15 am, when a man was shot multiple times near Figueroa Street and Avenue 50 in what may have been a gang-related shooting, said Sgt. Frank Gonzalez with the LAPD Northeast Division. The victim was reported to be in serious condition. The suspect, dressed in a black sweatshirt and gray sweat pants, fled on foot and remains at large, Gonzalez said.

The second shooting took place place about three blocks north and less than two hours later at about 2 am, when the occupants of a vehicle fired upon another vehicle near Figueroa and Avenue 53, said Gonzalez. One man was struck in the arm and is in stable condition. The suspects drove off in a black Acura.

It’s not clear if the shootings were connected, Gonzalez said.

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  1. And why isn’t LAPD adding extra resources to this area. There have been multiple shootings and deaths in the recent months. It’s a shame that people of this community (new or old) are living in a gang war similar of what many of us dealt with many years ago.

    • Amen. Enough! We need a stronger police force. The writing is literally on the wall. Anyone living here sees the signs of gang activity right now. We need a very strong police force out and vigilant neighbors who call in tagging immediately. The city will one out within hours and paint it out. Here’s the link. Very easy and very efficient:


      • @

        We have plenty of police. Police have been added on foot patrol along the Figueroa corridor.

        The problem is that the residents need drop the “no snitching” rule and actually start calling the Police to report crimes they see. The cops can only do so much on their own.

        The only people who benefit from the no snitching rule are the criminals.

      • Police can’t do anything before activities. What we need is the neighborhood people start reporting suspicious activities. The police can only do so much.. The residents of HLP need to come together with the police for a safe neighborhood.but we ll know that talking to the police is a no no in this hood..

    • Definitely agree. HLP was gratified pretty dramatically all over La Monarca Bakery on Fig and 59 is and so was the Rite Aid of Ave 64 and York. Im pretty sure tensions are flaring up. Definitely sounds gang related as Ave 50 and York has a ton of Avenues connections. Increase the police presence.

    • The LAPD actually pulled resource/units from other neighborhood of NELA.. But I guess that gangs are really active right now in HLP..
      I do believe there is a “war” going on between HLP gangs and the Avenues.. I guess all those shootings are the casualties…

  2. Cholos don’t count!
    Those putos have been shooting each other
    Over street names they don’t own!
    Whites reclaimed Highland park

    • Yes, the shooters and those who do not report them really are pendejos..

    • We are a community! Diverse, unique, and invested in a place where everyone can claim it proudly! Insults and hate only weaken our progress.

      And, I agree with Alex – the writing has been on the walls for quite some time! It doesn’t take a gang task force to figure it out! PLEASE contact 311 or the link provided to report it immediately.

      @Barney, the community has been reporting to LAPD – and sadly, we hear the same ole, same ole excuses of limited resources and not enough personnel to “Arrests our way out of it!” Whatever happened to the day when every community even had a motorcycle patrol officer permanently enforcing traffic violations? LAPD has a tendency to move resources throughout the City of LA; versus maintaining resources and policing in communities. It’s important to build relationships and get to know the officers who serve our community. Shifting resources throughout the city based on need is NOT working!

      Unfortunately, we do NOT have a heavy LAPD presence in Highland Park. We need the same unlimited resources used when there’s a tragic event elsewhere. How many lives must be lost until these resources are made available in Highland Park?

      Finally, we do not need a temporary plan! We need a PLAN. The plan must include prevention (elementary & middle schools), intervention (middle & high schools), EDUCATION and OPPORTUNITIES for everyone (including the parents)!

  3. One has to wonder why the police can’t capture more of these cockroaches. Take the recent incident of undercover offices getting fired upon near Debs Park. They were followed by 3 cars; why didn’t they think to look at the license plates? After the shooting, the suspects apparently drove into Debs Park. There is no way OUT of Debs Park once you drive in. They cordoned off a massive area around it to boot. The suspects STILL weren’t caught. Wtf is going on out there?!?

  4. Christmas and New Years must be a tough time for the knuckle dragging low life gangsters. It’s a stark reminder of their broken family and another year of a complete waste of life. Maybe they’ll wise up this coming year.

  5. This again? What is it that these “disenfranchised” homies want? How can I be more culturally sensitive while being shot at? Help me understand your unique victimhood while I wait for the manhunt in my neighborhood to end? LA native doin 5 years in and around the Avenues…

  6. Highland Park will be ours.

    As long as these dumb monkeys are only shooting each other in the middle of the night, who cares, let em at it.

  7. I was just reading that highland park was one of the top up and coming neighborhoods in the nation. Gentrification, rising home prices, bicycle lanes on York Boulevard, traffic backed up from the railroad crossing all the way back to Avenue 50 during rush hour have made me long for the good old days when drive-bys were the norm. Never mind we just moved to South Pas.

  8. domestic terrorist

  9. Sigh.
    These shootings effect everyone in the community, young and old, new and young. No one wants this.

    . Lucky this was in the early morning where there are no innocent bystanders getting hurt.

  10. There might a surge of violence due to the loss of territoires by gangs,, gentrification is squeezing them out, slowly but surely, out of HLP.
    It happened in Silverlake and Echo Park.
    Those “gangsters” are feeling the squeeze and are acting up, hoping to save the only thing they know.
    HLP is changing, new residents are reporting, using MYLA311 and the truth is that the change is inivitable.it will be a safer neighborhood soon.
    The new residents are here to stay and are adapting and loving this wonderful community that is HLP.
    The crimes, murders, assassinations, hot and run and all over madness will eventually die down when those gangsters move out inland…

    • The territories of the gangs have not changed much, the problem is the gang bangers parents who own there homes and they leach off their parents. That’s the reason these gang bangers haven’t left highland park when getting released from prison. In Highland park the gang violence comes in waves so we have to ride it out until the LAPD locks them up again.

  11. Stop gentrification

    You guys really this naive. Lol…

    • @stopgentrification please expand on your sacarstic comment…. Why are we naive?

      • Stop gentrification

        Do you really believe these crimes are happening because they feel squeezed as you say it? If you get rid of every last cholo do you really think that will stop all violence. Or the notion of getting rid of every beaner as most of you guys like to say. Look at the bright side, things are getting better.. every day in this country who knows how many people die to gun violence. Your hate for certain people are not going to change anything. Ever think of helping instead of just calling 311.

        • We do help. We teach at local schools, do clean ups, have sent gang kids to camp and given money at their car washes. ALL folks, not just rich, not just white, ALL folks here in Highland Park ( mostly hard working folks) want a more peaceful community. Immigrants want peace, hipsters want peace, my neighbors who are all gardeners and share a house want peace, Oxy students want peace, we all want to live in a neighborhood where people don’t shoot each other.

          • right!! a safe neighborhood where do dont live in fear of getting hit by a bullet from a kid with a loose gun that was aiming at the asshole behind you…
            enough is enough

        • These crimes are happening because the dumb keep reproducing.

  12. Lol crime is up 50% the last two years, crime will never stop in hlp get used to it

    • You tell them Mando. Our Raza won’t rest until crime is up 100%. Can you believe these white fools. They actually want our community to be a nice place to live.

      • This is the real “El Chicano”. Someone hacked my account. Probably some european hipster nerd who feels offended by the truth I speak.
        Let me make this clear, your living in LA, in the West Coast, gang capital of America. Three hard core gangs exist in your northeast LA corridor. First, the Highland Park gang, A gang started by whites in the 70’s. Second, the Avenues gang. Which control a vast majority of the northeast area. Thirdly, the Dog Town gang. The oldest gang in America. Started in the 1880’s by Irish, Italians, and Mexicans.
        Now let me get something clear. You hipsters, whites, and the self proclaimed upper class of society, feel that your presence in the barrio will rid violence, gangs and criminals? You are fools!!!

        • hard core gangs lmao…you mean the skinny 90 pound wannabe cholos with their ben davies and nike cortez? hahahaha give me a break, you’re nothing more than street artists who can’t tag worth shit!

          • I hope your as brave as you want to sound. A 90 pound loser cholo with a gun can do alot of damage.

          • @elchicano true.. Unfortunately, the reality is those guys are nothing without their guns.. Just a bunch of scrappy kids.. Guns make them feel like man.. B

        • Highland Park will be ours.

          Fools are the ones getting locked up and losing their freedom.
          Fools are the ones getting them selves killed and causing their families pain.
          Fools are the ones that continue the cycle of generational retardation in the Latino community.

          People who want peace, clean streets, nice homes and the ability to go about their lives with out fear that some uneducated cholo is going to cause them harm are not the fools, they are the future, according to your logic the people you are so proud of will all be dead and locked up.

          Re educate your self homie and God Bless your dumb ass.

          • Well said, but I would leave out the blessing.

          • @highlandparkwillbeours, do you expect people who buy homes in Compton, hope for peace, clean streets, and nice homes? Is Compton being gentrified by whites and hipsters? Of coarse not. But here in the NELA side of the barrio, where the past and history is plagued by violence, why is it such a big surprise when violence erupts. Those are the fools who I speak of. And if you think Highland Park is some utopian mecca, than you too are a fool. Look at the bright side. Another shooting=another dead homie + another locked up homie. More fools off the streets. Re-educate yourself homie and next time buy property in Eagle Rock or Pasadena.

        • Some european hipsters hacked your account???!!!
          Man, you should take stand up comedy..You are hilarious…

      • @El Chicano, If you really care about La Raza then you’d invest time in helping educate the young and old gang members from HLP, Avenues, and Dog Town that their lives will be worth ZERO if they continue with the gang banging and violence. Let’s see what are the chances of any of them getting rich off of the gang violence? Or better yet….What are the chances of living a decent life and being able to provide for their own familia? Instead, they leech off their baby mamas or moms depending on government assistance Section 8, Food Stamps, WIC, and Welfare! Finally, El Chicano help empower our youth and veteranos to be proud and take care of their familias, get educated, seek knowledge, be self-reliant, and get back your dignity and self-worth! An education is a terrible thing to waste! Volunteer and donate your time to help our YOUTH!

        And to all the haters of our new neighbors, ask yourself the following questions: “Pre and post birth, What did your parents want your life to be? Did they want you to be healthy? Safe? Loved? Educated? Secure? Special? Challenged? Proud? Caring? Self-Reliant? Have values? Be of moral character? Have character? Did your loved ones want you to live the American Dream? Did they want you to know the world? Travel? Live? and Love?

        ¿O piensas que tu padres hubieran preferido que fueras un mantenido, un burro, que no conoce la vida fuera de Highland Park? ¿Una vergüenza? ¿Un error? ¿Una lástima?

        STOP blaming the newcomers to our community! We do not own Highland Park. We share invested interest in maintaining the beauty of the serene valley, hills and arroyos. Green space is a peaceful place to love, live, and enjoy! Love and embrace Highland Park!

        • @Bobo, I actually agree with ‘almost’ everything you said. I am not one to advocate for gang violence, crime, or what not. What I am basically saying is “how do we rid gangs”? How can we bring peace to NELA? Are hipsters, whites, homeowners, the Anwser? Hell NO!!! They are fools if they think their presence will rid them. Their fools for buying property in a gang infested neighborhood. Should we all (law abiding citizens) just hold hands and listen to “Imagine” by the Beatles? All we can do is “Pray”, be vigilant, and teach our youth of growing up to be model citizens. We shouldnt outcast our immigrant neighbors, we shouldn’t pull our children from public schools into the private sector to be with whites only, we shouldn’t proclaim ourselves of better moral fiber just because we own property. Viva la Raza Bobo. Remember that we are a conquered people. Do not allow whites and their white priviledged lives to brainwash your intellect. They will always choose their own over our beautiful RAZA. Don’t forget, Brown is beautiful. Brown is the future.

          • “We are conquered people”. Lol. Conquered by who? Your own Spanish ancestors conquered your indigineous ancestors. Typical dumbass. Sounds like you feel inferior to white people.

          • “All we can do is ‘pray’,be vigilant…. Great solution. El Victimo is a great example of why you should put your kids in private school. He doesn’t even know his own history.

          • @El Chicano – The manner in which you make statements concerns me! There are some individuals on this thread who elect to make comments that cause further divide among our Highland Park community. We should all share a common bond to STOP gang violence in Highland Park. The newcomers are not our salvation, nor are they our enemy! They want what we should all want – PEACE and ZERO GANG VIOLENCE! This a beautiful place to live! Although, I do not share your viewpoints, I will respectfully agree to disagree. You are right! BROWN is beautiful! But, so are all the other ethnic diverse groups in Highland Park!

            Chicano, I am not a conquered or oppressed individual. That would only happen if I elected to give someone that power over me. I am smart enough to know who I am and where I came from! I do not need anyone to remind me that I am Mexican! I am not Chicana! But, what you are saying sounds like Chicano Studies 101. I’ve been there and done that! I’ve heard it all! And, the one thing I learned throughout my many years of course studies was the following: Explore, Investigate, Plan, Solve, and Think for myself! “Don’t believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” THINK for yourself!

          • El Chicano is an injustice collector,someone who blames others for their problems, asserts nothing is their fault and contends everyone is insulting them even when it’s not true.”

          • “Imagine” is by John Lennon
            Yes praying your way out is the way.
            Magic Sky God cares about football touchdowns and communities inability to institute accountability and respect in youth.
            You do know that Jewish and German immigrants built Highland Park right?
            Thats right you are living in European built homes; and later on, cheaply built stucco boxes built by Koreans and Persian businessmen, sounds like LaRaza to me.

        • @boboesponja, you are not a conquered or oppressed individual? Well good for you. But open your eyes and look around. Perhaps your RAZA is! What are you doing to better the circumstances for your people? Why are Mexicans denied home loans at record levels? Why are Mexicans outcast as criminals, rapists, drug dealers? Why can’t Mexicans be firemen in a predominately Mexican LA county? Learn about “Nepotism”! Why can’t Mexicans be accepted into private universities? Why is there programs in LAUSD to advance people of color into colleges? Why is it so hard for Mexicans to get a car loan? One day take your family, if you have one, up the grapevine and see how our RAZA is exploited. Or better yet, ask a white neighbor of yours if he enrolled his children into a public school in the barrio. Those other ethnicities you speak of that are beautiful also, can care less about our RAZA. It isn’t Chicano Studies 101 as you say so. Its the reality we Chicanos, Mexicanos, and other latinos live. We belong here. This is our land. We’ve fought for it and we love it. You have a lot to learn apparently. About your RAZA.

          • What planet are you on. There are plenty of Latino fireman and homeowners in Los Angeles. Dude you are a perpetual victim. Didn’t you claim in another post that you own a home.

  13. They actually thought that gentrification was going to clean up the neighborhood. …………..wait for it……..


  14. There’s actually a new gang that’s trying to come in and take over

  15. mando, do you really have to reply multiple times to your own comment just to try and scare white people away from moving in and taking the rented property you refuse to pay for? No one is intimidated by you. You outright lie. Crime is at an all time low in HLP, in fact, the lowest it has been for the last 30 years..
    You’re turning into a real bore. You repeat the same idiotic, uneducated, foolish and embarrassing thuggish crap on every thread because you think it’ll scare the white folk.. Don’t end it all on such a dark, mean note. Just because you will soon succumb to heart disease, over-stuffed urethra, and plain ol’ stupidity doesn’t mean you have to be such a dick. Go out with a bang, have fun, smile again, say hi to your new neighbor, try and make love to your self one last time.

  16. Can Highland Park just get thier own website ..:www.highlandparkshootings.org I mean it’s all I read about on this site ….just saying

  17. Bua hahaha hah look at the northeast l.a police stats on their website genius, it will break every down for you.

  18. http://www.lapdonline.org/crime_mapping_and_compstat.

    Go to northeast crime stats, numbers don’t lie, lol

  19. Mando Medina is a known racist.

    Don’t be so afraid of white people, Mando. They don’t bite. (and they probably wouldn’t shoot you like your other neighbors)

  20. Wow mando is known as a racist…………..waif or it…………………….but haha haha hahaha okay, roflmao

  21. Hlp will never get gentrified

    • Highland Park will be ours.

      It already is Knuckle Head.

    • WRONG.. It is and very rapidly too. $800K for a 1000 sqft house, no views, small backyard, small lot, remodeled though..but still..
      and the 3 new coffeeshops that just opened on Fig and the countless new projects of restaurants, bars, more coffee shops that are about to happen in 2016..
      if this is not gentrification..what is?

  22. Buahahahshaha, okay

    • WRONG.. It is and very rapidly too. $800K for a 1000 sqft house, no views, small backyard, small lot, remodeled though..but still..
      and the 3 new coffeeshops that just opened on Fig and the countless new projects of restaurants, bars, more coffee shops that are about to happen in 2016..
      if this is not gentrification..what is?

  23. Lol redfin has hlp medium home prices at 585k, Los Angeles County medium home prices are at 565k sorry the bubble is about to explode

    • Medium home prices? So in addition to being a racist and a tough guy on your mom’s computer, you are not very smart.

      It’s median not medium, dummy.

  24. People don’t want to buy where crime is out a control, you will see, roflmao

  25. Stop gentrification

    Highland park has not been gentrified. Did any of you dummies attend the highland park parade. 90% mexicans.

    • If HLP hasn’t been gentrified… Why the name @stopgentrification?!? Have you walk on Fig lately? No gentrified? Sure…a house on Piedmont that is 2000 soft sold for just under 1 million dollar..unfortunately, it’s one of the fastest gentrification in CA.

  26. Stop gentrification

    All the family and friends I grew up with own homes. You dummies want to post comments like this on line. It’s cause of you dummies I don’t respect any hipsters. So keep putting down these lines of divisions. I hope the rest of the community catches on to your hate. And the gang issue is dying out. You guys just hate mexicans.

    • @stopgentrification what are you talking about? your comments are racist and dividing the most..

      • Stop gentrification

        Yeah they are now, only after realizing hipsters true feelings and intentions. When people make comments on my people like their trash or better then others, screw them. And you. When you make comments that we don’t work hard, screw them too. We are the working class. I bust my ass everyday. I mean every day. All this bullshit that mouses kitchen is gentrifiers head quarters. I’m hoping to see if anyone in their really can say that to my face.

        • @stopgentrification.
          When did I ever say you don’t work hard? When did I ever passed judgment on someone I don’t know? I have no idea who you are not you, who I am. My beef is is the blame on gentrification for everything.
          Now, yes, there are some problems that comes with gentrification and yes, those problems should be addressed and resolved but blaming gentrification for gang related murderes and violence is such a boring and invalid arguments. HLP has been plagued by violence for years. Murders after murders over stupid shit.
          Hipster’s true feelings?!?! Is a safer neighborhood…that’s all really.. It’s not about eradicate a community nor a race or a “white” only neighbor… That’s YOUR cop out and so much easy to point the finger at the big bad whity instead of finding a solution and trying to help a community that is in need of help. Latinos are also living in fear in HLP and in reality way more likely to be shots than the “hipster’s”.
          You are not even trying to be part of a solution, you just ranting hateful comments.
          And who cares what meme stands for..

    • Stop gentrification

      I never said it’s not being gentified, only that it hasn’t been done completely. Is your name meme, short for mamon?

      • Stop gentrification

        Solutions, talk about judgement you have no idea what I’ve done and haven’t done. If you don’t believe that there is a movement to eradicate a certain social class from the area your either naive or just playing dumb. On a earlier comments you were all judgmental and passing judgement. Boasting on how you guys are the hard working, blah blah b.s…

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