A new signal of safety on York Boulevard


HIGHLAND PARK — A new traffic signal at York Boulevard and Avenue 63 was welcomed this morning by a group of residents and city officials. The signal, one block of east of Figueroa near the new Starbucks and Highland Park senior center, was installed following several collisions, according to Councilman Jose Huizar, who spoke at this morning’s dedication.

Neighborhood groups, including the Garvanza Improvement Assn., have been lobbying for sometime to get a new signal installed. “This is another one the community has been requesting for decades that we were able to resolve,” according to a posting on the Council District 14 Facebook page. Please know that we’re not finished – there are more coming in all areas of Council District 14.”

What other crossing on York needs a traffic signal? Let us know in the comments.


Instructions for those who have not crossed a street in a while

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  1. ““This is another one the community has been requesting for decades that we were able to resolve,” according to a posting on the Council District 14 Facebook page.”


    I’m guessing an invader, aka a hipster, complained about not feeling safe on his tricycle and the stop light magically appeared over night.

  2. New stoplight also went into operation today at Laguna and Echo Park.

  3. I am so happy about this new light!! I bought my house 8 years ago nearby in Garvanza and this intersection has always been an issue.

  4. Invader? You mean the compassionate people who give a shit and rather not see a beautiful neighborhood continue it’s decay. The ilk that complains about changes in the neighborhood are the ones who have been horrible stewards of it, educate up.

    • Actually, the article states that pre-hipster-invasion residents of the area have been trying for decades to have a light put in. I’m guessing the Anglo element of the city council paid them no mind since it was just a bunch of brown folk pestering them for improvements. Once the nouveau-invaders made a fuss, it was fast-tracked.


      • You’re a horrible racist. Highland Park used to be majority white. If you were there at that point in time you would have been the one complaining about “invader mexicans destroying the neighborhood”

        • Hey Flanders!

          The last time Highland Park was majority white, you were watching Archie Bunker saying meathead and dingbat!

        • You mean the Anglos who came west after the racist federal government waged a war of aggression against Mexico and stole it’s land? You mean those Anglos? The same Anglos who stood by as the federal government, run by Anglos, deported AMERICAN CITIZENS by the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS to Mexico due to their brown skin? The same Anglos who settled on lands seized from Mexicans? Those Anglos?

          I’m starting to see a pattern here.

          Take a look at the street names around the city. Hint: Don’t pronounce them as Anglo words.

          • You mean the Mexicans (New Spaniards) who came north after the racist Catholic church campaign of terror and indoctrination against Native America and stole it’s land? You mean those Mexicans? The same Mexicans who settled on lands seized from Native Americans?

          • Weren’t we talking about a traffic signal?

          • We get it, you hate white people

          • Development of Missions and the Central Coast
            In 1769, a Spanish land expedition, led by Gaspar de Portola, left Baja California and reached the Santa Barbara Channel. In short order, five Spanish missions were established in Chumash territory. The Chumash population was eventually decimated, due largely to the introduction of European diseases. By 1831, the number of mission-registered Chumash numbered only 2,788, down from pre-Spanish population estimates of 22,000.

            The modern day towns of Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria were carved out of the old Chumash territory. The town of Santa Barbara began with Spanish soldiers who were granted small parcels of land by their commanders upon retiring from military service. After mission secularization in 1834, lands formerly under mission control were given to Spanish families loyal to the Mexican government. Meanwhile, other large tracts were sold or given to prominent individuals as land grants. Mexican authorities failed to live up to their promises of distributing the remaining land among the surviving Chumash, causing further decline in the Chumash population.

      • @Hollywood: What you’re saying is so demented that it reads like satire or mockery. Yet, it’s not funny, and you seem to be serious. So:

        “…the Anglo element of the city council paid them no mind since it was just a bunch of brown folk pestering them for improvements…”

        The whole city council is not relevant here, just the council member for CD14, because of the understanding council members have to not tread in each others’ districts.

        The current council member is, of course, Jose Huizar, who is not Anglo. The prior council member was Antonio Villaraigosa, also not Anglo, who for a time lived in Hermon. The one before that was Nick Pacheco, also Latino. Before that, Richard Alatorre, also Latino. Finally we’re back to an Anglo, Art Snyder, who left office in CD14 31 years ago in 1985.

        You seem to be arguing that the long shadow of Anglo Art Snyder has impeded this stoplight for the last 31 years? Which is obviously nuts.

        Sometimes a conspiracy is not the best explanation. I’d attribute the stoplight to the ongoing effort of Jose Huizar to bring some measure of safety to the pedestrians of CD14. The intersection gets a lot of car traffic, and it’s more and more heavily walked by pedestrians.

  5. Had they not changed the streets to “bicycle lane” traffic would have been fine. Allowing Starbucks to build without a side street ingress and egress causes vehicles to violate DMV rules for crossing across the street. There are solid lines that you can not cross but everyone does it to go to Starbucks and 99 cent store. Get the motor police there to see how many people violate DMV laws, going to the freeway and going forward across Fig, how many cross with no signal and exceed speed .

    • Solid yellow means No Passing, but according to the DMV you can cross double yellow and dashed yellow when turning into or out of a private road or driveway. [VC 21460. (a)-(c)]

      Not sure this signal was needed, I would have liked to see them try a flashing signal when pressed by a pedestrian. But now that it is there, hopefully they can work on the timing.

    • As HLP-D points out, you are wrong. It is legal to turn in/out of a private driveway.

      This segment of York has 4 lanes today. It had 4 lanes before the bike lanes… the capacity has not changed (granted some lanes were converted to turn lanes) and the bike lane prevents bicyclists from riding in the lane, which they are legally entitled to do otherwise. Given your questionable knowledge of the CVC, I’m not surprised you don’t understand this and that the bike lanes are pretty much irrelevant to this signal and traffic on this segment of York.
      If traffic is the issue on York, the signal wouldn’t fix it anyway.

      Based on prior articles it was added to address access and improve safety at this location.

      Why are you so obsessed with bike lanes?

  6. Love the instructions…Did not remember how you are supposed to cross.
    At least that lights only turns red when there’s a pedestrian wanted to cross or a vehicle waiting on Ave 63…

  7. Adding lights to the crosswalk would have been enough. The light’s timing needs to be improved. It turns red too often and we end up waiting for nothing.

    Also, if you’re one of those Starbucks drinkers in the morning, WAIT YOUR TURN AND STOP BLOCKING THE LANES.

  8. It’s just a crosswalk.

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