Councilman wants to rename Elysian Park Avenue in honor of Vin Scully

Elysian Park Avenue

ECHO PARK — Vin Scully has said that this upcoming baseball season will probably be his last as the play-by-play announcer for the Dodgers. Now, Councilman Gil Cedillo wants to honor the legendary sportscaster, who has been with the Dodgers for 66 seasons, by renaming Elysian Park Avenue, the two-block street that leads to the ballpark’s entrance off Sunset Boulevard, as Vin Scully Avenue.

A City Council motion introduced by Cedillo reads

In light of Vin Scully’s remarkable and unprecedented career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, it is appropriate that the name of a portion of Elysian Park Avenue from Sunset Boulevard to Dodger Stadium Way be legally changed to “Vin Scully Avenue.”

If the motion is approved by his fellow council members, the city’s Bureau of Engineering would be directed to start the process of the name change.

It would not be the first time a local street has been changed to a name connected with the ballpark. Stadium Way, for example, was once named Chavez Ravine Road.

Elysian Park Avenue

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  1. No. The current name is fine. Put up a memorial placard. “Vin Scully” was a great guy but its an ugly name.

    • wow. I venture to say you haven’t lived in LA or the Neighborhood long.
      Go back to school man.

      Vin Scully IS much more than ‘a great guy’, (not was)

      He is Angeleno, Dodger Baseball Royalty,
      one of The Greatest Sports Figures in History. Ever

      And he’s Outlived & Outlasted Everyone in the Game,
      careful he might just outlive you too.

      • Baseball is for stupes. Nothing against an announcer, but the park is for ALL, has a great name (Elysian – Paradise), and needs no change. It was bad enough when Macy Street was changed to Cesar Chavez Avenue. PS I grew up with Red Barber in The Bronx, a nice man, but we didn’t change things for him, either.

        • Tony the Main Spoon


          Peeps in the Bronx should treat their local Legends better. In Los Angeles, especially the surrounding localities of Dodger Stadium, Dodger Town(s) we LOVE Vin Scully and I am certain this is going to happen given the road leads up to the Stasium itself. Ya dum-dum.

    • Is a great guy. He’s still kickin (and announcing) at 88.

    • “’Vin Scully’” was a great guy . . . .


    • Are you serious?? This guy is a Dodger legend and it’s the least they can do.

  2. I’m in favor of the new name, especially since I can NEVER remember the current name and have somehow decided at one point that it was called Stadium Entrance Way.

    • Am I the only person who gets confused between Elysian Park Ave, Elysian Park Drive, Park Drive and Park Row Drive?

      Vin Scully Ave would be distinctive.

  3. Tony the Main Spoon


  4. Drive.

    Vin Scully Drive.

    Much more Refined-sounding in the Classic Character of the Man,
    the Neighborhood & the Street itself ~ Vin Scully Drive.

  5. This is what you’re spending your efforts on, Cedillo? How about making Figueroa safe for your constituents?

  6. No thanks. Elysian Park Ave. is already a great name for a road leading to… Elysian Park. There’s more than just a baseball stadium there. But if Cedillo is fishing for things to do while Rome burns, he could introduce a motion to bring back the old name of Stadium Way – viva Chavez Ravine Road! (An aside: I am more concerned now the councilman is kind of an idiot….)

  7. It’s a bad idea! It’ll cause the living residents of the neighborhood to feel funny about their beloved Elysian Park name going the way of a wealthy real estate developer who doe NOT live in their neighborhood! WHY?

  8. I’ve never agreed with the idea of memorializing people in public spaces while they’re still alive.

    • Yeah because it really makes much more sense to express gratitude to someone after they are dead and can’t appreciate it.

      • Yes, George Bush Intercontinental Airport expresses almost as much gratitude as the Pico/Chick Hearn Blue Line station, or all of the crappy intersections–ahem–“squares” that we keep naming–purely out of gratitude, of course.

  9. As we all know by now, they have done this – renamed it Vin Scully Ave. I think it’s wonderful to do this while this revered man is still alive! He’s a humble treasure of a man, beloved by all the Dodger fans. What better tribute to
    someone who is such a huge and legendary part of Los Angeles!

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