Floyd’s 99 opening up Silver Lake barbershop

What happens to the sign?

What happens to the sign?

Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE –  Floyd’s 99 Barbershop will be opening a store in the former home of Sun Lake Drugs at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Parkman Avenue, according to the co-owner of the property known for its neon signage.

Floyd’s, a nationwide chain that promotes itself as the “Original Rock ‘n’ Roll Barbershop,” has agreed to lease the former drug store and the adjacent El Figurin Barbershop Shop, which has been in operation for 40 years, according to the landlord, who did not want to be identified by name.

“As we reviewed offers from potential tenants, we remained mindful of what impact our decision would have on the community and local businesses,” said the co-owner. “Floyd’s 99 will begin demolition and construction this week, with an expected completion date around April-May.”  The Eastsider has contacted Floyd’s for more details.

Many potential tenants — from restaurants and apparel stores – expressed interest in leasing the space,  said Nicole Deflorian, a broker with Clint Lukens Realty. “I was getting calls every day.”

The stretch of Sunset near Parkman lacks the foot traffic and recognition of Sunset Junction to the west. But it has in recent years attracted numerous new restaurants and shops that have opened amid the auto repair and body shops that line the street. “There is room for more change in that area,” Deflorian said.

One of those changes will likely include the neon Sun Lake Drugs signs that shine over the intersection. The co-owner of the building said that the lease requires Floyd’s to preserve the signage but not keep it in the same location. She expects the signs to come down.

“I don’t think the ‘drug’ sign will fit with Floyd‘s 99 logo,” said the co-owner of the building in an email. ” However, we wanted to be sure that the sign would not be demolished and would be carefully removed for us to store elsewhere.”

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  1. Culturally Unwelcoming

    crap. what a useless addition to the neighborhood.

  2. ANOTHER bespoke barbershop?? How clever an idea!! Lmfao

  3. I think the community needs to get together to force them to keep the original neon exactly where it is. This is a neighborhood ‘placemaker’ that should not be removed.

  4. That’s messed up. Right next to the Figurin. David and Figurin have been cutting hair there longer than any of you ever thought about moving to these “hip” neighborhoods.

    • I believe the Figurin may done.

      David’s cut my hair for a while now, and he said that either (I didn’t understand all the details) their lease was up or Figurin was retiring and David couldn’t cover the lease. Love that place.

  5. “Original Rock ‘n’ Roll Barbershop” = douchebag palace.

  6. SERIOUSLY??? Right next to David and Figurin???? This is just insulting to them. I talking with them in the convenient store next door and catching some of the lakers/clippers game playing on the TV while I’m running errands. I mean this is just dumb.

  7. I think the article reads that El Figurin is going to be leased by Floyds’s as well which means they will or have already closed.

  8. This sucks. It just sucks. I actually would go there to get a haircut if they kept the sign and kept that cool corner building cool. Bummer.

  9. Short of resurrecting Howard McNear and having him be the barber, there is no way that this could even begin to replace El Figurin. Jose Marti is rolling over as I write this. The loss of El Figurin was a really sad day for the neighborhood to say the least. The landlord and new tenant really have some nerve displacing a neighborhood fixture like El Figurin, which was truly one of a kind, with some popish, fopish chain.

  10. Wait is the barbershop staying or going? It’s the same property, two different stores. This is so stupid, but not many businesses could afford $5 a foot except for contrived chain Hot Topic meets Supercuts. A bespoke barbershop this is not.

  11. For those who want to stick to a barber that has roots going back in the neighborhood the guys at Manly and Sons Barber Co. are still cutting heads on Alvarado just below Sunset every day. They offer an authentic masculine barbering environment, not a chichi salon type of vibe like Floyd’s 99 is sure to have.

    • Roots in the neighborhood? They’ve been there about a year.

      • I just need to know if it’s for men because I am a man.

        • With a name like Manly and Sons I think it is safe to say that it is indeed a virile and masculine establishment established by men for men. As a man expressly looking for an establishment for men, I think you will find Manly and Sons to be exactly the kind of unfeminine barber that you are looking for.

  12. Sounds like Melrose in the making. Very sad to hear this. I hope Cafe Tropical stays forever. I love that place so much.

  13. Yuck! I miss Sun Lake Drugs and Dean!

  14. Isn’t there a Floyd’s like one mile down the road from this location? Also on Sunset? Seems like an odd business decision, at the very least.

    • Actually it’s a Rudy’s barbershop. I thought the same thing but the other locations aren’t very close to this one.



  17. These comments should be sent to Floyds whoever they are. Ive never heard of Floyds.

  18. Resorting to personal attacks? I continue to be in disbelief over how people think that renting their property at market value is a crime. If you’re upset your fav business is going out of business, then you probably should have given that biz more money.

    If you don’t like the new establishment, vote with your wallet by not going.

    Personal attacks on someone doing their job just like any other commercial property broker does is classless.

    • “What I typically do is I go in, I see a store that’s like an old appliance store that’s not going to last for another year or so, so I try to figure out how to get in touch with the owner – like say that I got hit in the back parking lot and I need to call insurance, so I need the property owner’s information.”

      It’s not a personal attack. She is actually the worst.

      • Concerned community member

        I completely agree with you. And if everyone has seen the update, they have tried their best to incorporate some of the neighborhoods culture in their mural based on feedback. Which btw the owner wanted to use the wall as an add so he can make extra money. (I have an aunt who is close with the person in charge of the space) Floyds wanted the neighborhood included as much as they can. They had to take down the drugs sign because have a big neon sign that simply says “drugs” might leave a bad impression on some who aren’t as familiar with the history as locals are. So before thinking this is the worst thing in the world, try to get to know the business. Yes they are a chain but they are still family owned and the people who own them are actually caring and love to try and bring revenue to the communities they serve. Don’t believe me? Look it up! They even donated $15000 to the Orlando relief fund due to the tragedy that recently struck. I am a member of the community so I did my research before bashing on a family business that just so happens to be doing well for themselves.

  19. There’s a great locally owned barber shop 2 blocks away called “The New California”.
    No appointment, just walk-in.
    No reason to go to floyds,

  20. Great, another chain moving into our area forcing out a local business that actually served the community! Who needs prescriptions when you can get an overpriced haircut from a faux-hipster barbershop?

  21. Is the “co-owner” of the property the same person as the “landlord who does not want to be identified by name” who leased the space to Floyd’s under the condition the new renant is responsible for removing and preserving the Sun-Lake Drugs sign?
    Or is this an elaborate semantic contrivance to forestall any effort at historic designation for the signange before it gets ripped out, carted up, given an inflated certificate of appraisal, and donated to the Museum of Neon Signage in exchange for a juicy federal tax deduction.
    How many complimentaryFloyd’s buzzcuts do i win if i guess correctly that Clint Lukens is not only the leasing broker but also the owner of this property?

  22. I got suckered into going to floyds once, I’ll never go back. I hope the neighborhood barbers can force floyds to relocate.

  23. My dad David worked at El Figurin Barbershop, he now works at Wendy’s Beauty Salon and Barber not far from where Figuring barbershop was the address is 2502 West Sunset LA. You can make an appointment with him by calling (213)413-0459 you can also follow him on Instagram @davidscuts.

  24. Floyd are not barbershops !! They are salons that look and act like barbershops !!! Don’t Believe , wait till it opens and walk in .

  25. Local Barbershops have nothing to worry about , Floyds can never get the respect of a real barbershop from the neighborhood. Im a barber and i do not like what they are doing to barber industry . They also pay the lowest . You can make 3 times more money at a small traditional shop !!

  26. This is the most disgusting GENTRIFICATION I have ever seen (and I was in SF for 9 years). HOW can we stop this? How can we get involved? First off, VOTE in the Silverlake Election this coming weekend.

    I am in REGION 2 and I am supporting BARBARA RINGUETTE as she is fighting against the gentrification of our streets. We need her to help organize the neighbors!!!!!


  27. Why don’t they hire a local artist to paint a unique mural on the wall instead of putting up their generic, paint-by-numbers garbage. It’s just makes the neighborhood feel sterile and corporate.

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