Homeless man found shot dead in Sycamore Grove Park [updated]

HIGHLAND PARK — A man described as a transient was found shot dead this afternoon in Sycamore Grove Park, police said. The victim is the second homeless man who has been found killed in or near the park in recent months.

The male Latino in his 30s sustained a gunshot wound to the head but it’s not clear when or where he was shot, said Lt. Ryan Shatz with the LAPD Northeast Division. The suspect or suspects remain at large.

One Eastsider reader said there had been major gang activity, including vandalism and tagging, in the park last night. One person living near the park heard three gunshots at about about 12:30 a.m today, according to the reader. That information could not be confirmed with the police.

Last July, a male transient was found  bludgeoned to death  near a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Arroyo Seco Parkway next to the park.

Update on Monday, Jan. 18:  Police identified the victim as Kaelyn Michael Tarin.  The victim was age 19 and suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the toroso and a laceration to the head, according to new information provided by police.

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  1. It is so sad too see so many homeless people in this country one of the richest.He was young and I’m sure he was up to no good.

    • Angela I’m so sure he was up to no good right? What an ignorant statement made on your behalf. This was my cousin and he was homeless by choice to stay with his homeless mom. He was a normal good kid and didn’t deserve to die like that. It’s people like you that judge other human beings for they’re situations without knowing facts that literally make me cringe. Or just don’t open up your mouth without knowing facts.

      • The eastsider talks crap, who is that person your up to know good, I watched my child, he got killed I found him, and he was not taken to the hospital, he was nit 30 he was a child, 19 years old,and he was not up to know good, so get it straight,its people like you you need to get your story straight, your the person up to no good, stop stalking the homeless, who shot my child, he wS 19, nit 30. Hello be straight.

    • Check yourself, maybe you werent, do not judge, the consequences

  2. I wonder if the Eastsider reader who said there was major gang activity in the park last night reported it to 911 while it was occurring. Same re person hearing gunshots.

    If not, what might be reason? Fear of retaliation? Didn’t think LAPD would follow up?

    If retaliation is the reason, people need to contact LAPD anonymously.

    To provide anonymous tips, text CRIMES (274637) on your cell phone and begin the message with the letters LAPD.

    You may submit an anonymous tip anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone 800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477)

    Other numbers for Anonymous reporting are available at: http://www.lapdonline.org/report_a_crime

    • Stop gentrification

      There’s no such thing as anonymity. No witness no conviction.

      • Yes, gentrification has quickly set in on York Blvd., and now on Figueroa. There are many new businesses that attract the eye , while driving. The construction if the bridge near San Fernando brings the traffic to reroute mostly to the fwy that is congested in the mornings. A new school by Colorado and Figueroa too. I been in highland park, all my life and have notice the dangers in the crosswalks. Recently I have been around four incidents when people were ran over. On Halloween a set of twins girls by ARCO, a mother near the bank, a student by vons, then another student by cvs, dye to terrorists threats schools close down and was going home. No one has has seen the changes or what? We need the flickery lights on the ground and on the side for street crossways. It’s the times. Then the tension of the prices and rent due to gentrification, the original people are being pushed out of the community. I hear it where ever I go, the fear and anger. It’s not surprisingly things are happening due to reaction of the unknown. But where’s the education awareness or assistance, to reduce some of this panic. Mostly, its hurting those that live in the community not the new comers. How many more have to give their lives in incidents to bring some modern safety light to the streets. Some updated resources in how to handle gentrification, awareness. Change is good, but I am talking of a community that’s had hold themselves in only one town, Highland Park and there is no other view then itself. Likewise, the legalized marijuana, whose affected more…. Yes, the community needs psychological awareness resources before the community becomes more uncomfortable, I might say.

        • Yeah, the gang bangers must be FURIOUS at the steady stream of homeless people moving in and gentrifying their barrio.

          • Who are you, homeless is homeless, they are not judgemental on ruining the city thats a weak comment, this is reality

        • @georginaRlopez
          How on earth are you linking obviously gang related crimes in a heavy gang neighborhood to gentrification?!?! Enough with blaming gentrification for this senseless violence. There is documented corrolation between gangs and transient people. A lot of the burglary have been done by transient on gangs orders. They are been paid in drugs. Most likely this guy didn’t hold his end of the bargain and got murdered for it.
          yes, with gentrification comes some problems and I agree that there are things to be taken into consideration and paid attention to. But gang violence form a neighborhood that has been renewed for being extremely violent, is not what of them. Instead if looking outwards as far as the violence is concerned and blame new comers.. Look inwards in those generations of gangs and gangs affiliations where families are turning a blind eyes on having a son, a father, a brother that is literally an executioner, a murderer. The hold or not the hood.. Things are changing and they are changing for the best as far as I am concerned.

          • Excuse me how do you know these things, you must know something about this crime. How could you say about this drug warfare that took place, because quote unquote, he was given drugs for money, highly doubt that, for he was not on there bargain, whats up woman, do you know this is not a game, your saying unwanted comments, who are you to judge, that he got murdered in regards to that, what weed, that would be the last, and a bargain that didnt go right come again on that comment, you betterbe straight, your judging this out of proportion I suggest you watch yourself, before making unwanted comments

      • A tip to police re: shots fired could still result in emergency vehicles arriving in time to save a life, or catching the fleeing shooter.

    • Nope not at all, its the epitome of the nature of this crime, you not homeless they were to survive, not die as long as we were in the park who are you to judge angela r u homeless, do you know how long they all stood homeless there, no one bothered them only the rangers, thats a senseless night he would never stay alone at the park, but so happened he was alone, everyone he knew the homeless person, had car trouble, you know who did this, stop playing games, senseless and no stop judging the homeless, maybe to say the wrong words, whos not up to no good you are

  3. U GUYS NEED TO GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE U WRITE ABOUT IT U ONLY GOT ONE THING CORRECT. HE WAZ SHOT IN SYCAMORE PARK BUT HE WAZ JUST A BOY 19yrs old and he waz not a gangmember he never did anything to noone and he waz not latino plz correct it thankz

  4. LA can not arrest its way out of criminal activity. We can become a community! We can care enough to do our part! Report to LAPD if you see suspicious behavior, form a NeighborHood Watch group, and report gang-graffiti to 311.

    Lastly, the streets are no place for anyone; especially the homeless population! This vulnerable group needs to seek help; whether it rehabilitation of addictions, medical, psychological, trade & vocational, educational, and/or economic ($$$) and get off the streets.

    The homeless pandemic does not belong to LA alone! Federal, State, and County resources must be used to improve and resolve this need. Homelessness is a safety issue for everyone living in HP!

    • @BoboEsponja, all the remedies you mentioned sound like hopeful wishing. The truth of the matter is is that Skid Row is no longer a welcomed haven for homeless people. LA beaurcrats have declared WAR on Skid Row. With the backing of hipsters/gentrifiers and Police these homeless people have migrated everywhere in LA because Skid Row is being shut down. Also, the last resort for many of these homeless people who are mentally ill or addicted to drugs is jail. There is practically no more mental hospitals in the city to house and treat these sick people. They are left alone to squander for themselves because our “society” has turned their backs to them. Ask youself this Bobo, when was the last time you fed, housed or bathed someone homeless????? Please don’t come on here and throw your solutions out there like your ideals are the cure to end homelessness and don’t pretend to be all holy. First, admit theres a problem. Second, look for a solution. Third, do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed @bobesponha

    • Correction never was a gangmember from where, stop the rumors,

  5. I drove by this yesterday as they were slowly Yellow taping up the park. There is so much more to this story that is not being reported. Example There was a tent How was he found??? The two ladies I saw being interviewed???

    Regardless of what was It sounds like its not safe to even be homeless …period in that area.


    • @lisa hipsters ruining the city?!?! Can you please expend on this?
      It’s the hipster’s fault that there are cold blood murderers roaming HLP and taking like for nothing?
      Is it the hipster’s fault that a young girl got seriously aggressors and nearly raped at 630 pm on York Blvd by the McDonald?
      Is it the hipster’s fault that 2 young girls got executed and their bodies left 300 yards form the main trail in Deb’s Park?
      Is it the hipster’s fault that transients people are getting bludgeon to death or shot multiple time in the chest?
      Is it the hipster’s fault that 2 women stab to death a guy on 59th and fig and left him to die in the street?
      Is it the hipster’s fault that a kid got run over by a truck and died on the spot on 60tj and Fig?
      Anything else you want to blame on the hipster’s?

      • Stop gentrification

        Yes the displacement of many Latino families. For self full feeling greed and arrogance. That’s what usually comes with a silver spoon up their butts..

        • @stopgentrification I agree that displacement is a problem., there is no argument there. That said, there is also some Latinos that are selling their house that they bought 50 years for $16k for… $800k, like my neighbor, she is so happy.. And my other neighbor is doing the same., she can’t wait to cash out.
          There are ALSO Latinos home owners that are raising the rent on their Latino tenants and there also Latimos business owners that are profiting from the gentrification.
          I guarantee you that the % of Latino homeowners that is trying to evicte their tenants to make more $$ from hipster’s is pretty high.
          Capitalism has no color.

        • @stopgentrigication and you think the new comers to Highland Park are all born with a silver spoon up their butts?! Really?!
          Some, most definitely and others no. A lot of grips, movie electricians and working class for the movies are moving to Highland Park.. Not born with silver spoon up their ass but working all their life too.

          • Stop gentrification

            Like you said most. Though not are all bad the majority would love nothing more but to get rid of every low income Latino family.

        • It’s fulfilling, not “full feeling”. Unbelievable, lausd has failed all of us as well!

        • Stop Gentrification thinks 100k a year is rich.! Lol.

          • Stop gentrification

            No I dont, I make 100k a year. I’m a union electrician. So 100k is working class. That’s why I laugh at people who make that and think their rich. Have no idea about class and capitalism. Greed. And if they weren’t born with a silver spoon up their butts their definitely of the privilege class, white. And if you don’t buy that motion your full of it, and have no idea how it can be for a young minority kid growing up in a inner city community.

          • Stop gentrification

            Dumb ass. That one back fired. Oh wait I have great insurance to. $5 deductible, my kids are covered. Wait I also have a great annuity. $5 an hour going into that. And my wife makes good money also. Tuupid. So what does that have to do with anything. I’m no better then the dude scrapping pennies off the street.

      • Could not of said it better myself .thank you
        And if you have never been homeless you need to zip it.

      • That particular group are not vulnerable, they are getting help as we speak, your comments do not make sense, at the time of this incident we all said good bye to them who were going in all there spots.The homeless and yeah, he only had that tent for just two days, not to even enjoy it, the third night he called killed , I found my son, and there were not two ladies being interviewed, so as you drove up passed it being taped, who are you to ask a question of the homeless, hipters, be real, its all homeless who knew homeless, they all took care of each other , your ruing the comments of all of this and get your comments right

    • I totally Agree with you..Although the comments above make me sick To read. This was my husband’s SON AND HE WAS Not a Gang Member Nor a GANG BANGER…No where did it say This was gang related…This blows my mind that You people can sit There in Ur homes and make judgment on people wen you have No idea of the situation This Poor child was in..Instead of sitting there and running your mouths, knowing there is homeless leoe out there, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT if ur tired of seeing all the people homeless. Sometimes these Poor kids and Leoe dont have the luxury or option tonrecieve the help they need and get turned down..As for Us we had No idea he was living in a tent until yesterday afternoon wen We were notified That some Punk KID THAT HAS NO SOUL shot My husband’s son…This is such a cowardly act and I will never understand why or how some one can take someone else’s life…But please people get Ur facts straight be fore making judgment..He was a good kid and Did not deserve this in any way…

  6. This is his brother’s FB page. https://www.facebook.com/aaron.tarin
    And his mother’s https://www.facebook.com/mnlyntarin
    Please respect them at their time of loss.
    I’m only posting to answer the ethnicity question.

    • Thank you For Your post..PLEASE PEOPLE JESUS…HAVE SOME RESPECF TO OUR FAMILY DURING THIS TIME OF LOSS, MY HUSBAND is morning the loss of his child as well as kealyns Mother. There was a comment above about being homeless, until u are actually homeless people then u have no fricken right to talk shit…Get a life instead of getting on here to bash people during their time of loss, especially when you have NO IDEA WHATS GOING ON, SO PLEASE HAVE SOME SERIOUS RESPECT….HE WAS ONLY 19RS OLD….MAY YOU REST IN PEACE sweet Angel Keayln Tarin..

  7. Who gave the name hipster it’s preppy get it rite .
    Hipsters were people that thived on freedom and cared for human life. Not this b.s. about the homeless if anything they should be first priority they are Americans or vets …wake up people stop being so self centered

  8. I am assuming Stop Gentrification and El Chicano rent. And it is our fault .

    The houses bought after people took out loans they couldn’t pay are bought with blood money earned by rich white people who moved to Highland Park.
    Because everyone knows if you are rich and white you want to move to Highland Park because of the welcoming environment and Ocean front views, not the relatively cheap housing in 2008 and 2009. Where if you bought then your mortgage payment cheaper than paying rent now.
    When I am slaving and swinging a hammer at someones house and employing local construction (mostly latino)workers I am contributing to the downfall of Highland Park and the murders of gang members.
    When I am carrying 100 lb bags of concrete or piles of lumber and waking up at 5am to do so, it is very hard on the silver spoon in my ass.
    I bare the responsibility when somebody refuses to use birth control and have kids a 17, 18 .
    I take blame for my 40 year old neighbor two blocks over who lives with his parents and has had the police helicopter over his house telling him to come out with his hands up.
    I lament over the fact that I went to a state university school in the midwest and paid for it by routing out sewage and framing houses in sub zero temperatures. That really froze my silver spoon.
    I have serious guilt for working myself to the point where I can spend a day off addressing some of the misguided musings of the LAUSD finest. The joy of deciphering the assault on punctuation and grammar is silenced only buy the ghetto bird flying overhead looking for Smokey or Joker.
    A local young man I have help me, when he is not in school ,once stated; “the haters can stay stuck blaming others for their situation, but I’m not going to get caught sleeping on change.” So true, so true.

    • 2008/09 was still pretty bubbly, though the bubble had already burst, so if you had bought then you still likely overpaid. 2011/2012 was when you would have bought low.

    • Stop gentrification

      You should have been a electrician instead of a Carpenter. Lol

    • Stop gentrification

      Downtown is the new ocean front view. Why you carrying 100 lb. Bags of cement. That’s a lie. I’m sure you have workers and not a worker yourself. So stop being cheap and slaving your immigrant workers. Because you and I know know you don’t have a white crew and order a cement truck and a pump. Email me when you need a real electrician, instead of that hack you must hire.

    • That particular group are not vulnerable, they are getting help as we speak, your comments do not make sense, at the time of this incident we all said good bye to them who were going in all there spots.The homeless and yeah, he only had that tent for just two days, not to even enjoy it, the third night he called killed , I found my son, and there were not two ladies being interviewed, so as you drove up passed it being taped, who are you to ask a question of the homeless, hipters, be real, its all homeless who knew homeless, they all took care of each other , your ruing the comments of all of this and get your comments right

  9. I’ve seen his mom on the streets for years. I had no idea she had a son. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a mom living as his has in plain sight of the whole community. If she had a place to stay all of her problems wouldn’t have been solved but at least she’d be able to take shower, keep her belongings safe, lock the door at night, and have her son stay with her and not have to worry about being confronted by murderous creeps looking to victimize strangers.

    • Yeah whoever you are so be it, all the homeless knew who I was and my son , alll the homeless, yeah we were in the street on behalf of me as his mom and I we have our bonds, he respected others and to see a senseless coward, who commited a crime or a random act you and I knew, this crime was senseless, Respect it good you knew me so whats the story, what do you want, they killed my son.

    • And again thats petty thinking get a grip, eho are you to judge, I suppose you took homeless things, did you know little bear, teah thats right, we are Native so be it,

  10. Hope it wasn’t Rudy. He’s cute

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