Sunday Survey: Where do you satisfy your pizza cravings now that Pizza Buona is gone?

Photo by Martin Cox

ECHO PARK — Pizza Buona is history (God, we miss those garlic bread sticks!). The neighborhood pizzeria is looking for a new location, though it may not be in Echo Park. But there’s still plenty of options in Echo Park to buy pizza-by-the slice or an entire pie. What’s your favorite pizza joint in Echo Park? Two Boots? Little Caesars? Let us know by taking the Echo Park Pizza Poll. We’ll publish the results next week.

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  1. not trying to be a dick..i’ve lived in echo park for 9 years and i never went there to satisfy my pizza cravings..been going to tomato pie for that the last few years though!

    • Like Mike I never go to Buona. After 13 years in Echo Park I went to Buona only a couple of times. Never really liked it. At all. Hard Times was okay. Garage is okay. Cheech’s Pizza is pretty good. Of course Casa Bianca. All are superior to Buona.

  2. that’s too bad. pizza buona was fantastic. i’ve had tomato pie exactly 3 times. every time i think it tastes tastes like a frozen mama celeste pizza. no buona,

  3. Pizza Buona was fantastic , but I shouldn’t be eating pizza that much anyway. If I really need it, I’ll make the drive to Casa Bianca.

  4. Didn’t Hard Times Pizza move to Echo Park from Silver Lake? Not a fan of Hard Times, just surprised it wasn’t included in the survey!

  5. Never had Pizza Buona but Tomato Pie is very tasty. I also love Two Boots, esp the Tony Clifton slice. Holy crap it’s fantastic.

  6. Where do you satisfy your pizza cravings now that Pizza Buona is gone? Any New York pizzaria, even before that place closed. If you are talking about pizza or bagels, it’s only New York!

  7. Sadly, the three times I went to Pizza Buona, the pizza was soggy and uncooked int he middle, and the ingredients tasted canned. I’ve supported Masa and Two Books for years (Masa nearly a decade!) and will continue to support these businesses. Hard Times is also very affordable, and I’m glad it’s in the neighborhood now.

    • LA Pizza next to Sunset Beer is quite good–I prefer it by far to Two Boots. Masa very good, though hardly “Chicago” style, as they profess. But for best value, I’m sticking with Little Caesar’s Deep Dish.

  8. Masa is the best! Pizza Buona tasted like burnt Digiorno.

  9. The California pizza at Masa and the baked potato pizza at Mohawk Bend are my favorites. And the pizza I make at home.

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