Survey Says: Permit parking finds strong support

Last week’s Sunday Survey asked readers if they would support permit-parking on their block. A wide majority – nearly 70% – of the 179 persons who took the survey responded with a “Yes.”  It may not be too surprising but those who normally parked on the street favored permits by a much wider margin than those who don’t use street parking (75.4% vs 41.3%).   A large majority – about 65% –  said they parked their vehicles more than one block away from their homes at least once during the past week.

Check out the charts below for the poll results and a list of locations where readers said they wanted permit parking.

My block needs permit parking:


  1. Just so you know, permit parking is the not the silver bullet people might think. You pay for permits to park on your own street – that you fund with your tax dollars (unlike other jurisdictions that give them to residents for free), and then the city may or may not enforce the rules. So you’ve paid for a permit and still find on certain days there is nowhere to park.

    • Absolutely correct H.W., plus they generally only give you 2 parking permits regardless of how many vehicles you own. Not the solution to the parking situation.

      • The fact that some people own more than two vehicles is the main reason the rest of us have trouble finding parking on our own street.

    • It isn’t “your” street, it’s shared public space. The city isn’t responsible for storage of your private property. As I see it, they’re actually doing residents a favor with parking permits because the price is typically a fraction of what you’d pay for market rate parking in an apartment with a spot, or at a nearby garage.

  2. Not much of a scientific poll. Certainly not random, so not a representative cross section of the area. And too small a number of respondents vs. the population in the area to be of any significance no matter the results. Did it explain to respondents that they have to pay for that permit? And did it mention they can’t accommodate people for a party, won’t have permits for more than one or two of them, and even those are an extra cost. And they impose the limit on everyone on the street whether they want it or not, not just themselves?

    No matter the results, I think this kind of survey and on various topics is only a disservice as it can result only in misinformation about where people stand. As such, it is bad journalism.

    • Sounds like you just don’t like the results. 170 respondents is pretty solid! But of course, they might not all be area stakeholders. Anyway, it’s just a glimpse at what people are feeling. It’s not hard science.

  3. The survey also asked respondents to state whether or not they had ever had trouble patronizing a local business because of permit parking restrictions, but for some reason the results of that question are not reported here.

    There are certain neighborhoods whose businesses I avoid patronizing almost entirely because of absurd resident-only parking permit restrictions (often applied to blocks and blocks of nearly empty streets).

    • The results of the question are shown in the third chart.

    • Ditto on the avoiding permitted areas. Also, I have a friend who’s store may go out of business because of pending permits on the street she’s on. There’s always parking on said street, it’s just a bunch of NIMBYs who don’t want people parking there.

  4. Permit parking is the ONLY way my neighbors and myself get to park near our homes. If you against this you either do not own a car or are oblivious to reality.

  5. We had permit parking in Sacramento and it made it very, very hard for our friends to visit us. I hated it.

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