Barbershop revival spreads to Echo Park

American Barbershop to move into former shoe store

American Barbershop to move into former shoe store

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — After losing ground to the unisex salons, a new generation of barbershops that cater primarily to men with haircuts and shaves have made a comeback of sorts in recent years. Echo Park is already home to Manly & Sons and the New California Barbershop. Now, a new player from Orange County, American Barbershop, is planning to open an 18-seat shop on Sunset Boulevard with a decidedly man cave-like atmosphere.

“We are going to be a big, loud shop,” said American Barbershop owner George Mendoza, who has leased the former Crown Shoes store for barbershop.

The 42-year-old Mendoza, who has also owned barbershops in the Inland Empire in addition to the current American Barbershop in Downtown Santa Ana, is no stranger to Echo Park, where he frequently visited his grandparents and other family members. The former shoe store on Sunset near Echo Park Avenue, which had been one of several storefronts on the block that had been up for lease,  is bigger than he would have preferred. But Mendoza said it provides a lot of visibility, which is important to a business that relies a lot on walk-in traffic.

In addition to haircuts starting at $25, American Barbershop’s Echo Park location will also sell men’s grooming products, like pomades, as well as t-shirts.

Mendoza is currently renovating the storefront, exposing brick walls, wood rafter and beams and windows that have long been covered over with signage. He is planning to open before the summer.

While his business will cater primarily to men, Mendoza acknowledge the importance of women, especially moms who bring in their sons for a haircut,  to his business. “We want a masculine atmosphere but we have to be careful that we don’t scare away women.”

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  1. Glad they are uncovering the architectural beauty of this place. You could tell it was hidden under there. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. this sounds like a decent business owner with ties to the community– how refreshing!

    barber shops are the new coffee shop, what with Rudy’s or whatever taking over the beautiful Sun Lake Drugs (all the while kicking out an old school barber from the same property!) this place sounds similar to vinny’s on virgil, which is the best barber shop in town.

  3. I will be seriously impressed if there is ever a moment in the shop’s first year of business when eighteen barbers are simultaneously cutting eighteen customers’ hair.

  4. Finally! Everyone around here has been dying for those bad ass OC haircuts. Need that Social Distortion look asap.
    BTW do you spell “corny” with a c or a k?

    • Yes< why of course you would sarcastically make fun of someone trying to make a living and make a business move for themselves..
      Would you prefer another over priced coffee shop ? another bar ?
      Bollocks to you , and welcome to the neighborhood from someone who was actually born and raised here ,

      • “Hmmm” is right, the whole Mike Ness aesthetic (Nessthetic?) is played out. I can already see the Johnny-Cash-flipping-the-bird poster on the wall of this empty new barber shop.

  5. I was fooled into going to Floyds one time for a cut.. Trendy barber shops are so played, I’ll continue to patron the local frill-free, aged barber shop ran by an old latino lady and doesnt sell pomade or shirts

  6. I’ve seen what George did in Santa Ana and this is going to be a very cool place to get a haircut and catch up on what is going on with people in the neighborhood. Corny; I think not.

    A traditional business for a very progressive area.

    I welcome American Barbershop into the neighborhood. Come and see barbers with style and class in a relaxed atmosphere.

  7. 25bucks for a clipper cut? Will stick with the ladies across the road.

  8. I was totally with you until the whole “mustn’t scare away the women” thing at the end. Old-timey barbershop with a healthy dose of old-timey sexism, huh? Sounds like a blast.

    • Oh look, someone looking to be offended feels offended. Yay!

      Also, $25 for a cut? Pfft. Going rate for a cut is in the neighborhood of $11-15. Hipsters stay overpaying, smh.

    • Yeah, that was way lame. I don’t expect male barbershops to cater to me. That’s what salons are for!

      Also, there are at least 10 fancy barbers in a 5 mile radius. Why did we need another?

  9. Really you can’t pay $25? Has anyone, seriously, anyone, heard of inflation? Smh, folks are like the GOP walking around with blinders on.

    • Inflation? That would make sense if the vast majority of barbershops in the city weren’t charging between $11-$15 for the same service. Its also not about ‘being able to pay’. I could, in theory, go out and pay $10 for a cup of coffee right now. Would I though? Absolutely not. Not because I couldn’t, but because I refuse to pay double the going rate.

      Somebodies getting worked.

      • If you’re getting your haircut for 10 bucks you’re coming out looking like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

      • Yeah I could also go to the gas station and buy some garbage coffee for $1 or I could pay 2-3 TIMES AS MUCH!!!! For decent coffee at a coffee shop. You should try not being such a cheapskate, you might find that you get what you pay for.

  10. I’m sorry but quite a few of us pay $25 just to tip our stylist and $125 plus for the cut itself. If you want quality businesses in your neighborhood you have to be willing to pay enough so that the people working in them earn a living wage. $10 is a fair price to pay for a haircut if the barber or stylist only spends 10 minutes on your cut before they kick you out of the chair and move onto the next head.

  11. the rational one here in S.L./E.P.

    They will charge a fee. You will decide to pay or not pay the fee. This is what happens in business. They will succeed or they will not succeed. Anyone claiming to have a crystal ball, please move to the lottery. Leave the rest of us alone with your of-so-certain predictions.

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