City Attorney seeks to shut down Highland Park massage parlors over alleged prostitution

One of the Highland Park locations named in lawsuit

Highland Park property at Figueroa and Roy streets was targeted by the City Attorney lawsuit.

HIGHLAND PARK – City Attorney Mike Feuer has filed a lawsuit against massage parlor operators and property owners on Figueroa Street and York Boulevard, claiming that the parlors served as fronts for prostitution.

The nuisance abatement lawsuit announced today targets the business as well as property owners at 5740 York Boulevard and 6630 N. Figueroa in Highland Park.  Police vice operations have made arrests at both locations in connection with prostitution-related crimes, according to the lawsuit.  LAPD officers were also solicited at both sites.

In addition to the Highland Park locations, two other massage parlors and properties in North Hollywood and Wilmington were also named in the lawsuit.

The four massage parlors allegedly advertised prostitution services via websites and followed up with text messages, according to the City Attorney. The lawsuit seeks to  shut down the businesses and close the properties for one year.

“We allege these massage parlors are epicenters of illicit activity that exploit women and blights communities,” said Feuer in a statement. “Today we are taking strong action to put a stop to it.”

Today’s lawsuit comes a few years after Eagle Rock residents complained about the proliferation of erotic massage parlors.

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  1. 69 registered sex offenders , 23 % increase of violent crime, homeless is up, meth out of control, 2 property crime a day, all this in Highland Park

    • What’s your point? You love crime and violence and are bragging about it being up?

    • Sounds like you “natives” can’t take care of the neighborhood. Need more gentrification to clean up your mess.

      • Interesting how despite gentrification starting 2 years ago, crime is at an all time high. So is gentrification really cleaning up the mess? Just because y’all dress up nicer & spend your entire time in a coffee shop talking about where to go walk your dog or which local store to buy next to convert to another useless high end coffee shop, doesn’t mean crime will suddenly stop & get better, maybe drug use has increased because you people are purchasing more drugs for your hipster parties & gatherings. Maybe homelessness is increasing because you are kicking out people from what has been their home their entire lifetime.

        • Nice middle class people don’t spray paint all over walls, dump couches on the curb, join gangs and shoot and murder people, fire off illegal fireworks, or let their dogs roam free off leash pooping everywhere. So yes, gentrification makes neighborhoods better. It was a horrible crime infested ghetto for years of residents not giving a shit and trashing the place, so of course it’s going to take some time to clean up.

    • I’m not sure what your point is but I’d rather see city/LAPD resources directed towards stopping those more serious crimes. If someone wants to pay for a hand job in the back of a massage parlor, I really don’t care.

      • Unfortunately there’s often the very serious crime of human trafficking involved in these businesses. Women are sponsored to come here with the promise of a good job and then have their passports confiscated and are forced into this type of work.

        • Certainly human trafficking is terrible and those laws should be enforced. However, unless I missed something, this seemed to be a pretty standard vice raid. I’d rather less city resources go towards punishing consenting adults having sex and more go towards serious crime/blight problems (certainly including human trafficking).

    • @Mando: Please don’t forget about the rash of abandoned sofas. HLP is spinning out of control, I tell you.

  2. “69 registered sex offenders”

  3. Shut up Mando!!! We get it, you don’t like gentrifiers (code for whitey).

    • Stop gentrification

      I don’t like hipster or whiteys, big deal. You guys don’t like mexicans. Our well. By the way. What’s up with the white suspect in the eagle rock home invasion. Quiet on that one huh.

  4. A majority of sex workers are willing participants.
    Prostitution is not human trafficking, but prostitutes need help too.
    Amnesty International has called for the decriminalization of sex work.
    Only decriminalization will improve sex workers’ safety by allowing women everywhere to report violence, exploitation and abuse without the threat of arrest.

    Decriminalize consensual sex between adults.

  5. I am just stating facts. Look up the Megan Law website. 69 registered sex offenders in 90042. THAT IS ALOT. Hope the real estate agents are pointing this out to the newcomers.

    • Well there’s 142 registered sex offenders in 90210, I hope real estate agents point this out the people moving there!

    • Just think how much those numbers will continue to keep shrinking down from 69 the more gentrification progresses in the neighborhood and pushes those scumbags out. Fantastic news, thanks Mando!

  6. That is wrong, just checked mega law website there is only 3 registered sexofenders

  7. uh………the numbers are actually growing during gentrification….smmfh

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